GH Update Thursday 7/31/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/31/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At GH, Eli Love argues with the mother of his child. Anna, Robin, Patrick, and Epiphany try to amuse the child. Epiphany takes the boy to tour an ambulance. Anna is annoyed with Eli. She kicks him to the floor.

Nik and Nadine talk about their friendship at the Wyndemere stables. Nik says he looks at Nadine like a sister.

Jason goes to see Monica in rehab. Monica says she’s being released. Jason says he can’t have any ties with Monica once she returns home.

Claudia goes to the Metro Court and interrupts Ric and Sonny’s conversation.

Back at GH, the mother of Eli’s child thanks Anna for putting Eli in his place.

Back at the Wyndemere stables, Nadine takes offense to Nik’s “sister” remark. Nadine says the comment was insulting and she can do what she wants and she storms out of the barn.

Back in Monica’s room, Jason wonders how his mom is doing.

At the hotel, Claudia asks if Ric and Sonny share “secrets.” Claudia wonders why the brothers are even together.

Johnny and Lulu are at the apartment in New York. Lulu complains about the dinner Johnny prepared. Lourdes walks in unannounced as Johnny kisses Lulu.

At GH, Patrick gives Eli a lecture on fatherhood. Noah arrives and listens to Patrick’s speech. Patrick says, “Raising a child is a privilege.” Robin is impressed.

In New York, Lourdes says she’s “sorry” to barge in. She asks if Johnny can give her brother a hand. Johnny takes off and Lourdes grills Lulu about Johnny’s family.

Jason helps Monica pack her bags. They talk about Jason’s choices in life. Monica says Sonny doesn’t deserve Jason’s “loyalty.”

Back at the hotel, Claudia talks to Sonny and Ric about “loyalty.” Claudia says neither she or Sonny or Ric are trustworthy.

At GH, Eli’s people get him in a wheelchair. Anna says Eli is “shallow” and a waste of her time. Eli leaves and Anna talks with Noah. Noah is happy with what he overheard from Patrick about fatherhood. Matt lurks around the Drakes.

Tracy, Edward, and Alice are at the Q mansion discussing Monica’s return. Scott arrives looking for “justice.” He demands to know where Lulu is. Edward says Scott never looked out for Logan when he was alive. Alice says Scott is “using Lulu as a way to get back at Mr. Luke.” Scott denies Alice’s accusation. Scott promises to prosecute Lulu. Monica arrives.

Jason goes to his office. Spinelli is there taking care of the plants. They start to discuss the “new information” about Sonny and Karpov Spinelli has secured.

Back at the hotel, Ric gets bored with the conversation and leaves. Sonny says Claudia better not tell Ric about his association with Andre Karpov.

In New York, Lourdes continues to press Lulu for information. Lourdes says it seems like Lulu and John are “hiding out.”

Back at the Q mansion, the family greets and fusses over Monica. Tracy asks Scott to leave or Alice will show him some wrestling holds. Scott discovers that there’s water in the vodka bottle. Scott says the whole Q family is guilty of “aiding” Lulu. Alice threatens to take care of Scott so he hurries off.

Lucky visits Nik at the stables. Lucky is worried that the brothers haven’t heard from Lulu. He tells Nik he had a panic attack and felt like he was heading into “darkness.” Nik tries to talk Lucky down. Nik is worried about his brother.

In New York, Lulu tries to pacify Lourdes. Lourdes calls Lulu “some clingy girl” that will hold Johnny back from a career in music. Johnny returns and Lourdes leaves. Lulu has a bad feeling about Lourdes.

Nik and Lucky continue their talk at the stables. Lucky asks Nik his thoughts on Matt. Nik tells Lucky his thoughts on Nadine. Nik says he misses Emily.

Nadine is at the clinic. Matt arrives as Nadine is looking at the meds. He questions her and Nadine tells Matt not to tell Nik. Nadine tells Matt how people used to suspect her of evil doings because of her sister. Nadine implies that she would do anything for money.

At the Q mansion, Tracy and Edward comment about all the hidden vodka in the house before Monica went in for treatment. Monica reminds the family that the house belongs to her. They all start bickering.

Spinelli and Jason are at the coffee house. Spinelli says Jason has turned his back on loved ones for Sonny and now Sonny is betraying Jason.

In New York, Lulu tells Johnny what a pest Lourdes is. Lourdes returns for another piano lesson so Lulu heads to the kitchen. Lourdes calls Johnny by his real name, which shocks him.

Robin and Patrick are at GH. Robin obsesses over Anna and Noah. Patrick says he needs some attention. Robin suddenly runs off.

Anna and Noah are sitting in the park, talking. She says she has no regrets about the Eli situation. Anna wonders if she’s really “attracted to” Noah, not Eli. Noah kisses Anna.

At the clinic, Matt asks Nadine if she has a “business proposal” for him. Nik interrupts, as Matt is talking rude to Nadine. Matt leaves. Nadine yells at Nik for ruining her plan with Matt.

At the coffee house, Jason says he’s sure Sonny isn’t really working with Karpov. Jason thinks things are not as they appear. Spinelli says Sonny may have “betrayed” Jason.

Sonny and Claudia are at the hotel. Claudia says Jason will learn the truth eventually. Claudia thinks Sonny wants Jason to find out about his work with Karpov. Claudia accuses Sonny of wanting revenge on Jason. Claudia leaves the hotel.

In New York, Lourdes tells Johnny she knows the truth. At first he denies it but then admits the truth. Lourdes says Sal will kill Johnny if he finds out the truth. Lourdes promises to keep Johnny’s “secret,” as Lulu stands in the door and listens.

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