GH Update Tuesday 8/5/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie tells Matt that he can’t help himself to her food. Matt says that she has seen the pleasure of seeing him naked again and that he will see her later. Maxie says that it doesn’t matter because nothing about him is impressive.

Sal tells Joe that there is no sign of Linda. Johnny thanks Sal for looking. Sal says that she probably just took off for a few hours and asks what the problem is.

Lulu tells Laura that she shouldn’t be there because she could be arrested, but she thinks she might be turning into Laura.

Jason and Carly talk about Sonny’s deal with Karpov. Carly says that she never thought Sonny would betray Jason like that.

Maxie says that no one wants him there so he should move out, but Matt says that it isn’t going to happen. Matt says that Mac signed the rental agreement and Maxie says that Mac has a lot going on. Matt says that the rental agreement is legal and binding. Maxie says that she knows what is going on and that Matt is busted.

Sam tells Scott that she knows what it is like to be chased by the cops. Sam says that Lulu is a kid who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Scott says that Lulu knew what she was doing. Scott says that Lulu brought it on herself when she helped Johnny escape. Nikolas says that Lulu was taken hostage. Scott says that Lulu isn’t innocent in any of it because she misled Logan and then ran off with Johnny. Scott says that he wants justice for Logan, but Nikolas says that all Scott wants is vengeance.

Johnny tells Sal that he and Linda had a fight before he helped Sal move furniture. Sal says that Linda probably needs some time to cool off. Johnny says that Linda is used to driving in Chicago, not New York. Sal says that Johnny is a little overprotective. Johnny says that Sal is right and that he just has to wait for Linda to get back.

Lulu tells Laura that she always thought being on the run would be romantic, but it isn’t. Lulu tells Laura that she had to break Johnny out of jail. Lulu says that when Laura thought she killed Rick Webber, she lost her mind and now Lulu killed Logan and thinks she is losing her mind too.

Jason says that he needs to figure out why Sonny is doing this. Jason tells Carly that Karpov wants to start doing business in Port Charles and that he got his information from Ric. Jason says that he can’t believe that Sonny is meeting with Karpov. Jason says that he has pictures of Karpov going in and out of Sonny’s house. Carly suggests that maybe Sonny is working with Karpov outside of Port Charles. Carly realizes that Diane knew about it and didn’t tell Jason. Jason says that Sonny doesn’t see it as betrayal.

Matt asks Nadine why she is hiding in his bedroom. Maxie says that on the rental agreement it said that he could have no overnight visitors and that it includes during-the-day hookups. Matt suggests that Maxie set him up, but she denies it. Nadine says that she broke in there to replace the shirt she ruined. Nadine says that she needed to check the size. Maxie says that Nadine is the worst liar she has ever heard. Matt swears that he didn’t know that Nadine was in there. Maxie says that Nikolas would be really disappointed. Nadine says that Maxie can tell Nikolas whatever she wants and says that she doesn’t have to listen to any of it. Maxie says that she hopes Matt’s booty call was enjoyable because it is about to get him evicted.

Nikolas says that Scott doesn’t want justice for Logan, he wants revenge because Laura dumped him for Luke. Scott says that is ancient history and that Lulu led Logan on. Scott reminds Nikolas that Lulu hit Logan in the head with a wrench and put him in a coma. Sam says that Logan probably deserved it. Nikolas says that Scott doesn’t know who killed Logan and doesn’t care as long as he can use the power of his office to destroy Lulu. Scott says that Lulu is the reason that Johnny attacked Logan at the Metro Court. Nikolas says that Scott should aim his revenge on the real target, Luke. Nikolas asks Scott if he thinks Laura would forgive him for allowing the police to shoot at Lulu.

Lulu tells Laura that she didn’t mean to kill Logan. Lulu admits her feelings for Logan and Johnny to Laura. Lulu admits that she sees Logan sometimes and asks if Laura saw Rick Webber. Lulu says that she is scared all the time and that fear is what started all of it.

Carly says that Sonny never believes that he betrays anyone. Jason wonders why Sonny didn’t take the business back when it was offered. Carly says that if Sonny did that, he would be admitting that he made a mistake. Jason tells Carly that Sonny says he is working with Karpov to guarantee that Karpov will not be a threat to Jason. Carly asks if Jason believes that. Jason says that he wants to believe that, but doesn’t understand why Sonny would go behind his back to protect him. Carly says that Sonny is trying to punish himself more for what happened to Michael. Carly asks Jason what he is going to do and says that he has to treat Sonny as a threat if he is one.

Maxie tells Mac that Matt already broke the rental agreement by having loud sex upstairs during the day. Maxie says that even she was offended. Matt says that he would love to explain to Mac what happened at Mac’s convenience and intends on staying. Maxie says that Mac is really strict about anyone having sex in the house. Matt says that he is going to find out what Nadine was doing there.

Nikolas leaves Nadine a message. Lucky walks in and says that he has bad news. Nikolas says that he already knows that Lulu has been listed as Johnny’s accomplice. Lucky says that he spent all morning arguing with Mac, the FBI and anyone else that would listen, but he didn’t have much to work with because Lulu is the only one who could have slipped the gun to Johnny. Nikolas says that Johnny will protect Lulu and that he is somewhat sure that Johnny won’t hurt her. Lucky says that Lulu is in real trouble now. Nikolas says that he doesn’t know how long Lulu can last on the run and Lucky asks what that means.

Lulu says that she understands why Laura had a soft spot for Scott. Lulu says that Logan was coming after her that night and she had to defend herself. Lulu says that she wishes Laura could tell her what to do.

Scott visits Laura and asks if anyone else has been by. The nurse tells him that Nikolas visits every week, but no one else has signed in for a while. Scott says that he is going to take a look.

Lourdes comes in and asks Johnny where Lulu went. Johnny says that she went out for a while and will let Lourdes know when she gets back. Johnny says that Lulu wouldn’t go turn herself in. Lourdes says that Lulu wasn’t happy there and maybe she couldn’t take it anymore.


Jason tells Carly that Sonny isn’t his enemy. Carly says that Sonny is going to punish Jason for helping her get Michael and Morgan away from him. Carly says that Sonny doesn’t respect boundaries and doesn’t know when to stop. Jason asks Carly what she wants him to do.

Scott tells Laura that Lulu is in a lot of trouble and explains the situation. Scott says that Johnny will pay for what he did to Logan and Lulu might have to pay too.

Johnny says that Lulu wouldn’t go to the cops. Lourdes says that Lulu seemed pretty upset. Lourdes says that it is dangerous for Johnny to be there while Lulu is out there. Lourdes suggests that she can take Johnny out of the city and that they could run away together. Johnny says that they should give Lulu a chance to return because he knows that she will.

Carly says that no one wants Jason to kill Sonny, but Jason shouldn’t let Sonny tie his hands so that Karpov can come after him. Carly tells Jason that his job isn’t to take a bullet for Sonny anymore. Carly says that she can’t lose Jason. Jason tells Carly that no one is going to get shot. Carly tells Jason to tell Sonny that if he doesn’t stay away from Karpov, he will tell Kate. Jason says that he isn’t going to blackmail Sonny. Carly says that she would be more than happy to tell Kate. Jason says that he doesn’t want Carly to do anything. Carly tells Jason that he doesn’t owe Sonny anything.

Scott tells Laura that it is too bad that she couldn’t guide Lulu so that she wouldn’t make the same mistakes that Laura did. Nikolas tells Scott to stay away from Laura. Scott wonders how Nikolas and Lucky knew that he was there visiting Laura. Nikolas says that he has his contacts there and they will let him know if Scott visits again. Scott says that he wants Laura to understand that he isn’t out to get Lulu. Scott says that Nikolas and Lucky will regret banning him from visiting Laura.

Matt asks Nadine why she was in his room and suggests that he should call Nikolas. Nadine says that she was trying to find evidence that he is involved with the counterfeit drug ring. Nadine says that she isn’t going to turn Matt in, she just wants in on the action.

Spinelli shows up and Maxie says that she has to have dirt on Matt so that she can blackmail him out of the house. Spinelli says that he is too dangerous for Maxie and that they have to part ways forever. Maxie says that he isn’t too dangerous for her to be around and she will never let him leave her life.

Diane and Jason talk about setting up a meeting with Karpov.

Kate says that she isn’t going to get involved with every argument between designers. Kate tells Clarice to threaten to pull Wilma Winston and that if she calls the bluff, to deal with it. Carly walks in and tells Clarice to go out into the reception area and hold all calls. Kate says that she doesn’t have time for Carly’s hysterics. Carly says that what she knows has the potential to blow Kate’s life apart.

Nadine and Matt argue about her wanting in on the counterfeit drug ring. Nikolas asks them to keep their voices down. Matt asks Nikolas to get Nadine to stop breaking into his bedroom or the cops will be involved. Nadine says that she isn’t giving up.

Lourdes and Johnny talk. Lulu comes back and says that she is sorry and that she should have called. Johnny asks where she went. Lulu says that she went to Shadybrook because she had to see Laura. Lulu admits that seeing Laura helped her realize that Johnny was right about it being self-defense.

Spinelli says that being around Maxie puts her in grave danger. Maxie says that she isn’t stupid and that he is basically the only real friend she has. Maxie suggests that she help him with the Russian mob stuff so that he can find dirt on Matt.


Kate tells Clarice that she will talk to Wilma later. Kate asks Carly to leave her and Sonny alone. Carly says that she has no intention of interfering with Kate’s marriage to Sonny because they deserve each other. Carly says that Jax will be pulling out of Crimson soon because he has zero tolerance of Sonny.

Diane introduces Karpov and Sasha to Jason. Diane and Sasha leave so that the men can talk. Jason says that he has no problem with Karpov working with Sonny as long as Karpov leaves his territory alone. Karpov says that he wants peace because they all understand what kind of damage a stray bullet can do.

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