GH Update Friday 8/15/08

General Hospital Update Friday 8/15/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate stands outside Carly’s door claiming she has an emergency.

Liz is on the dock with Jason. Liz wants Jason to confide in her. Jason starts to tell Liz about Sonny’s betrayal.

Sonny is at Anthony’s house. Sonny says he will kill Anthony if anyone touches his children.

Johnny and Lulu are driving in the car. Lulu convinces Johnny to stop pull over.

Jax lets Kate into the house. Kate says there’s a problem with the first issue of Crimson. Kate wants Jax to smooth things over. Jax agrees to make a call for Kate.

Lucky goes to the pier with Sam. He wants Sam to get him involved with Karpov.

Sam says she can handle things on her own.

On the dock, Jason confides in Liz about Sonny. Jason tells Liz how and why Sonny put him in charge.

At the Z house, Claudia promises that Sonny’s kids will stay safe. Claudia tries to smooth things over between her dad and Sonny. Anthony says Sonny isn’t a threat to him since he’s “retired.” Anthony says Jason is too weak to handle the business. Sonny storms off.

Johnny and Lulu pull the car over and talk. Johnny wants to get Lulu professional help. Lulu disagrees. She fears Johnny will get caught if he takes her to a hospital. Johnny insists Lulu needs a doctor. Lulu agrees to get help if John promises to drop her off and head to Canada.

Sam and Lucky are still on the docks discussing the case.

Liz and Jason discuss the situation with Sonny. Liz takes Jason’s side.

Jax is able to fix the Crimson situation. Kate is pleased and Carly is annoyed. Kate apologizes for the interruption before she leaves. Carly is afraid to voice her opinion. Carly says Kate planned the interruption. Jax makes “excuses” for Kate. Jax says Carly and Kate are alike. Carly says Kate came over to “cause trouble.” Carly wonders if Jax will “come back” if she accepts his friendship with Kate.

Liz is still with Jason. Jason says he misses Liz and Jake. Jason tells Liz about Sonny and Karpov.

Mike goes to see Sonny. Sonny says he needs to talk. Mike is surprised Sonny chose him to confide in. Sonny tells his father what Anthony said to Alexis. Sonny tells Mike about his visit with Anthony. Sonny thinks Anthony was right about Jason.

Claudia is still with her father. Anthony says he preferred it when Sonny was in charge. Nikolas arrives and tells Anthony to stop looking for Johnny.

Lulu and John arrive at Shady Brooke. Lulu meets with a doctor. Lulu says she’s changed her mind about needing help.

Jax and Carly talk about their situation. Jax accepts some of the blame for their situation. Jax says they should “take things slow.” Jax leaves the house.

On the dock, Jason says everything is “all about Michael.” Liz says Sonny needs a “target” for his “guilt.” Liz tells Jason to “make things right with Sonny.”

Sonny is still at home with Mike. Mike thinks Sonny is looking for a reason to take the business back. Sonny thinks his current lack of “power” will endanger his family. Mike thinks Sonny should stick with his retirement. Mike says Sonny is still upset over Jason’s part in the custody loss of the boys.

Karpov and Sam are on his ship. Karpov questions Sam’s actions. Sam says she’s only concerned with ‘landing the shipment safely.” Karpov warns Sam that she better be successful.

Lucky and Harper are at GH. Harper says there’s a tip that a drug shipment will be in later in the evening. He says he’s expecting things to get violent.

Jason goes to see Sonny. Jason says they need to talk about their “choices.” Jason says he’s never wanted to “punish” Sonny.

Carly sit at home and looks through her wedding album. She remembers different aspects of her relationship with Jax.

Nik tells Anthony and Claudia how he’s arranged for a new life for Lulu and John. Anthony disagrees with Nik’s plan. Anthony insults Lulu and threatens Nik. Nik gets an urgent phone call and runs off.

Lulu is uncomfortable with the doctor at Shady Brooke. She pleads with Johnny run with her. John says Lulu needs help.

Claudia jumps in Nik’s car. Nik says he’s short on time. Claudia says if Nik’s going after John and Lulu, she’s going along.

Sonny insists Jason wanted to “punish” him so that’s why he helped Carly get custody of the boys. Sonny says his association with Karpov was so he could “protect” Jason. The discussion gets heated and Kate interrupts and wonders if Sonny is back in the business.

Carly runs into Karpov on the dock. Carly says she’s there to meet Jax. Karpov says since Jax isn’t there, Carly should go with him instead.

Sam is on the dock when the DEA starts to shoot. Sam takes a bullet. Lucky is there.

Nik tells Claudia he got a call that Lulu is at the hospital. He says he plans on taking Lulu and John to safely.

Before he leaves Lulu at the hospital, Johnny tries to comfort Lulu by saying Spinelli will help him hide out. John feels guilty about what’s happening to Lulu. He makes her promise to “stick to the original plan.” John says it’s time for him to go. Lulu runs into his arms as Scott and Mac show up. They arrest Johnny as Lulu watches, horrified.

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