GH Update Wednesday 8/13/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/13/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

In the car, Jason pulls Spinelli's head off the horn. Spinelli starts to freak, but Jason tries to calm him. Jason tells Spinelli not to throw up in the car.

Trevor shows up at Sonny's. Trevor says that Sonny can talk to him or put his family in danger. Sonny agrees to let Trevor in. Trevor tells Sonny that now would be a good time to call in some favors.

In the park, Anthony talks to Kristina. Alexis asks Viola to take Kristina to the swings. Anthony watches Kristina play and asks if Alexis sleeps better knowing that Kristina is safe. Alexis tells Anthony to stay away from her daughter.

Johnny returns and finds Lulu sitting in a chair staring out the window.

Carly asks Marty to find out if Karpov has dinner reservations. Carly turns around and sees Jax and runs over to him. Carly kisses Jax. Jax says that it is easier to get work done without her handcuffed to his wrist. Jax says that Carly needs to understand something. Morgan runs over and hugs Jax.

Johnny gets Lulu's attention. Lulu walks over to the food and says that she was thinking about home. Lulu says that she is starting to crack.

At home, Sonny tells Trevor to treat Lulu with respect and be careful when she is brought in. Trevor says that if Johnny dies, Anthony will destroy everyone he holds responsible. Trevor says that Sonny is at the top of the list and asks Sonny to make some calls to find Johnny and Lulu. Kate walks in and sees Trevor and Sonny talking.

In the car, Jason says that they are done when Spinelli looks worse. Jason says that he has to take Spinelli to the hospital. Jason throws Spinelli over his shoulder and puts him in the passenger seat.

Robin and Patrick look at their daughter on the screen while Kelly does the ultrasound. Robin and Patrick talk about how perfect and beautiful their baby is. Kelly leaves. Patrick says that they created a real being. Robin says that she knew it was a girl. Patrick says that he isn't disappointed and that he has never been happier because their baby girl is perfect. Patrick says that the baby being a girl is a disaster.

At the hospital, Liz asks Kelly how the ultrasound went. Kelly and Liz talk about the things Robin and Patrick said. Maxie comes up and asks Kelly the sex of the baby and is thrilled when Kelly says that it is a girl. Matt walks up and overhears Maxie.

In the exam room, Patrick says that he doesn't know anything about little girls. Patrick says that the baby will come out and will have to face guys that only want one thing. Patrick says that if any guy like him shows up to take their little girl out, he will put her in a convent or kill the guy.

At home, Morgan opens a present from Lady Jane. Mercedes walks in and says that she has to get Morgan to Bobbie's. Morgan says that he wants to stay home with Jax, but Jax proposes a play date for the following day. Morgan agrees to go. Jax says that he only came by to see Morgan and that he is going to stay at the hotel like he was before.

At Sonny's, Kate wonders if Trevor is there because Lulu and Johnny have been found, but Trevor says that he doesn't know where Johnny and Lulu are. Trevor and Kate talk about her priorities. Trevor leaves and Kate asks what the visit was about.

In the park, Diane meets with Alexis. Alexis says that she has to do something about Anthony. Alexis says that Anthony has threatened Kristina's life twice. Alexis says that she didn't tell Sonny, but she did tell Jerry. Alexis tells Diane what Trevor said at her office. Alexis says that she doesn't know what to do about Anthony. Diane says that Alexis knows exactly what to do to protect Kristina.

At home, Sonny tells Kate about Trevor's visit. Kate and Sonny talk about possibilities of Lulu and Johnny surrendering.

At the hospital, Maxie and Matt argue. Maxie says that Matt asks about Robin's baby to have a reason for them to talk. Jason and Spinelli walk in to the hospital and Jason tells Liz what happened. Matt checks Spinelli out. Matt says that Spinelli is delirious. Matt has Spinelli put in a room so that they can get fluids running through him.

Lulu and Johnny talk about her guilt. Johnny says that she needs professional help. Johnny says that he will get her help, even if he has to turn himself in.

At home, Carly confronts Jax about letting her and Morgan think he was home to stay. Carly says that Jax leaving again isn't fair. Jax says that he left because their marriage isn't working. Carly kisses Jax and tells him there is a reason for him to move back in. Carly tries to pull Jax down on the couch, but Jax stops her. Carly asks Jax to see the situation from her point of view. Jax says that he can't handle the chaos and that he wants to give it some space so they can have some time to think. Jax says that maybe she would be happier without him.

In the park, Diane and Alexis talk about what would happen if Alexis told Sonny about the situation. Jerry walks up and Diane says that Alexis can't tell Jerry any of it. Diane leaves. Alexis says that they were talking about men and Jerry asks if he can help. Jerry assures Alexis that he will protect her and her children at any cost. Alexis says that she feels like her world is about to come crashing down. Jerry asks what he can do to help, but Alexis says that she has to handle it on her own and leaves.

Trevor shows up to see Anthony. Anthony and Trevor talk about what Alexis has to lose.

Lulu says that Johnny can't turn himself in and asks him to promise her. Johnny says that he was trying to save her, but all he did was make it worse. Lulu says that everything will be fine as long as they are together. Lourdes shows up and asks for Johnny's help. Johnny says that he will fix the microwave while Lourdes and Lulu fix some sandwiches.

At home, Sonny and Kate talk about what Lulu is going through. Kate says that they have things to decide. Sonny says that they should tell their guests to donate to the Stone Cates Memorial Wing at the hospital instead of buying gifts. Sonny says that all he wants and needs is her. Sonny says that he always wanted to see the Dodgers play, but Emmit's Field was already down. Sonny asks her for anything from Emmit's Field and says that she is all he needs.

At home, Carly tells Jax that if he wants to leave her for real, all he has to do is say so because it is his choice. Carly says that maybe Jax is just in love with the idea of a marriage. Jax says that he refuses to stay there and fight. Carly follows him as he heads for the door and crashes into something. Carly falls on the floor and Jax asks if she is alright.

Kate talks to Clarice on the phone about getting something from Emmit's Field. Jerry overhears Kate's conversation and brings up her upcoming wedding to Sonny. Jerry says that it is highly unlikely that Sonny will have a happily ever after and that sooner or later, Sonny will have to pay.

Lourdes and Lulu talk about being on the run. Lourdes says that Johnny is innocent and Lulu sees Logan standing there.

At the hospital, Maxie yells at Jason for not thinking ahead for the stakeout. Maxie says that Jason should take better care of Spinelli. Liz comes out and tells Maxie that Matt isn't done examining Spinelli. Maxie says that it is too bad because Spinelli needs her. Maxie tells Jason that he can see Spinelli when she is done. Jason thanks Liz and she answers the phone. Robin and Patrick walk out. Liz tells Patrick that he is needed in the E.R. Patrick tells Robin and the baby goodbye, while Liz and Jason watch. Robin asks Jason if everything is okay. Robin tells Jason that she is having a girl. Robin says that none of it would have happened if it wasn't for Jason.

Matt tries to check Spinelli out, but Spinelli isn't cooperative. Matt says that he has to know if Spinelli fainted because of the heat or a brain tumor. Maxie walks in and asks what Matt is doing to Spinelli. Spinelli tells Maxie that Matt thinks he has a brain tumor. Maxie says that she should call Nikolas and say that Matt is being rude to patients.

Lourdes asks if Lulu is all right. Lulu starts freaking out and saying "Stay away from me" and screaming no at Logan's image. Johnny rushes in and sees Lulu freaking out and crying.

At home, Jax helps Carly up. Jax says that Carly fell down on purpose, but Carly says that her ankle really hurts. Jax says that he would have expected something more original than a sprained ankle from her.

Alexis shows up at Sonny's to talk to him. Alexis says that Anthony approached Kristina in the park and she fears that if anything happens to Johnny, that Anthony will go after Kristina.

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