GH Update Friday 8/8/08

General Hospital Update Friday 8/8/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Proofread by Anoma

At the Karpov warehouse, Carly shows Jason Karpov’s PDA. Jason expresses concern for Carly’s safety.

Sonny inspects Karpov’s shipment by the warehouse. Karpov appears as Sonny is yelling about finding drugs.

Sam, Nik, and Lucky discuss the drug case at the clinic. Sam asks about Matt.

Matt finds Nadine following him in the alley. Matt is vague, but he says he’s trying to figure out the drug mystery. Claudia appears, gun in hand, to save Nadine from Matt.

In New York, Lulu has a Logan flashback. Johnny notices her strange behavior. Lulu insists she’s fine. Johnny says he knows it’s Lulu’s birthday. He says he had plans for her before everything went wrong. Lulu apologizes for all the trouble she caused Johnny.

On the dock, Sonny throws the drugs in the water. Sonny says Karpov “violated” the agreement. Sonny says he wants nothing more to do with Karpov, and storms off.

Carly is still with Jason in the warehouse. She insists on helping Jason. They argue.

In the alley, Matt asks Claudia to put down the gun. Claudia refuses. She tells Matt to get lost. Nadine is upset that Claudia scared off Matt.

At the clinic, Nik is sure Nadine is off “harassing” Matt. Sam takes Nadine’s side. Nik and Sam are still suspicious of Jerry. Jerry arrives at the clinic. Nik comes out front and sees Jerry, who claims to have info about the fake meds.

In New York, Johnny asks Lulu about past birthdays. She shares a memory about her 10th birthday party.

At the clinic, Nik has an attitude with Jerry. Jerry claims to be “sincere.” Jerry says fake heart meds are “circulating.” Jerry leaves the clinic.

Milo and Sonny return to the house. Kate is waiting. She has a bouquet of flowers, and Sonny suggests they run off and get married immediately. Kate says she wants to walk down the aisle. She shows Sonny some other bouquets.

Spinelli and Maxie are at the coffee house. Spinelli has lost his confidence in himself. He considers himself inferior to men like Jason and Johnny. Maxie says Spinelli is far superior to Jason. Carly and Jason arrive. Jason dismisses Maxie. “If Carly gets to stay, so can I,” Maxie says.

At the clinic, Lucky is still skeptical of Jerry’s guilt. Nadine and Claudia arrive, bickering. Claudia fills Nik in. Lucky and Sam slip out the back. Nadine storms off. Claudia says Nadine has “got it bad for” Nik.

In New York, Lulu continues with her childhood story. Johnny asks Lulu to dance.

At Sonny’s, Kate shows off the choices in wedding flowers. Sonny isn’t very helpful. Mike arrives.

At the coffee house, Spinelli says Maxie should go. Carly says she can stay, but she chooses not to. She and Maxie leave but not before Maxie tells Jason to stop insulting Spinelli.

Jerry meets Karpov on the dock. Karpov says Jerry better deal with Jason.

Nikolas and Claudia are alone at the clinic. He says he’s trustworthy. Nik asks Claudia if she’s heard from Johnny. Claudia shares what little she knows. Claudia tries to reassure Nik.

Nadine arrives at GH. She talks with Leyla about “running away.” Nadine shares her Matt story with Leyla. Matt arrives. Matt tells Leyla to get Nadine some “therapy.”

Sam and Lucky talk in the alley. Lucky thinks Nadine’s instincts about Matt are wrong. Sam says there’s a connection between Jerry, Karpov, and the drugs.

Mike is at Sonny’s. Kate leaves so father and son can talk. Mike says “three very large Russian guys” came to Kelly’s with a threat. Sonny tells Mike he just cut his ties with Karpov.

Spinelli researches the info on Karpov’s PDA. Jason heads for the pier, fearing Carly is on her way to spy on Karpov.

At GH, Matt tells Nadine to back off. He walks away. Nadine says she’s embarrassed. Leyla says Nadine should go with her feelings and instincts. Nadine says Nik owes her an apology. She heads for the clinic.

Nik and Claudia are still at the clinic. Nik voices his concern for his sister. Claudia says she understands because she’s worried for her brother. Nik and Claudia agree to work together and share any information on Johnny and Lulu.

Maxie goes back to the coffee house. Spinelli says he’s headed to the warehouse to return the PDA. His hope is that Karpov will think he dropped the PDA. Spinelli leaves, walking into the door on his way out.

Mike is upset with Sonny’s Karpov news. Sonny tells Mike about the drugs. Mike says he believes that Sonny “meant well” but it concerns him. Mike is worried that Sonny got a “taste” of the past.

Carly watches Karpov’s men on the dock. When they leave, she tries to open one of the boxes and is grabbed from behind.

In New York, Lulu sees Logan holding a birthday cake.

Nik is at home when Nadine comes calling. She says Nik has no “right to tell her what to do.” Nadine rambles on and then kisses Nikolas.

Karpov comes to see Sonny. Sonny says his “association” with Karpov is “over.” Karpov says, “It’s far from over.”

Spinelli arrives at the warehouse with the PDA. He puts it on the ground then is caught opening a box by Karpov’s attorney and his men. Maxie bursts in.

On the dock, it’s Jason who grabs Carly from behind. Claudia arrives just as Jerry starts shooting at Jason. Everyone takes cover.

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