GH Update Tuesday 8/12/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick asks Robin if something is wrong and she says that she misses caffeine and after the baby is born she is never going to have herbal tea again. Patrick admits that he is jumping out of his skin because it isn't every day that you find out that you are about to have a boy.

Nikolas asks Claudia how many miles and she says that she doesn't clock the miles, she just runs as far and fast as she can. Nikolas says that he has the same impulse, but he rides horses instead of running.

Maxie meets with Alexis. Maxie says that she can't stay long because Kate isn't a pretty sight when she's late. Alexis says that she thought Maxie might know something about Johnny and Lulu that could help.

Cody tells Jason that a fairly large shipment was docked at Pier 52 the previous night and that it was obviously Karpov's. Cody says that Sonny supervised the offload. Jason says that he was there after and someone tried to kill him. Jason says that he was ambushed by a single sniper, but didn't see the guy. Spinelli walks in and asks if Jason needs anything else for the stakeout.

Robin and Patrick talk about the sex of their baby. Patrick says that he would be thrilled either way, but has a feeling that the baby is a boy. Patrick says that the sex of the baby could be fate's idea of a cosmic joke to make up for the mistakes that his father made with him. Robin says that the baby's sex has to do with x and y chromosomes, not fate. Robin says that it doesn't matter what the sex of the baby is because they aren't doomed to make the same mistakes as their parents. Robin says that they will make their own mistakes. Robin says that the only thing she cares about is that the baby is healthy and happy. Patrick suggests that Robin is having second thoughts about finding out the sex of the baby.

Nikolas tells Claudia that he talked to a doctor after hearing what she said about Johnny's concern for Lulu's mental stability. Nikolas says that the doctor confirmed what he remembered about his mother's breakdown. Nikolas says that Laura would confuse people and Claudia says that Johnny implied that Lulu was hallucinating. Nikolas says that Laura would lose her place in time in an attempt to wipe out the memory of her stepfather dying. Nikolas says that the crucial part is that Luke made Laura remember what happened and it broke her. Nikolas says that Johnny needs to know that. Claudia says that she will tell Johnny, but doesn't see how it will help. Nikolas says that it will give Johnny a guideline on how to deal with Lulu. Anthony calls Claudia and says that he is home and would like a visit from his daughter.

Anthony and Trevor talk about the house. Anthony asks if Johnny's room is in order and Trevor says that he isn't the housekeeper and it doesn't matter anyways because Johnny is a fugitive.

Maxie says that she already gave Mac a statement about what happened the night Logan died. Alexis says that sometimes it helps to go over the events again a few weeks later. Alexis asks Maxie what she remembers from that day. Maxie tells Alexis that she ran into Logan on the pier and told Matt that he was a loser. Maxie says that the next time she saw Logan was at Crimson when he pleaded with Lulu to give him another chance and blamed his miserable life on Maxie. Maxie says that Logan made Lulu uncomfortable after she said she was with Johnny and left looking for trouble. Alexis asks Maxie what she knows that she isn't telling.

Cody tells Jason that he will look into the second shipment. Spinelli says that they know all they need to know about Karpov shipping contraband into Jason's territory the previous night. Spinelli says that Karpov tried to kill Jason too. Spinelli says that they need to do some physical surveillance. Jason says that anyone can buy russian bullets and that Karpov might not even be his enemy. Spinelli asks if Jason thinks that someone is trying to frame Karpov. Jason says that he doesn't believe anything yet, but he has to be sure before he makes a move that Karpov is really a threat.

Matt orders some tests. Matt and Liz argue about his decision to order tests. Liz says that it doesn't matter what she thinks because he will do whatever he wants anyways. Matt says that one of the biggest problems in the country is that health care professionals are often looking for the simplest solution. Matt asks Liz if she is ready to forgive him and admit that she was wrong and Liz says no. Kelly walks up and asks for Robin's chart. Kelly says that Robin and Patrick are coming in for an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby.

Robin tells Patrick that she is excited to find out the sex of the baby, so that they can enjoy the surprise in private and she will have time to make the nursery gender-specific. Robin says that she is afraid of jinxing it by anticipating anything. Patrick tells Robin not to censor her excitement because they will be alright. Patrick asks if she is ready to go.

Maxie tells Alexis that she told Mac everything she knows. Alexis asks why Maxie visited Johnny in lockup. Maxie says that she came on to Johnny. Maxie explains that she doesn't get to pick and choose her moments alone with Johnny because Lulu is attached to his hip. Nikolas interrupts the meeting and says that it is an emergency about Lulu.

Trevor says that they need to come up with a plan to get Johnny exonerated and bring him home. Anthony says that he put Ric in charge of finding Johnny and asked Trevor to develop strategies against Jason. Trevor says that Johnny has no incentive to turn on them, but will do everything he can to protect Lulu. Trevor says that they need to get a message to Johnny that they will protect Lulu too. Anthony asks how they are supposed to get a message to Johnny. Claudia walks in and Anthony tells her to convince Johnny to come home.

Spinelli says that Karpov is using the warehouse as a base of operations and that there must be something in the warehouse that Karpov doesn't want anyone to find. Jason says that Spinelli is probably right and agrees to have Cody keep an eye on it. Spinelli suggests that the surveillance should be done by himself and Jason. Jason says that Spinelli's contribution is very valuable to him on the computer. Spinelli says that stakeouts are harmless and asks Jason to give him a chance to prove his skills.

Robin and Patrick show up for the ultrasound and talk to Liz. Robin admits that she is nervous. Liz says that she never had ultrasounds to find out with the boys, but she knew. Patrick asks Robin if she has a feeling screaming from inside her and she admits that she does. Matt comes up and asks Patrick to operate on a patient. Patrick agrees and then apologizes to Robin. Robin says that she and the baby will be fine and that the patient needs him. Patrick tells her that the baby is a boy, but Robin says that it is a girl.

Spinelli says that he couldn't tell Jason things the previous night with Maxie in the room, such as the fact that he humiliated himself in the warehouse in front of Maxie. Jason says that Spinelli did a smart thing by returning Karpov's PDA. Spinelli says that he wants to show his worth outside the cyber world so that Maxie doesn't have to come to his rescue by pretending htat they have sex in kinky locations.

Maxie offers to leave so that Alexis and Nikolas can talk about Lulu. Alexis says that she knows that if Maxie thinks of anything, she will come forward. Maxie says that she will on one condition, that they keep the conversation from Mac. Alexis says that she can't do conditions because she is the D.A. Maxie leaves. Alexis asks Nikolas what is happening. Alexis' phone rings and Viola says that Ric picked Molly up for their trip on time. Nikolas says that he wants to confide in Alexis, as his aunt, not the D.A. Nikolas gets ready to leave and Alexis stops him. Nikolas says that he is in contact with someone who's spoken to Johnny and Lulu is in bad shape. Nikolas says that Lulu is on the verge of a breakdown and that he needs Alexis to use her resources to bring Lulu home before she loses her mind.

Claudia says that she would love to have Johnny home, but she hasn't heard from him and wouldn't know where to start. Anthony suggests that Claudia is lying. Trevor says that the whole situation is Claudia's fault because she didn't call them the night that Johnny killed Logan. Claudia says that she doesn't know where Johnny is, or if he is still alive. Anthony says that Johnny would run right back to town if he thought that Claudia's life depended on it.

Maxie meets with Robin. Robin says that she is fine, but she gets to find out the sex of the baby and thought that Maxie might want to see pictures of the baby. Maxie says that she is very excited that Robin called and asks if there is something wrong with the baby. Robin says that there is nothing wrong with the baby, but she is always trying to convince herself that the pregnancy is perfectly normal. Robin talks about how she felt when she first found out that she was H.I.V. Positive and admits that she never thought she would be a mom. Robin admits that she is scared.

Claudia says that Johnny would see it as a trap. Anthony asks if Claudia is willing to bet her life on it and she says absolutely because Johnny knows that she can take care of herself. Claudia says that Lulu can't take care of herself and that she is the one who matters. Claudia says that they have one chance to convince Johnny to come home and that is to convince him that he will be acquitted of the murder charges and that Lulu won't be shot.

Alexis says that the only two people who would contact Lulu and Johnny are Spinelli and Claudia. Nikolas says that names don't matter and that he fears that history might be repeating itself. Nikolas says that Lulu might be having the same breakdown that Laura did. Alexis says that she wants to help, but doesn't know if she can. Nikolas asks if there is a way for Lulu to turn herself in safely and asks about the charges she would be facing. Alexis tells Nikolas the charges and that no judge would want to throw Lulu in prison if she is mentally unfit. Alexis explains that they have to have Lulu committed for a psychiatric evaluation.

Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie has lied about them finding new venues for sex twice. Jason says that if the cover story works, it works. Spinelli says that he doesn't want Maxie to have to cover for him. Spinelli says that if he proves himself then maybe Maxie will make love to him again. Jason says that he doesn't see how a stakeout will help Maxie fall in love wiht Spinelli. Diane walks in and asks Jason if he needs anything filed or anyone sued. Spinelli offers to leave, but Jason says that Diane will have to come back because he and Spinelli have something to take care of.

Maxie says that she wishes Georgie was there because she loved babies. Robin says that Maxie won't have to babysit. Maxie says that maybe she will change her mind, but Robin says that she won't hold her breath. Maxie says that she is excited about this baby because it will give her and Mac another person to love. Kelly comes out and asks if Robin is there. Robin says that she is ready, but she thinks that she knows the sex already. Maxie asks if Robin wants to say, but she says that they should find out. Patrick comes out and asks if he missed it and Robin says that he is just in time.

Spinelli goes over his checklist. Spinelli says that maybe it would be a good idea for him to be equipped with a gun. Jason asks when the last time Spinelli went to the practice range was and Spinelli says that it has been a few weeks. Jason asks about Spinelli's foot. Spinelli says that he thinks he might be allergic to gunpowder and asks Jason not to tell Maxie. Jason says that a gun doesn't make him a man.

Trevor shows up and Alexis says that she was on her way out. Trevor says that he doesn't want to waste Alexis' time. Trevor says that when he finds Johnny, they will make sure he comes back to Port Charles and turns himself in. Trevor says that Johnny will be exonerated. Trevor tells Alexis to find a loophole to reduce the charges or dismiss them so that Johnny gets out of it, or there could be a terrible price to pay.

Claudia tells Nikolas that Anthony and Trevor have stepped up the search for Johnny. Nikolas fills Claudia in on his conversation with Alexis. Nikolas says that Lulu is either going to jail or being committed and that both outcomes are unacceptable. Claudia asks what they do and Nikolas says that he has already done it.

Spinelli and Jason talk about the heat. Jason suggests that Spinelli take a walk, but Spinelli says that it would draw attention to the vehicle. Jason sees Karpov and the harbor master going into the warehouse. The car horn blares.

Maxie says that she is going to leave, but Robin says that she can stay. Maxie says that Robin and Patrick should share the experience and says that she is happy for them. Robin thanks Maxie and asks Patrick if he is ready. Kelly starts the ultrasound. Kelly tells Robin and Patrick that they are having a baby girl.

Matt tells Maxie that he isn't moving out and wonders if she is there to browbeat him again. Maxie says that she didn't make a special trip there to fight with him. Maxie says that she is there because Robin is having an ultrasound. Matt asks if the baby is a boy or girl and Maxie asks why he cares.

Nikolas tells Claudia the resources that he has. Claudia realizes that Nikolas wants to get Johnny and Lulu out of the country. Nikolas says that it is already in motion. Nikolas says that he has new identities being created and has charted a complicated path of transportation for them to follow. Claudia says that she wants to trust Nikolas, but wonders if it could be a trap. Nikolas says that to save Lulu, he has to save Johnny and to save Johnny, Claudia has to protect Lulu. Nikolas explains that a trap for one would ensnare the other and that they have no choice but to trust each other. Claudia agrees and asks where she should send them when Johnny calls.

Anthony talks to Kristina about her doll. Kristina says that her mom gave her the doll. Alexis walks up and asks what he is doing. Anthony says that he is having a talk with Kristina and he thinks she likes him.

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