GH Update Monday 8/18/08

General Hospital Update Monday 8/18/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Proofread by Anoma

At the warehouse, Lucky runs to Sam to see if she has been shot. Lucky tells the other police officers that she is with him. On the docks, Carly tells Karpov she is meeting Jax. Karpov doesnít believe her. He asks Carly why she is avoiding him all of a sudden. At Shadybrook, two police officers grab Johnny while some orderlies grab Lulu. The police officers hit Johnny, and he goes to the floor. Nikolas and Claudia arrive to see Lulu crying and screaming.

Carly tells Karpov that her husband will be arriving shortly. She says she doesnít want Jax to wonder where she is. At the warehouse, Sam has a gunshot wound.

Anthony shows up at the hospital for an appointment. While he is waiting, he strikes up a conversation with Liz. He tells Elizabeth he knows that she used to be married to Ric. Liz doesnít want to talk to him. In the meantime, Kate tells Jason that Sonny has no intentions of returning to the mob. Jason says he wonít come to the house anymore and will stay away. Jason leaves. Kate says to Sonny that the association he has with Jason is dangerous. Sonny reassures her that Jason said he wouldnít come back to Sonnyís anymore.

Elizabeth tells Anthony she is no longer involved with Jason. She threatens to call Lucky and say that Anthony is harassing her. Liz warns Anthony to stop harassing her or she will tell Ric. Trevor tells Anthony that the police located Johnny and they are bringing him in.

Lulu is admitted to Shadybrook. The doctor tells Nik that she had to be restrained and sedated for her own good. Nikolas tells Lulu that everything is going to be okay. Lulu says that Johnny was only trying to help her.

Lucky brings Sam to her apartment. He checks her wound and bandages it up. In the meantime, Carly shows up at Jaxís hotel room. Carly says she was going to ask him to go sailing. Jax asks her if she is up to something. Carly says she only wants to get back together.

Sonny says to Kate that he taught Jason everything he knows. Sonny says he has a hard time accepting Jasonís involvement in giving up his kids. Kate tells Sonny that it seems like he canít trust Jason anymore. Kate says she wishes there was something she could do. Sonny asks her to keep reminding him of whatís important. Sasha, Karpovís attorney, shows up at Sonnyís. Max is unable to stop her from walking in on Sonny and Kateís conversation.

Lucky tells Sam she needs stitches. Sam doesnít want to go to the hospital. She says that they will report her wound and that Karpov wonít trust her anymore. Lucky calls Liz and asks her to come to Samís apartment.

At Jasonís office, Bernie tells Jason that the police seized Karpovís shipments and there was nothing illegal on board. Bernie tells Jason he needs to take care of this before the whole thing escalates.

Kate introduces herself to Sasha. Karpovís attorney says she represents a coffee importer. Kate leaves. Sonny tells the attorney that he is no longer working with Karpov. Sasha asks Sonny what she can do to change his mind.

Johnny is brought into the interrogation room. Anthony demands bail, but Scott says there wonít be any. Claudia tells Scott that she wants to file police brutality charges. Claudia slaps Scott. At Shadybrook, Lulu confesses to Nikolas that she killed Logan. She tells him what led up to Loganís death and how it was self-defense. Lulu tells Nik that she is going crazy. Nikolas tells her to rest. Dr. Winters checks in to see how Lulu is doing.

Sonny tells Sasha that his deal with Karpov is over. She tells him that an alliance will bring peace. She tries to flirt with Sonny, but he isnít interested. Sasha reiterates that Karpov always gets his way in the end.

Carly tries to kiss Jax, but he pulls away. Carly says she is trying to prove to Jax that she wants to be with him. They kiss.

Bernie tells Jason he canít let Karpov make the first move. Jason says if Karpov has to die, it is on him (Jason) to do it. Over at Samís apartment, Liz arrives to look at Samís wound. Elizabeth wonders how Sam got injured.

Scott wants to arrest Claudia. Mac tells Scott it isnít a good idea to charge her with assault. Claudia says she wants to see Johnny.

Nikolas tells Dr. Winters (Lainey) that Lulu killed Logan. Kate arrives back at Sonnyís and asks Max if Sasha has left. Kate says to Sonny that Sasha was flirting with him. Sonny says that the man Sasha works for lied to him. At the warehouse, Karpov meets with Sasha and tells her about the shipments being seized. Karpov says he knows who is responsible. Sasha says that it wasnít Sonny. Sasha tells him that Sonny wonít reconsider working with Karpov again. In the meantime, Jason is listening to their conversation and is planning on shooting Karpov.

Carlyís ankle still hurts, and Jax asks if she should go to the hospital. She says she will be okay. They kiss again, but Carly says she is going to leave. She tells Jax that he is not ready to be with her yet.

Scott tells Claudia that she canít just waltz in and visit her brother. Scott tells her that Johnny will be going to maximum security. Scott says that Johnny wonít get away with Loganís murder.

Lulu wakes up and wonders where Johnny is. Lainey tells Nikolas that Lulu needs help or she could spiral into madness. Sam admits to Liz that she and Lucky are still together and that they are trying to find the one who is behind the counterfeit drug ring. Liz promises to keep quiet about Sam and Luckyís relationship.

Sonny says to Kate that he has no intentions of going back to the business. At the warehouse, Karpov tells Sasha he doesnít think that they should take out Jason. He thinks a compromise would be best for now. Sasha leaves. Jason is just about to shoot Karpov when Karpovís young daughter shows up.

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