GH Update Thursday 8/7/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/7/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate and Sonny are at Crimson. Kate says she’s afraid of “needing” Sonny. Kate wants to spend the evening with Sonny. He says he has another commitment.

Spinelli and Jason are at the coffee house researching Karpov. Spinelli says Karpov’s last lady friend died by falling off a balcony.

Carly is with Karpov at the hotel. He’s trying to make a date with her. Carly and Karpov flirt back and forth. Carly calls Karpov “dangerous.”

Lulu wakes up alone in New York to find Logan at the piano. Dead Logan bangs on the piano and smiles at Lulu. Johnny returns to the apartment. Lulu shares her news with Johnny. He thinks she was dreaming.

At Crimson, Kate insists she’s not “clingy” or “jealous.” Sonny says he has “business” to tend to. Kate says Sonny should go take care of his business.

At the hotel, Karpov says he merely wants to thank Carly for sending him some “expensive” vodka. Karpov shares some of his childhood with Carly. Karpov says he “admires” Carly’s fearlessness. Karpov offers to share “all” with Carly. Marty interrupts and Carly tells him she’s taking a drive with Karpov.

At the coffee house, Spinelli says he’s found another woman who seemingly died at the hands of Karpov. Jason wants Spinelli to research Karpov’s shipments. Spinelli says they should “conduct a stakeout.”

Sam runs into Jerry while working for Karpov. They question each other. Sam insists that Jerry is “using” Alexis. Jerry doesn’t deny Sam’s accusation. Jerry says Sam is “jealous.” He says he may eventually “turn” his “attention” to Sam again soon.

Matt is at the clinic planning to meet someone. Nadine is lurking. Nikolas catches her. Matt catches Nadine questioning a patient’s meds. Nik interrupts. Matt walks away.

Sam and Jerry are still bickering. Sam says Jerry is using Alexis for protection. Sam says Jerry hasn’t changed a bit since the hostage crisis. Jerry says he and Sam are alike. He says they both find “the dark side so much more exciting.” Jerry leaves.

Kate makes Sonny help with some wedding decisions before he leaves Crimson. Sonny agrees to whatever Kate says she wants for the wedding.

At the coffee house, Jason disagrees with Spinelli’s stakeout idea. Jason wants Spinelli to continue with the research. Maxie bursts into the office, annoying Jason.

In New York, Johnny is concerned about Lulu. Johnny is sure Lulu is reacting to the trauma of the murder. Lulu worries that she’s losing her mind. Johnny says he sometimes worries about mental illness. He says Lulu is “perfectly sane.” Sal comes to the door. Sal says he has to “lay low for a while.” He wonders if Johnny and Lulu can look after Lourdes.

Jason is getting annoyed with Maxie and Spinelli. Marty comes to the coffee house to see Jason and tell him about Karpov and Carly.

Sonny is with Milo. They’re waiting on the dock for the Karpov shipment. Sonny says he’s suspicious Karpov will bring drugs into Port Charles. Karpov’s attorney shows up.

Karpov takes Carly to his warehouse. Karpov says he would give Carly anything she desires in return for sex. Karpov apologizes for offending Carly when she turns him down. Carly says she wants to know more about Karpov. He says he’s “an open book.”

Spinelli tracks down Karpov to the warehouse. Jason insists on going alone. Jason heads off to get Carly. Spinelli and Maxie stay in Jason’s office.

Nadine and Nik are at the clinic. Nik says he talked Matt into staying at the clinic. Nik tells Nadine to lay off Matt and stop “hiding under his bed.” Nik calls Nadine a “stalker.” Lucky comes in looking for Sam. Sam arrives moments later. She tells the others her suspicions about Jerry.

In New York, Johnny wants to leave the apartment and move on. Lulu disagrees. Lourdes arrives. Johnny and Lulu say it’s better if Lourdes doesn’t stay with them. They promise to check on her while Sal is away. Lourdes gets offended and leaves. She asks Johnny to check on her at bedtime.

Maxie tells Spinelli he’s great at what he does. She says he shouldn’t feel like less of a person because he’s not like Jason. Maxie says Spinelli is “superior to Jason.” Spinelli says only “the manly man gets the woman.”

At the clinic, Sam says she thinks Jerry is involved in the illegal drugs. Nik agrees. Lucky is skeptical.

On the dock, Sonny and Milo are still with Karpov’s attorney. She questions Sonny’s appearance on the dock.

Carly is still at the warehouse with Karpov. She asks him why he’s in town. Jason busts in with a gun just as Karpov is about to kiss Carly. Jason threatens Karpov with death if he goes near Carly or anyone in his “protection” again. Karpov leaves. Jason and Carly yell at each other.

At the clinic, Lucky says they must keep Sam’s “cover” safe. Sam asks Nik if Matt is a suspect. Nik wonders where Nadine went.

Nadine is off following Matt. He catches her.

In New York, Lulu sees Logan again when Johnny leaves the room.

At the Karpov warehouse, Jason tells Carly to stay clear of Karpov. Carly shares Karpov’s proposal. Carly says she took Karpov’s PDA.

Sonny is still with Karpov’s attorney. Sonny insists that Milo open one of the shipment boxes. Milo finds drugs inside the box.

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