GH Update Tuesday 7/29/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/29/08


Written by Mandy
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Patrick and Robin talk about Eli. Patrick says that he understands why Noah fell for Eli’s world so easily and fell off the wagon. Patrick assures Robin that Noah will get Anna there.

Lulu says that she can understand why Sal is angry about having their father taken away like that. Sal tells her that his father was murdered. Lourdes says that at least Anthony Zacchara went down for something. Sal says that Anthony didn’t get what he deserved because he didn’t even end up in prison.

Sam thanks Karpov for meeting her. Sam says that she missed being in the salvage industry. Karpov says that nothing is more critical to him than discretion. Sam says that as long as she gets paid in cash every week, she doesn’t care what the cargo holds.

Jason says that whatever miracles Ric is promising on Johnny’s behalf are lies. Ric says that Jason that he is smug in his own superiority and living in an inviolate code of loyalty. Jason says that Ric knows nothing about loyalty. Ric says that neither does Sonny. Ric says that Sonny is working with Andrei Karpov, but Jason says that he doesn’t believe anything that Ric says.

Carly asks Jax how his meeting was. Jax asks Carly how she found him. Carly says that she knows her husband and figured it out because he likes to be close to his hotels. Jax asks Carly how she got in and Carly says that she told them that she was Mrs. Jacks and they let her in.

Robin worries that Noah couldn’t convince Anna to show up. Patrick says that stress isn’t good for Robin or the baby. Robin and Patrick talk about what Eli did to Anna. Eli comes out and says hi to Patrick and Robin. Eli asks if Anna is there. Robin says that she was under the impression that Eli wanted nothing to do with Anna, so why would he care if she was there or not. Anna says that she would like to know the answer too.

Jason says that just because Sonny and Karpov might have been in the same place at the same time doesn’t mean that they are doing business together. Ric says that Jason can’t afford to be that naïve. Ric says that Sonny has had 2 meetings with Karpov in the previous 2 weeks. Ric tells Jason that Sonny wants back into the mob. Jason says to be careful of who is lets in the house.

Claudia says that someone made a big mistake.

Lulu asks Sal what happened to his father’s diner. Sal says no because he wasn’t going to protect the same thugs that killed his father. Lulu says that sometimes friends make all the difference. Sal agrees, but Lourdes says that those people aren’t Sal’s friends. Sal says that those guys are the reason that Lourdes doesn’t go hungry and gets to buy the clothes, school supplies and piano that he likes. Sal apologizes and says that they don’t need to be hearing it. Lourdes says that Joe looks shell-shocked and asks Joe if Chicago is mob-free now.

Jax says that he appreciates Carly’s effort, but it is a wasted effort because nothing has changed because they are still separated and he isn’t sure if he can continue in their marriage. Jax says that his attraction to her doesn’t make their problems disappear. Jax claims that he was late for a meeting, but Carly says that he felt his defenses coming down. Someone knocks on the door and Carly tells him that it is room service because she ordered strawberries and whipped cream. Giselle greets Jax and says that she is pleased that they agreed to do this.

Claudia tells Ric that the way he handled Jason is a perfect example of why she doesn’t trust him. Ric says that Claudia is missing the bigger picture because if Jason was to launch a preemptive strike against the Karpov organization, they would take him out which would save the Zacchara’s the trouble. Ric says that if there was a Morgan-Karpov mob war, it would funnel funds away from the manhunt for Johnny and save his life. Ric says that Claudia should be thanking him for what he did. Claudia says that the only reason Ric told Jason about Sonny working with Karpov is to throw it in Jason’s face that Sonny isn’t loyal to him anymore. Claudia says that she doesn’t want anything to do with Ric because he is dangerous.

Spinelli greets Jason. Jason asks Spinelli for help. Jason says that Ric told him that Sonny is working with Andrei Karpov and he needs proof. Spinelli says that it doesn’t make sense for Sonny to endanger his family all over again and that it makes more sense that Ric is trying to rattle Jason. Jason agrees that it is possible, but he wants to be sure. Jason says that it wouldn’t be good if there was a connection between Karpov and Sonny.

Carly says that Jax wasn’t expecting her when he made plans with Giselle. Jax says that he hasn’t had a chance to tell Carly that he bumped into Giselle and decided to get some Crimson business done while he is in Montreal. Giselle asks if they are having the meeting or not. Jax says yes, but Carly says no. Jax tells Carly that he and Giselle better get to business and that if she hurries she can make it home in time to tuck Morgan in. Jax wishes Carly a safe trip.

Eli says that he is glad Anna decided to grace him with her presence. Anna says that a friend reminded her that she doesn’t have to like Eli to listen to his music. Eli apologizes to Anna for what he said and says that he is crazy about Anna and still wants her backstage. Eli admits that he was rude and disrespectful and that he wants a second chance. Anna says that Eli is allowed one egregious mistake. Chip tells Eli that he has 5 minutes.

Robin asks Patrick if he sees someone. Robin says that she didn’t think that security would let Max through. Max says that he stowed the special equipment in the car after he realized that security was doing a body search. Max says that he thought Robin might have reconsidered because her plan is drastic. Patrick says that Max should reconsider because he is taking orders from a pregnant, hormonal mother-to-be. Robin tells Max that all he has to do is kidnap Eli Love at gunpoint and they are good.

Ric says that Claudia needs him because she tends to lose focus. Claudia says that Ric hates Jason because Jason is closer to Sonny than he will ever be. Ric says that Claudia must have a personal relationship with Sonny or she wouldn’t care if Jason knew about Sonny’s deal with Karpov. Claudia says that she doesn’t want to wake up one morning and find out that a mob war broke out in the middle of the night. Claudia tells Ric that if he can bring Johnny home safe and get him acquitted, Ric can have whatever he wants from her.

Johnny says that he has been unaware of the reality of certain things. Lulu says that “Joe” is all about music and that real world stuff doesn’t even penetrate. Lourdes says that Professor Siegel used to teach a Zacchara.

Jason and Spinelli go over the sites that Spinelli have found about Andrei Karpov. Spinelli finds the name “Sasha Donev” and says that she is Karpov’s chief legal counsel and that she is staying at the Metro Court. Jason says that he wants proof of her meeting with Sonny before he confronts Sonny with it.

Eli goes on stage and dedicates a song to “a very special lady.” Robin says that it is war.

Lourdes says that it is hard to think that the sweet-faced little boy grew up to be an evil Zacchara. Johnny asks if Professor Siegel was aware of how the Zaccharas hurt Sal’s family. Sal says that Siegel lived there for decades and watched the Zaccharas come to power. Sal asks what he owes “Joe” for his sister’s extra lesson and Johnny says that it is on the house. Sal thanks Joe and leaves with Lourdes. Lulu says that it is surreal that Lourdes was obsessing over Johnny’s family. Johnny says that the Zaccharas destroyed her family.

Spinelli thanks Marty for sending the security footage. Spinelli and Jason watch the footage of the meeting between Sonny and Karpov’s lawyer. They see Sonny leaving the meeting and going to Claudia’s table. Spinelli says that Sonny wouldn’t attempt to undermine Jason while he was being unfairly incarcerated. Claudia knocks on the door and tells Jason that they need to talk. Jason says that Claudia isn’t going to tell him anything he doesn’t already know.

Anna asks Robin why they are waiting for Patrick next to Eli Love’s limo and says that she doesn’t want to see the jackass again. Robin says that she feels safe there because the fans can’t come back there. Eli thanks the fans and says that he will see them the next year. Eli asks Anna if she liked the show and Anna says that his 24 year old girlfriend liked it. Eli says that it was only onstage fun and that he hardly knows her. Anna mimics Eli. A man comes up and says that there is no reason for it to get ugly and that Eli needs to comply. Anna hit’s the man and Eli says that it was amazing.

Jax thanks Giselle for bringing the Couture sample insert. Giselle says to make sure that if Kate has any notes, she gives them to Giselle within the next week. Jax says that he spoke with Warren the previous day. Jax says that he suggested getting Couture’s inside cover ad space for Crimson for the first two months and that Warren thought it was a great idea. Jax suggests that they find a way to make Kate’s success a triumph for Giselle too. Carly comes back and says that she is prepared to wait until Jax and Giselle finish their meeting. Jax says that he and Carly are having a disagreement on the concept of “no means no”. Giselle says that Carly seems like the kind of woman who doesn’t have “no” in her vocabulary. Giselle says that Carly has won this round.

Nikolas meets with Nadine. Nadine says that she needs Matt to believe that she needs money so that he will cut her into the drug scam. Nadine says that she is going undercover, but Nikolas says that is the dumbest thing he has ever heard.

Jerry meets Karpov. Karpov says that he would like Jerry to assist him in the realization of his endeavor. Kaprov says that he is willing to pay dearly for Jerry’s efficiency and discretion. Karpov says that he has Port Charles’ biggest gun on his payroll, so he isn’t worried about the mob.

Jason tells Spinelli to go upstairs and keep working while he talks to Claudia. Claudia says that she is there to save Jason some time and trouble because Sonny confirmed to her that he was conducting business with Karpov’s attorney. Claudia says that Jason ahs helped her more than once and she wanted to return the favor. Claudia says that Jason needs to know the whole story before he kills Sonny.

Carly eats the strawberries and offers some to Jax, but he declines. Jax says that he is going to watch television because it relaxes him after a long day of work and Carly says that she can think of other things that relax him too. Jax says that he isn’t letting Carly seduce him back into a marriage that isn’t working for him.

Nadine tries to get Nikolas to “pay” her for her time at the clinic. Nikolas says that it is absurd and that he isn’t doing it. Nadine says that Nikolas was brilliant and that Matt bought every word of it.

Jerry asks Karpov who is in his pocket, but Karpov says that he would rather not say at the moment. Jerry asks Karpov to share the exact nature of his business. Karpov replies that it is counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Karpov says that Jerry would be coordinating lendings and distribution for a substantial salary. Karpov asks Jerry if he is interested and Jerry’s phone rings. Jerry answers his phone while Karpov makes a phone call. Jerry talks to Alexis and Karpov talks to Sam. Sam accepts Karpov’s job offer and Karpov says that he will let her know the details of his first shipment. Sam tells Lucky that she got the job, but Lucky isn’t as excited as she is. Sam says that she heard a voice in the background that she recognized.

Claudia tells Jason what she knows about Sonny’s meeting with Karpov. Claudia says that Sonny pretty much blackmailed her into keeping her mouth shut. Jason tells Claudia to stay out of it.

Johnny says that he has always known that his family profits from other people’s pain, but he has never had to stare it right in the face. Lulu says that Johnny isn’t responsible for what Anthony and Trevor have done. Johnny says that Sal was right about his life being wrong and that he and Lulu will change that together. Johnny tells Lulu that he loves her. Lulu remembers Logan saying that she will never get over him.

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