GH Update Monday 8/4/08

General Hospital Update Monday 8/4/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At Sonny’s house, Kate walks in on a conversation between Sonny and Jason. Kate says she is surprised that Jason is there. She says it would have been nice if Jason had called first. Jason says he needs to speak to Sonny.

Jerry asks Sam why she is at the warehouse. She tells him she is trying to find work. Jerry doesn’t seem to buy Sam’s story.

Lulu sees a vision of Logan. She screams and Johnny asks her what is wrong. She lies and tells him that she thought she saw a rat.

Nadine tells Nikolas that he can’t boss her around and tell her what to do. Nik tells her she needs to back off with this drug sting or he’ll tell Mac. Nik walks away. Nadine asks Leyla if she thinks that Nikolas will tell Mac about the whole thing.

At the hospital, Patrick kisses Robin. They start to go into one of the hospital rooms, where they walk in on Anna and Noah.

Jerry tells Sam he is thinking about buying the warehouse. He says that him and Sam have a lot in common. Sam thinks that it is just a cover that he is dating her mother. Sam says that all he cares about is that Alexis is the DA. Jerry says that Alexis tried to push him away before. Jerry implies that him and Sam should sleep together.

Jason congratulates Sonny and Kate on their upcoming wedding. Jason tells Kate he really needs to speak to Sonny. Kate leaves. Jason asks Sonny if he is working with Karpov. Sonny says he is, but the real question is why. Sonny says he is trying to protect Jason.

Anna tells Robin and Patrick that her fling with Noah will probably make them uncomfortable. Patrick says that the less that him and Robin know about their love life, the better. Patrick and Noah leave the room. Robin asks Anna if she really cares about Noah.

Johnny says he couldn’t find any rats in the apartment. Lulu is frantic and says they need to leave. Lulu says they need to go to Mexico. Johnny wonders why she is so upset. Lulu admits she saw Logan.

Nadine and Leyla go to Matt’s. Leyla says this whole thing is a bad idea. Leyla rings the doorbell. Maxie answers and asks what she wants. Leyla tells her that she wants to talk about Spinelli. In the meantime, Nadine sneaks into a window in Matt’s room. Maxie thinks that Leyla likes Spinelli. Matt walks into the room and Leyla looks worried. As Nadine looks around Matt’s room, she hears voices. Matt walks into his bedroom and Nadine hides behind a chair.

Carly goes to the free clinic. Nikolas tells her that he doesn’t know any new info about Lulu. Nikolas says that Lulu isn’t in harm’s way because she wasn’t a hostage. Carly says she would have done the same thing. Kate walks in. Nikolas gets a phone call and walks away. Carly confronts Kate about the lie she told. Carly says she is coming after her.

Sonny tells Jason that his intention was for Karpov to stay away from Jason’s territory. Sonny says that Jason has his word that Karpov will stay away from him. Jason thinks that Sonny wants to get into the business again. Sonny reiterates the reason he is working with Karpov – he doesn’t want Karpov to compromise Jason’s interests. Jason can’t believe that Sonny didn’t tell him about this sooner. Jason says he expected more from Sonny.

Lulu tells Johnny she saw a vision of Logan with a knife in his shirt and he was staring right at her. Johnny says she isn’t crazy and seeing these visions is normal. Lulu doesn’t agree. She is upset and thinks that Logan was right – she will never get over him.

Johnny says she is going through posttraumatic stress. Lulu says she gave Logan so many mixed signals. She wishes she wouldn’t have led Logan on for so long. Lourdes knocks on the door. Lourdes says that Sal needs to move something and needs Johnny’s help. Johnny asks Lourdes to stay with Lulu, but Lulu says she doesn’t need a babysitter.

At his office, Jason gets a visit from Cody. Cody says he has proof that Sonny is working with Karpov. He shows Jason pictures. Jason wonders if Cody wants to get paid for this and asks if Cody is really working for Karpov.

Anna tells Robin that she wasted a lot of time on Eli when she could have been getting to know Noah better. Robin says that if Anna’s happy, that is all that matters to her. Noah asks Patrick what he thinks about him and Anna. Patrick says that Anna is amazing. He says that she is not ordinary. She is a spy, Patrick says. Patrick says that he doesn’t want Noah to start drinking again if the whole thing doesn’t work out.

Kate tells Nikolas that she wants to help in anyway she can with the clinic. Sam walks up to them. She compliments Kate on her engagement ring. Kate leaves the clinic. Sam tells Nikolas that she has found a suspect in the counterfeit drug ring – Jerry Jacks.

Nikolas says to Sam that he tried to warn Alexis that Jerry was dangerous. In the meantime, Maxie tells Leyla that Spinelli is sweet, but naïve. Leyla says that she isn’t looking for Spinelli to be her boyfriend.

Jason wonders why Cody is giving him this information. Cody tells Jason he is clean and done with drugs. Jason asks him if he wants to work for him. Cody says he didn’t come to get a job, but he agrees to work for Jason. Jason says he will give him a trial run to see how Cody does.

Kate brings Sonny dessert. Kate wonders if Jason wants to give the business back to Sonny. Sonny says that is not why he visited him. He tells Kate that Jason thinks Sonny keeps undermining him. Sonny says he is done with the mob.

Carly visits Jason at his office. Jason says that he thinks Sonny is back in the business. He says that Sonny is working with Karpov. Carly says that means Sonny is working against Jason.

Maxie knocks on Matt’s door. She thinks he stole some more of her food. Nadine is listening from behind a chair.

Scott tells Nikolas and Sam that Lulu has been added to the FBI’s active list. In the meantime, Johnny goes back to the apartment to find that Lulu is gone.

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