GH Update Thursday 8/14/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/14/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu has a meltdown in New York. She thinks she sees Logan again. Johnny takes charge of the situation.

Alexis goes to Sonny’s to tell him of Anthony’s threat.

At the Jacks house, Jax thinks Carly is faking her ankle injury.

Liz looks on as Robin talks to Jason at GH. Robin says Jason is responsible for the happiness in her life. She says Jason helped her move on after Stone died. Jason feels the baby kick. Liz and Jason share a longing look. Robin talks to Jason about her impending motherhood. They both remember the year they spent raising Michael.

Lucky arrives at GH with the boys. Jason watches as Liz holds Jake.

Spinelli and Maxie are at GH with Dr. Hunter. Matt says Spinelli seems to be ok. Maxie and Matt argue. Matt prescribes rest and fluids for Spinelli. Spinelli thinks Maxie might be attracted to Matt.

In New York, Lourdes leaves John and Lulu alone. Johnny tries to comfort Lulu. Lulu sees Logan again.

At Carly’s house, Jax refuses to help Carly by getting her an ice pack. Jax thinks Carly is faking so he leaves.

Back at Sonny’s house, Alexis pleads her case. Sonny asks for details on the “threats” from Anthony. Alexis admits to telling Jerry about the previous threats. Sonny doesn’t want Jerry “responsible” for Kristina’s safety. Sonny promises to do what’s necessary to keep their daughter safe.

At GH, Liz sends the boys off with Lucky. Jason watches then gets an urgent call from Sonny. Patrick approaches and overhears some of the conversation between Robin and Jason. Jason walks away.

At GH, Maxie sits with Spinelli and insists she has no use for Matt. Maxie then says Matt is “cute enough” for her to sleep with. She insists Spinelli is her valued friend.

Claudia goes to the house to see her father. He questions her about Johnny. Anthony upsets Claudia so she leaves.

Sam meets with Karpov on the dock. Karpov demands that Sam be discreet.

In New York, Johnny cares for Lulu. Lulu says she’s not sure what’s real. Lulu doesn’t “trust” Lourdes. She suggests that Johnny take off alone for his safety. Sal comes to the door claiming Lourdes told him the “truth.” Sal thinks Lulu is having “ a breakdown.” Sal suggests getting Lulu some professional help. Sal leaves.

At Sam’s, Lucky watches a news program about Johnny and Lulu. Sam is happy to see Lucky when she gets home.

Maxie goes to Crimson. Kate and Clarice are there. Maxie says she was late because of the ultrasound. Kate mentions her own cousin, Olivia, in passing. Jax arrives to discuss business with Kate.

Jason goes to see Sonny. Sonny tells Jason what happened with Karpov. He suggests Jason “get rid of” Karpov. Sonny tells Jason about the threats from Anthony. Jason says one of his guards already reported that Anthony was in the park with Kristina. Jason says it won’t happen again. Sonny wants the situation handled. Jason says Sonny made it easy for Karpov to set up camp in Port Charles. Sonny says Jason is “in over his head.”

At Crimson, Jax is preoccupied as Kate talks business. Jax tells Kate about Carly’s fall. Jax feels guilty about leaving Carly when she could have been hurt.

Sam and Lucky are still together at the apartment. Lucky says he can stay the night at Sam’s.

In New York, Johnny makes plans by phone. He plans on getting Lulu professional help. Johnny begs Lulu to “trust” him.

Jax returns home to find Carly crying on the couch. He claims to be concerned about her ankle. Jax tells Carly she’s “beautiful.”

At GH, Robin and Liz discuss Spinelli. Robin talks to Liz about her friendship with Jason. Liz suddenly turns and walks to the elevator. Patrick arrives. He says he doesn’t want the baby near Jason because of the danger. Robin agrees but says she feels “sad” for Jason.

Jason is alone on the dock.

Johnny and Lulu are driving in the car. He says they’re headed to Canada.

Claudia is upset because Anthony had her things packed and moved back to his house. Claudia says she won’t be Anthony’s “prisoner.” Anthony wants Claudia to admit she’s heard from Johnny. Anthony says Claudia will “pay” if Johnny doesn’t come home safely.

Jax apologizes for the way he treated Carly. Carly accepts Jax’s apology and asks him to stay at the house with her. Kate interrupts with a supposed “emergency.”

Sam and Lucky are still together. Lucky asks Sam to move in with him after the drug case is solved. Sam agrees to “think about it.”

Liz is relieved to find Jason on the dock. Liz says she can’t “undo” the “choices’ that have been made. She tells Jason she loves him.

Claudia is still at the house with Anthony. Anthony wants Claudia to talk John into returning home. Anthony says Alexis will drop the charges. Claudia wonders why. Sonny arrives and says Anthony made a big mistake.

Lulu figures out that Johnny is taking her to Shady Brooke. She tries to make him turn the car around.

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