GH Update Wednesday 8/6/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/6/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny tells Claudia that Jason knows about his business with Karpov and asks Claudia if she told Jason.

Jason says that it won’t be easy to stop Karpov without dragging Sonny into it. Ric shows up and says that he can help Lulu and Johnny.

Carly and Anthony talk about his stay at the hotel. Anthony asks Carly how Johnny is doing.

Maxie asks Elizabeth to page Matt. Liz asks if Maxie would like to leave a message because Matt is assisting in a surgery. Maxie asks Liz to give Matt something and say that Maxie is expecting full reimbursement. Liz says that Maxie has to handle it. Maxie says that if Liz hears from Lulu, to tell her that Maxie hopes she is doing okay.

Johnny and Lulu talk. Lulu asks him if he thought she was going to bolt again and he says that she didn’t tell him that she was going to bolt the first time. Lulu says that it was an impulse and she wouldn’t do it again without telling him first. Johnny says that going to see Laura was a big risk and Lulu says that it really helped. The police knock on the door.

Sam asks Lucky if he is following her. Lucky says that he needs to see her captain’s license and supporting documentation. Sam says that he knows she is working undercover and Lucky says that is why he covered with papers. Lucky says that he is worried about her because she named Jerry Jacks as a potential suspect in the counterfeit drug ring. Sam says that Lucky is harassing her.

Jason says that Ric doesn’t belong there. Ric says that if he leaves, Jason will never hear his brilliant strategy. Jason says that he doesn’t care, but Ric says that he thought Jason cared about Lulu. Spinelli says that they should hear Ric’s strategy. Jason agrees. Spinelli asks Ric why he would want to exonerate Johnny. Ric says that it doesn’t matter what his motives are as long as he gets the job done. Ric says that if anyone can find Johnny and Lulu, it’s Spinelli. Ric says that all he needs is someone to track them down and convince them to turn themselves in and he can do the rest. Jason says that he needs to talk to Ric alone. Ric says that Jason is friends with Luke and that he knows that if Johnny dies, Anthony will lose grip with sanity. Ric says that he never would have thought that Sonny would betray Jason.

Claudia tells Sonny that she isn’t a rat. Claudia says that she has stayed out of it. Sonny asks who told Jason because it wasn’t Max, Diane or Karpov. Claudia says that she has more important things to deal with like her brother being a fugitive. Claudia asks what Sonny is going to threaten her about and what he isn’t going to threaten her about. Kate walks in and asks what Sonny would have to threaten her about.

Carly says that she hasn’t heard from Lulu since she was dragged off at gunpoint by Johnny. Anthony says that they both know that Lulu engineered the escape. Anthony brings up Laura. Anthony says that if Lulu got it her genes from her mother, then she will be a bigger liability and get Johnny killed.

An officer says that he will kick the door in. Lulu asks what to do and Johnny says to go over the rook, but Lulu suggests that they turn themselves in. An officer tells them to freeze.

Sam says that there are laws against stalking and that she will have charges pressed. Sam says that Lucky can’t harass his way back to her and Lucky says that he is just checking her paperwork. Sam says to check it and get out. Lucky tell her to be careful and Sam tells him not to come near her again.

Jason says that there is no betrayal. Ric says that Sonny made a deal with someone who is coming after Jason’s territory. Jason says that Ric just wants him to retaliate against Sonny so that Sonny will join the Zaccharas, but it won’t happen. Ric tells Jason to think about what he said.

Claudia says that if Kate has to ask why Sonny would threaten her, she doesn’t know him very well. Sonny says that he won’t let Claudia disrespect Kate in his house. Claudia leaves and Kate says that she isn’t on the wedding list. Sonny says that he wants the life he is planning with Kate.

Tracy tells someone to find Luke and report back to her with his whereabouts. Monica, Edward and Alice comment on trying to find Luke. Tracy says that she wishes she could get a hold of Luke to tell him how much trouble Lulu is in. Scott walks in and says that she can tell him instead. Monica asks Scott how he got in there. Scott says that he will stop showing up when he gets some straight answers. Edward tells Alice to call 911 because Scott is breaking and entering, or at least trespassing. Scott says that if the Quartermaines don’t tell him where Lulu is, then he will arrest them all for aiding and abetting.

Johnny asks the officer what is going on. The officer says that Salvatore Del Torro is a person of interest in connection with a gang shooting. Johnny says that he hasn’t seen Salvatore lately and wishes he could be more helpful. Johnny says that they are from Chicago and don’t know anything about gangs. The officer asks for IDs. The officer gets called to a multi-car collision and asks them to call if Salvatore shows up. Lulu says that it was too close. Lourdes says that Johnny saved her life.

Kate says that she would like a word with Claudia. Kate says that she can handle Claudia. Kate says that trying to pull Sonny back into the business after what it has cost him is really low and asks if Claudia feels at all guilty about what happened to Michael.

Maxie says that Kate wants to make some changes. Spinelli shows up and Maxie says that it is perfect timing since Kate isn’t there. Maxie tells Spinelli to do with her what he wishes and says that she can help him investigate Karpov until Kate gets back. Spinelli says that the case might be too dangerous for Maxie to be involved. Maxie says that if it is dangerous, he needs her more.

Carly tells Jason about her conversation with Anthony. Carly asks Jason if he is any closer to finding Johnny and Lulu because Anthony is concerned that Lulu will crack under pressure. Jason says that Spinelli has been working on it, but they don’t have anything. Jason says that Johnny and Lulu are relatively safe because the cops don’t have any leads either. Jason tells Carly that if Johnny dies, Anthony will lose it and that will give Karpov the opening to make a move against him.

Karpov tells Sonny that he is landing 2 shipments, one is a cover. Sonny says that the location is secure and that there shouldn’t be any problems. Sonny assures Karpov that Jason won’t interfere.

Monica says that they don’t know where Johnny and Lulu are. Scott suggests that Tracy knows something and that is why she is trying to get in touch with Luke. Tracy says that she misses the man that she married. Scott says that Lulu lied to Logan and played Johnny and Logan against each other before Johnny killed Logan. Monica tells Scott that lashing out isn’t going to make the grief any easier. Anthony shows up and Scott suggests that they are all trying to Lulu and Johnny out of the country. Anthony says that he doesn’t know where Johnny is. Anthony says that he came to ask Tracy out on a date and Tracy says that she doesn’t see any reason to be more faithful to Luke than he has been to her. Scott says that if Johnny and Lulu resist arrest, someone might get shot and tells them to have Johnny and Lulu turn themselves in. Tracy tells Anthony that she would rather die a slow painful death than go out with him.

Johnny tells Lourdes that the cops are gone. Lourdes says that she won’t tell anyone who he really is. Lulu asks Johnny how Lourdes’ crush on him won’t be a problem and Johnny says that he can handle it. Lulu says that when Lourdes finds out that Johnny is only into her, she will be trouble and asks Johnny if he really is only into her. Johnny says that it sounds like she needs reassuring and Lulu says that it couldn’t hurt.

Claudia says that the bullet in Michael’s brain got Kate everything she wanted. Claudia says that it was the final break between Sonny and Carly and it was a great way to guilt him out of the mob. Claudia says that Kate is living in a fool’s paradise and that there is no way the fantasy could hold Sonny. Claudia says that Sonny will come back to the mob all on his own. Kate tells Claudia that she and Sonny are getting married because that is the life he chose. Kate tells Claudia to stay away from Sonny. Claudia orders a drink. Ric walks up and Claudia says that he owes her big time.

Maxie suggests that the reason that Spinelli doesn’t want her help is because they slept together. Spinelli says that he would never abandon Maxie, but he is concerned. Spinelli says that Jason wouldn’t be happy about Maxie’s involvement. Maxie says that Spinelli has to tell Jason that she knows what is going on. Kate walks in and says that she and Maxie have work to do. Kate says that her wedding has to go off without the smallest hitch or heads will roll.

Jason reminds Carly that she promised not to confront Sonny about Karpov. Carly says that she can’t believe that Sonny is doing this to Jason. Jason says that everything is going to work out. Carly asks who is taking care of Jason, but Jason says that he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him. Jason says that everything is fine. Carly says that Jason is a terrible liar. Carly asks Marty to check on Andrei Karpov and send him a bottle of vodka as an invitation to have a drink with her.

The delivery man says that he needs a signature.

Johnny says that making love is an invitation for the cops to come back and Lulu says that they should give them an eyeful.

Jason and Spinelli talk about what has been found on Karpov. Spinelli says that he didn’t tell Maxie much, but says that he might have hinted to the threat that Karpov poses.

Kate and Maxie talk about the wedding dress. Kate tells Maxie to call a designer, but Maxie hesitates and reminds Kate of something she said. Kate says that she is obsessing over wedding details because they are dependable when Sonny isn’t. Sonny walks in and asks why he isn’t dependable.

Claudia tells Ric that Jason confronted Sonny about Karpov. Claudia explains that she protected Ric and wants it considered a sign of her goodwill.

Karpov tells Carly that he was delighted to get her invitation.

Sam thanks the delivery man. Jerry wonders what Sam is up to now.

Maxie says that she will have Clarice call Federico. Maxie says that she is happy she could help. Sonny asks Kate if she is still upset about Claudia being at his house and Kate says that it is about her being terrified to be happy. Kate says that she will let Maxie handle business and they can go take the speedboat ride he wanted. Sonny says that he can’t go right now and Kate asks why.

Jason says that he can’t trust Spinelli if he is going to tell Maxie everything. Spinelli says that Maxie would never betray his confidence. Spinelli says that he has already resolved to distance himself from Maxie, but it is too hard. Spinelli tells Jason that 2 of Karpov’s female acquaintances have met violent ends.

Carly meets Karpov. Karpov says that he would like to get to know Carly better and suggests that they take a drive to be alone.

Lulu screams when she wakes up and sees Logan in her room!

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