GH Update Friday 8/1/08

General Hospital Update Friday 8/1/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu and Johnny are in New York. Lulu fears Lourdes turning them in. John says he feels safe. Lulu wants to turn herself in.

Sam is at the clinic. Lucky surprises her. Both look forward to reconciling in public soon.

Spinelli and Jason are at the office. Spinelli says Karpov has put money in Sonny’s bank account.

Sonny is at home meeting with Karpov. Kate arrives and Max greets her. Max tries to stop Kate from interrupting Sonny’s meeting.

In New York, Johnny tries to reassure a frightened Lulu. Lulu is sure Lourdes wants “revenge” on Johnny’s family. Lulu is sure Lourdes will tell all to her brother. Lourdes arrives.

Nik is at the clinic. He tries to call Claudia. Nadine is there. She’s still mad at Nik for foiling her plan.

Lucky and Sam are still at the clinic. They hear Liz outside talking with Nik. Nadine exits. Liz says she’s “worried about Lucky.”

Matt goes to Crimson to see Maxie. He claims Maxie took the remote, stopping him from getting out of the Scorpio garage. Maxie accuses Matt of stealing her food. She tells him to buy his own food. Matt says he enjoys living at Maxie’s since it bothers her so much and he leaves the office.

Spinelli and Jason discuss Sonny and Karpov. Jason still has faith in Sonny. Diane arrives at the office so Jason sends Spinelli out. Jason asks Diane how long she’s known about Sonny’s dealings with Karpov.

At Sonny’s, Kate apologizes for interrupting. Sonny introduces Kate to Karpov. Karpov leaves. Kate makes a comment about Sonny being out of the “mob.” She asks Sonny what he’s been “doing” without her.

In New York, Lourdes talks with Johnny about the piano. Johnny sends Lulu off so he can talk to Lourdes alone. Lourdes thinks Lulu is jealous. Lourdes says she “could never hate” Johnny.

At the clinic, Sam and Lucky listen in as Nik talks with Liz. Liz expresses her concern for Lucky. Nik promises to talk with his brother. Liz says only Sam can help Lucky.

Nik promises to help so Liz leaves.

At the coffee house, Diane says she can’t discuss Sonny’s business with Jason. She does say that Sonny’s work with Karpov won’t “compromise” Jason.

Karpov meets with Jerry on the dock. They discuss the drug shipment. Jerry says Jason will present a “problem.”

At Sonny’s, Kate shows off some gifts she brought from Paris. Kate kids that they should run off and get married. Kate says she’s looking forward to a life with Sonny. Kate heads off to work. Sonny catches Max “lurking.” He’s upset that Max let Kate interrupt his meeting with Karpov.

At the clinic, Sam comments how “nice” it is that Liz is worried. Lucky wonders if they should tell Liz the truth. Sam says Liz will want to help out if she knows the truth.

Nadine and Nik argue over Matt. Nadine says she’ll work her plan anyway.

In New York, Lourdes wants to “get to know” Johnny. He tells her a little about his childhood. Johnny says he feels bad for the pain his family has caused others. He offers to pay Lourdes back in some way.

At Sonny’s, Max and Sonny discuss Kate not finding out about Karpov. Mike arrives. He tells Sonny that Kate sent him a tux from Paris. Sonny asks Mike to be his best man. Mike says he’s glad Sonny changed his life recently.

Liz and the kids are in the park. Jason arrives. Liz offers to let Jason hold Jake. He declines. Monica arrives and comments on how beautiful Jason looks standing with Liz and her kids. Liz says she’s waiting for Lucky. Monica says the four of them make “a lovely family.” Jason takes off. Monica says she knows how Jason feels about Liz. Monica talks about grandchildren.

In New York, Johnny tells Lourdes the murder was “self defense.” Lourdes discusses Mexico with Johnny. She offers to teach him Spanish.

Back at Sonny’s house, Mike says Sonny did a difficult thing in giving up his boys. He calls Sonny “brave” for giving up his “power.” Mike says he understands addiction. Sonny calls himself “a lucky man” for getting “a second chance” at happiness.

Maxie goes to see Spinelli at the office. She rants about Matt. She wants to get Matt out of the Scorpio house. Maxie admits stealing Matt’s garage remote. Maxie sees Spinelli’s computer screen and inquires about Karpov. Spinelli won’t say. Maxie asks if Karpov “is dangerous.” Spinelli called him “a competitor.” Maxie offers to help. Spinelli tells Maxie that Sonny “has aligned himself” with Karpov. Maxie worried about Kate’s reaction and what it will mean to her own career.

Kate and Clarice are at Crimson. Sonny arrives. He insists on taking Kate home.

Matt is at GH. Leyla is there. She calls Nadine to report that Matt will be in the OR for several hours.

Lucky arrives at the park and is surprised to find Liz waiting with a picnic. Lucky says he’s “grateful” for his family.

Sam goes to the dock to work with Karpov. Someone is lurking in the shadows, watching Sam.

Spinelli tells Maxie he doesn’t want to put her in a dangerous position. Spinelli says he must “shield” Maxie “from harm” by keeping his distance from her. Maxie is perplexed.

Leyla arrives at the clinic to help Nadine. Nik overhears Nadine’s plan to search Matt’s room at the Scorpio house while Leyla plays look out.

Lulu returns to the New York apartment. Lulu says Lourdes wants to get closer to Johnny. She worries that Lourdes will “lash out” if Johnny fails to return her feelings. Lulu sees Logan.

Sam is on the docks when Jerry appears with a threat about her safety.

Kate and Sonny arrive at the Corinthos house. Jason is waiting in Sonny’s living room.

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