GH Update Monday 8/11/08

General Hospital Update Monday 8/11/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu screams. She sees Logan holding her birthday cake. Johnny tells her that everything is alright. She is very upset. At Wyndemere, Nadine and Nikolas kiss. In the meantime, Sonny tells Karpov that he shouldn’t threaten him (Sonny). Someone is shooting at Claudia and Jason. Carly shows up at the scene and the three of them hide behind some wooden crates.

Lulu tells Johnny that she thought he was Logan. Crying, Lulu says she was hallucinating and wonders what is wrong with her. Lulu says she is losing her mind.

Nadine says it was inappropriate to kiss Nikolas. Nikolas says he was flattered. Nikolas says he values their friendship. Nadine says that she hopes Nikolas will come around and be open to love again. Nikolas says he doesn’t want to mislead Nadine. Nadine tells him that a kiss between them won’t happen again. She leaves. Elizabeth shows up. Elizabeth tells Nik that Nadine is falling in love with him.

Maxie tells Karpov’s attorney and goons to let Spinelli go. Maxie lies and says the reason that her and Spinelli are at the warehouse is to have sex. Karpov’s attorney buys their story and lets the two go. Sonny tells Karpov there is nothing to negotiate. Sonny tells Karpov to move his drugs somewhere else. Sonny tells him that he isn’t protecting Karpov anymore.

Claudia says that the gunman is waiting to take a shot at them. Jason tells Carly to stay down. Jason tells Claudia and Carly to make a run for it while Jason shields them. There are gunshots. Carly yells out to Jason to see if he is okay.

Johnny says that Lulu won’t end up like her mother. Lulu doesn’t believe Johnny and wonders if she will go crazy. At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t know what to do about Lulu. Nikolas admits that he has been naïve about Nadine’s crush on him.

Sonny tells Karpov that they need to end their alliance peacefully. Karpov is not happy with this.

Nikolas says that Nadine is a great girl, but that he could never get serious with Nadine. Elizabeth talks about falling in love with Jason and how it hurt Lucky. Elizabeth says that Nikolas can’t spend his whole life being faithful to Emily and never falling in love again. Nikolas thanks Liz for listening.

Kate shows up at Sonny’s house. Kate asks how things went with Sonny and his father. Sonny tells her that Mike thinks that addiction runs in the family. He explains that Mike has doubts as to whether Sonny will be able to stay out of the mob. Sonny says that he doesn’t want to go back in the mob and is happy as a coffee importer.

At Jason’s office, Maxie tells Spinelli that she is sorry that she lied to Karpov’s attorney about them having sex at the warehouse. Maxie says she didn’t want Spinelli to get hurt. Spinelli admits that it would be nice if he could be the hero for once, instead of Maxie always saving him.

Carly asks Claudia if she set the whole thing up. Claudia says she had nothing to do with it and leaves. Carly says to Jason that she thinks Karpov sent someone to shoot at them.

Claudia gets a phone call from Johnny. He asks Claudia to find out some info on Laura’s condition and whether or not Lulu has ever had any hallucinations before.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he appreciates her concern for his safety, but he wants to be able to protect Maxie. At the hospital, Nadine tells Leyla that she kissed Nikolas. Nadine says it will be the first and last time they kiss. Nadine says that Nik will never get over Emily. Nadine wonders why she kissed Nikolas in the first place.

Claudia shows up at Wyndemere, saying that Johnny called her about Lulu. She says that Johnny wants to know if Lulu has ever had hallucinations. Nikolas is angry and says he doesn’t want to lose his sister to this.

Lulu tells Johnny that Logan said she would never get over him. Lulu says that Johnny has been wonderful, but that he can’t help her. Lulu is worried that she will get lost in her own mind. At Sonny’s place, Kate asks Sonny if he is okay with the size of their wedding. Sonny says all he cares about is marrying Kate. Diane shows up. Diane says that Sonny is putting Max at risk. Kate wonders what Diane is talking about.

Diane lies and says that the reason she’s there is because she wants to be able to date Max. Sonny finally agrees that they can see each other. Diane thanks Sonny.

Jerry meets with Karpov. Karpov tells Jerry that he is staying in Port Charles and that Jason needs to be dealt with. At Jason’s office, Carly and Jason show up. Jason tells Spinelli and Maxie that they are not going to be involved with the Karpov thing. Maxie tells Jason that her and Spinelli were at Karpov’s warehouse. Maxie leaves. Spinelli tells Jason that he needs to prove to Maxie he can protect her.

Johnny keeps telling Lulu she will not go crazy, which Lulu won’t accept. Lulu asks Johnny to say that he loves her. Johnny says he loves her and always will.

Kate asks Sonny what it would have been like if they had eloped instead. Sonny says he can’t wait to marry Kate in September. Sonny says he can’t wait for the whole world to see how happy they are.

Carly tells a hotel employee that she didn’t want anyone to know that she was with Karpov. Carly tells him that he shouldn’t tell anyone, especially Jason, if she meets with Karpov again. Maxie walks up to Carly and starts talking about Spinelli. Maxie says that she values Spinelli’s friendship and doesn’t want Spinelli to get hurt helping Jason.

Jason asks Spinelli to find more info on Karpov and to see if he is working with anyone else. At Wyndemere, Nikolas explains to Claudia how Laura got to her catatonic state. Claudia says that Lulu needs more help than Johnny can give her.

Johnny wakes up and sees that Lulu is gone. He finds her sitting right outside an open window, looking into the distance.

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