GH Update Wednesday 7/30/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin asks Anna if she can join her because the baby is craving French toast. Anna says that Robin doesn’t have to use the baby as an excuse because they aren’t going to fight. Anna tells Robin that setting her up to save Eli from a staged kidnapping was unnecessary and humiliating.

Sonny and Max talk about how bad Max and Milo look. Diane walks in and asks Max what happened to his face. Max says that it looks a lot worse than it really is. Diane asks if it was Karpov’s men and Max says no. She asks if it was Jason’s people and Sonny asks Diane if she really thinks that Jason would set Max up like that. Sonny tells Max to tell Diane how he got hurt. Max says that he would rather not, but Sonny pushes. Max reluctantly tells Diane that he got his butt kicked by a grandma.

Carly says that she can’t think of a better way to start the day and Jax tells her that he meant what he said the previous night and that he isn’t going to let her win.

Sam asks Nadine if she has seen Lucky. Nadine says that when Lucky gets there, she will bring him back. Sam and Nadine talk about Karpov’s possible connection to the counterfeit drugs. Nadine says that she is doing some undercover work too, but Nikolas says that she isn’t. Nikolas says that he doesn’t want Sam or Nadine involved, but he can’t stop Sam. Nadine says that he can’t stop her either. Lucky walks in and says that anyone could have walked in and heard them talking about the case. Nikolas says that he and Nadine are going to go up front. Sam tells Lucky that she missed him the previous night and he says that maybe they should rethink their breakup plan.

Carly says that she isn’t going to give up until Jax gives in, but Jax says that it won’t happen. Carly says that she is sorry for neglecting him. Jax says that Carly wants to be embroiled with Sonny and Jason. Carly tells Jax that it isn’t about Sonny and Jason.

Johnny asks Lulu where she has been. Lulu says that she told him she was going to get food. Johnny says that he didn’t know she was going to the grocery store. Lulu says that she got sick of takeout. Lulu suggests that they cook together and Johnny says that he barely knows how to boil water. Lulu tells Johnny that she found a recipe for chicken casserole in a magazine and it has directions, so how hard can it be.

Diane realizes that Anna Devane attacked Max and Milo. Max explains that they tried to grab Eli when he got into his limo and Anna thought that they were trying to kidnap him. Sonny explains the situation with Robin and Anna to Diane. Max tells Diane that it looks a lot worse than it really is. Diane asks Max if a massage would help and says that she has the table in the car. Max leaves to set up the table. Sonny asks Diane if Jason knows about his deal with Karpov.

Robin and Anna talk about the staged kidnapping. Robin says that she just wanted to remind Anna that she is her hero. Anna says that as long as Robin believes in her, she doesn’t care what Eli thinks.

Ric asks Claudia if she is still on board with his plan to exonerate Johnny. Claudia asks Ric if he is going to tell Sonny that Jason knows he’s working with Karpov.

Lulu and Johnny cook. They talk about the kitchen size and Lulu says that it could be fun to improvise for counter space.

Jax says that he has a meeting to get to and Carly says that they can go. Jax says that he isn’t going to show up at the meeting with his wife handcuffed to his side. Carly says that Jax will have to reschedule the meeting then. Jax tells Carly that he has a lot of money riding on this deal. Carly asks Jax what is more important, business or his marriage. Carly says that she was just trying to make a point that she wants to be with him and she won’t keep him there against his will. Jax tells her to un-cuff him and Carly says that she will as soon as she finds the key.

Ric asks Claudia when she started caring if Sonny and Jason are best friends or mortal enemies. Claudia says that there is no telling whether Karpov will respect the boundaries. Claudia asks Ric if he is hoping that Jason will kill Sonny for betraying him. Ric asks if it would bother her if that was in his plan.

Diane tells Sonny that she hasn’t told Jason about his deal with Karpov. Diane suggests a meeting between Sonny and Jason, but Sonny refuses. Sonny says that Jason is doing what he thinks is right and so is Sonny.

Chip tells Eli that they need to be on the road. Eli says that he isn’t going anywhere until he sees Anna. Eli asks Epiphany if Robin is there and Epiphany tells him that if he doesn’t require medical attention, he better get back on the elevator and stop wasting her time. Eli says that he isn’t going anywhere without Anna. Anna gets off the elevator and Eli tells her that he wants her in his life.

Nikolas and Nadine talk about her plan for Dr. Hunter. Matt walks in and says that he would rather be there dispensing aspirin than watching Patrick cut a man’s head open for no apparent reason. Nadine says that she wonders if working for Nikolas is worth the money sometimes too.

Sam tells Lucky that she isn’t changing her mind and that it will be over soon.

Johnny offers to take care of the carrots and Lulu can go on bean duty. Lulu apologizes for freaking out. Johnny suggests that they skip to dessert. Lulu says that the police will eventually find out that she killed Logan and that they can’t hide from it forever. Johnny tells Lulu that she can’t think about killing Logan. Lulu says that killing Logan is like a nightmare she can’t wake up from and that she can’t stop thinking about it.

Sonny says that the only reason he is working for Karpov is to keep him out of Jason’s way. Diane suggests that Sonny should tell Jason, but Sonny says that Jason has too much to worry about and that Jason knows Sonny would never betray him.

Karpov shows up to see Sonny. Max tells Sonny that Andrei Karpov is there and Sonny introduces Diane to Mr. Karpov.

Carly insists that she really doesn’t know where the key is. Jax suggests that it was all a setup and asks Carly where the key is. Carly says that she doesn’t know.

Johnny tells Lulu that she was just defending herself.

Robin tells Eli that Anna isn’t interested in anything he has to say. Anna says that she doesn’t see any harm in hearing him out. Eli thanks Anna for saving him the previous night and that it was amazing. Eli says that he doesn’t want it to end at all and that he can handle her being a grandmother, but he can’t handle her walking out of his life. Chip tells Eli that they need to be going. A woman walks up and says “Not until you say hi to your son”.

Nadine tells Matt about her money problems and about her sister. Nikolas walks up and tells Nadine that she gets an extra $2,000 a week. Matt says that he wishes his money problems would be solved that easily.

Sam and Lucky talk about Lulu. Sam gets a call and tells someone that she can be there in 10 minutes. Lucky tells Sam to be careful.

Max and Diane talk about Karpov.

Sonny tells Karpov that they can’t work together if Karpov is going to interfere with Jason’s business. Karpov says that he is abiding by the agreement.

Johnny and Lulu talk about their meal. Johnny tells Lulu to close her eyes. She opens her eyes and sees peanut butter and jelly. Johnny says that he didn’t know it, but he is talented.

Jax asks the locksmith how long it will take. The locksmith says that he wishes he and his wife could be spontaneous like that. Carly says that they like to keep things interesting. The locksmith tells Jax that he is lucky to have his wife. Jax says that he is the luckiest guy in the world.

Eli’s agent tells Trish that if she comes near Eli, she forfeits child support. Trish tells her son to go sit down while she talks to Eli. Robin meets Elijah (Trish’s son) and offers to play with him. Trish says that Elijah wanted to meet Eli. Eli says that fifteen minutes in the back of a tour bus doesn’t qualify him to be Elijah’s father. Trish asks Eli how he can look at his son and not feel anything for him.

Karpov goes to see Jerry. Karpov asks how he knows that Jerry won’t let Jax or Alexis stand in the way of their agreement.

Ric thanks Sonny for coming. Ric asks Sonny if he is ever tempted to get back into the mob. Sonny asks Ric if he is fishing for information or if he is offering Sonny a job.

Jax thanks the locksmith. Carly tells Jax to go get cleaned up and ready for the meeting. Jax says that he already missed the meeting and he doesn’t think that Carly is sorry for that. Carly assures Jax that she didn’t mean to lose the handcuff key and that all she wanted was for him to admit that he still loves her and that he is coming back to her. Jax says that all he asked for was a separation and she can’t even honor it. Carly tells him that he didn’t ask for anything, he just walked out the door. Jax says that he needs time to think things over and so does she.

Chip and Eli’s agent tell Trish that it is a little too late to expect Eli to step up and be a father. Patrick asks what is going on and Epiphany says that Eli got a visit from his son. Eli says that he never asked to be the kid’s father and asks how much it will take for Trish and Elijah to get out of his life forever. Trish says that she isn’t there for more money. Robin, Patrick and Elijah talk about cars.

Nadine and Nikolas talk about her risking her life for information on Matt. Nikolas says that he won’t sit back and watch another person he cares about die.

Sam tells Lucky that she got her first assignment from Karpov, but there can’t be any cops involved.

Karpov tells Jerry that Sonny is his insurance policy against Jason.

Ric and Sonny talk about the mob life. Ric asks Sonny if he is sure that Jason is still loyal to him. Claudia says that she is glad they are both there because it is time to get everything out in the open.

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