GH Update Monday 7/28/08

General Hospital Update Monday 7/28/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Scott tells Lucky and Nikolas that Johnny is responsible for Logan’s death and he wants him to pay. In the meantime, Lourdes sees Lulu and Johnny’s pictures on the TV and sees that they are fugitives.

Johnny kisses Lulu, but she has flashbacks of killing Logan. She pulls away from him. Claudia tells Ric that she’ll do anything to get Johnny exonerated. Ric shows her Logan’s service papers from when he was in Iraq. In the interrogation room, Sonny tells Jason that the business is vulnerable right now.

Scott thinks Lulu isn’t a hostage. He thinks she played Logan. Scott thinks Johnny was provoked to kill Logan because Logan was still in love with Lulu. Lucky and Nikolas try to explain that putting Lulu’s picture on TV is only going to bring trouble.

Johnny tells Lulu she has nothing to worry about. Lourdes hears the TV report that Johnny is armed and extremely dangerous. She turns off the TV before Sal hears the news.

Jax and Carly are on his private plane. He can’t believe that Carly is trying to seduce him. He says that flattery isn’t going to get her anywhere. Jax still wants a separation. Carly tries to explain they are better together than apart. Jax says it’s not going to work this time.

Carly tells Jax to look at this from a different perspective. They are stuck on the plane so they should make the most out of it, Carly suggests. Carly said that Jax was a real comfort when she learned the news of Michael’s condition. Carly says he touched her heart. She says that being married to him makes her happy. Jax kisses Carly.

Sonny tells Jason he is just trying to help, but that doesn’t mean he wants the business back. Sonny explains to Jason that as his friend, he is concerned that the business is falling apart and that everyone is in danger.

Ric tells Claudia it is going to be hard to prove that Johnny didn’t kill Logan. He says the most important thing is damage control. Ric tells her that she needs to trust him if he is going to help Johnny. Ric says Johnny isn’t thinking rationally right now and sooner or later, they will make a mistake and Scott will find Johnny and Lulu.

Lucky tells Scott that there are several eyewitnesses stating that Logan was combative before his death. Over at the hospital, Anna visits Robin. Robin says they are going to Eli Love’s concert. Anna doesn’t want to go. Matt and Patrick get into an argument about a patient. Patrick tells Noah that Robin and Anna are talking about Eli Love and his concert.

Robin tells Anna that she (Anna) loves to go to Eli’s concerts. Anna says that she would feel uncomfortable going now. Anna says she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. She tells Robin she is not going to attend the concert. Robin tells Patrick that her mom won’t go to the concert.

Scott says that the whole thing with Logan reminds him of Luke and Laura. Nikolas tells Scott to leave Lulu alone. Scott can’t believe all this cost him his son’s life.

Johnny gives Lulu a piano lesson as Lourdes knocks on the door. Lourdes wants another lesson, which Lulu is suspicious of, since Lourdes just had a lesson earlier that morning. Lourdes asks where Johnny went to school in Chicago.

Ric says he thinks he can get Johnny acquitted because he was able to get Anthony released. Claudia wonders what Ric wants from her.

Sonny and Jason get into an argument. Sonny is mad that Jason took Carly’s side and got Sonny to sign over his children. He feels betrayed by Jason. Angry, Sonny leaves the interrogation room.

Robin says to Patrick and Noah that Anna should go to the concert to prove to Eli that she is okay with everything. Robin thinks that Noah should try to convince Anna to go to the concert. Patrick asks what Robin expects if Anna decides to go to the concert after all.

At the free clinic, Sam and Lucky secretly meet. She tells him that Andre is in Port Charles and is looking for someone to help him here. Lucky thinks he might be trying to bring in drugs.

Mac tells Diane that Jason shouldn’t contact Lulu or Johnny. Jason is released. Jason asks Diane if she has talked to Sonny. Jason says that Sonny told him he could be vulnerable to rivals. He asks Diane if she knows anything about it. Diane says that any conversation that she has with Sonny is confidential.

Johnny explains to Lourdes where he went to school. He asks if she wants a piano lesson or wants to question him. Claudia tells Ric that Anthony only really loves Johnny and that it was not a good thing that Ric hired Logan to help Anthony. Ric asks her what plan B is if she won’t let Ric help her get Johnny acquitted.

Jax tells Carly that seducing him won’t solve their problems. Jax says that she is trying to distract him from his business meeting. Carly tells him that he will probably miss the meeting.

Lucky asks Sam if there is any info on Andre so he can run a background check on him. Sam says she doesn’t want to blow her cover, so Lucky shouldn’t be asking around, in case there is a mole in the department.

Sonny tells Max that Jason misinterpreted his help and is done helping Jason. Sonny tells Max that Jason can’t know about his dealings with Andre.

Ric says that if he gets Johnny exonerated, he wants Claudia to be his ally on the inside. Claudia says she can’t help him. Claudia says that Anthony has shut her out of the family’s business. Claudia finally agrees to be Ric’s ally if he helps Johnny. Claudia figures out that Ric wants her to sleep with him. Claudia agrees to sleep with Ric once Johnny is indeed acquitted.

Johnny’s story starts to unravel when Lourdes starts asking questions about Lulu. In the nick of time, Sal comes to the door. He says he got her note that she was getting another lesson. Lourdes says that they would be able to afford more piano lessons if the Zaccharas hadn’t killed their father.

Patrick and Robin visit Sonny. Sonny tells Patrick he needs to realize that Robin is a wonderful woman. Robin asks Sonny for his help.

Matt thinks that Epiphany is rubbing it in that Patrick’s diagnosis of the patient was correct. Anna asks Noah why they are meeting. He says it is about Eli. Anna says that her and Noah should catch up. He says he doesn’t want to be a distraction from this thing with Eli Love. In the meantime, Jax parachutes out of the plane.

Sal explains that the Zaccharas killed their father. They couldn’t prove anything and Sal was told to keep his mouth shut or something would happen to him, too. Sal says that one day, someone is going to wipe out the Zacchara family.

Nikolas asks Sam if she is still going to work undercover. Sam says to Lucky that he doesn’t have to worry about her. Sam asks him to trust her about this undercover operation.

Jason goes to see Claudia. Ric tells Jason that Sonny is working with Andre.

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