GH Update Friday 7/25/08

General Hospital Update Friday 7/25/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny, Diane, and Max are at the Corinthos house. Sonny is upset that Diane is questioning his judgment regarding Andre Karpov. Diane says she should “resign” as Sonny’s council. Sonny disagrees.

At the PCPD, Claudia tells Jason she heard from John.

Carly is at the penthouse with Spinelli. He’s nervous about helping Carly. Carly wants Spinelli to help her “frame” Ric for Logan’s murder.

At the Metro Court, Scott grills Maxie about Logan.

In the New York apartment, Johnny plays the piano. Johnny says he’s out of practice. He starts to teach Lulu the basics of piano playing. Lourdes comes to the door with some flowers.

At the hotel, Maxie tells Scott about her encounter on the dock with Logan. Maxie then tells Scott how Logan came to Crimson to see Lulu. Scott blames Maxie for Logan’s breakup with Lulu. Jax interrupts and tells Scott to back off Maxie.

Back at the penthouse, Carly says someone else must be blamed for Logan’s murder. Carly thinks Ric is the perfect choice. Spinelli is skeptical of pinning the murder on Ric. Spinelli says Ric probably has an alibi for the time of the murder. Carly gets impatient with Spinelli. Spinelli says Carly should “watch and wait” rather than hatch a plan.

At Sonny’s house, Diane is forced to keep the info about Andre to herself. Sonny says the info is part of his attorney client privilege. Diane says keeping the info “a secret” is a “betrayal” of Jason.

At the PCPD, Jason tells Claudia to be patient and stay out of Johnny’s troubles. Jason claims Claudia is being watched by the police. He tells Claudia to wait. Claudia says she can’t let her brother go so easy and “without a second thought.”

Sonny tells Diane he has no intention of destroying Jason. Diane says Sonny “resents” Jason because of all that happened. Sonny says he only “resents” Jason because he helped Carly get full custody of the kids. Diane storms out of Sonny’s house.

At the PCPD, Claudia blames herself for Johnny’s trouble. Claudia says she “ruined John’s life” by pointing the police in his direction. Claudia vows to help her brother then leaves.

In New York, Lourdes gives Johnny the flowers. Lulu takes the flowers to the kitchen for some water.

At the hotel, Jax tells Scott to “calm down” or get out. Scott says the person who killed Logan will “pay.” Scott leaves and Jax warns Maxie to watch her back.

Claudia goes to see Sonny. Claudia thinks Sonny has the desire to return to the business.

Maxie goes to the PCPD. Maxie complains to Mac about Matt moving in. Mac tells Maxie to tell him if she hears from Lulu. Maxie says she wants to visit Jason. Mac is upset with Maxie’s claim but he backs down. Maxie tells Jason about her chat with Scott.

Scott goes to his office to meet with Ric. Ric claims John is “being railroaded.” Scott says Johnny is guilty. Ric blames Scott for not recognizing how “disturbed” Logan was.

Carly meets Jax at the hotel. Jax says he’s not interested in mending their marriage. He tells Carly about Scott’s talk with Maxie. Jax says Scott blames Logan’s death on Lulu. Carly is very concerned and frustrated about Lulu’s troubles. She says she want to “fix” the problems in their marriage. Jax is tired of the “fights.” He says their marriage could already be “lost.” Carly refuses to “give up.”

Johnny talks with Lourdes at the apartment. Lourdes tells Johnny how she lost both parents when she was young. Lourdes is a bit too interested in Johnny’s family.

At the hotel, Jax insists they need “trust” in order to survive. Carly blames Kate. She says Kate is trying to manipulate the situation. Carly says she won’t “lash out or get sucked into a fight” in order to prove a point. Jax says he’s on his way out of town.

Lucky and Nikolas go to see Spinelli. Lucky is skeptical that Lulu took the gun from the Q’s. Nik is pretty sure Lulu set up Johnny’s jailbreak. Spinelli is surprised to open the door and find the “brothers of the blonde one.”

Still at Sonny’s, Claudia wants help getting Johnny out of the country. Claudia infers that she will blackmail Sonny into helping her if necessary. Sonny tells Max to show Claudia out.

At the PCPD, Maxie tells Jason that Scott will figure out the truth. Jason says he’s not sure he can fix things.

In New York, Lulu tells Lourdes how she met Johnny. Lulu gets upset talking about how they met because it reminds her of Logan. She runs out of the room.

At the penthouse, Spinelli asks permission to call his attorney. Lucky says he and Nik are there as friends. They tell Spinelli they know Lulu broke out Johnny. Spinelli says he doesn’t know anything else.

Ric goes to see Claudia at the penthouse. Ric says he has an idea about how to help Johnny.

At his office, Scott does a television interview. He tells all that John and Lulu are “armed and dangerous.”

Jax is on his plane on route to Canada. Carly suddenly appears with an offer of champagne. Carly says they can “focus” on each other on the plane. Jax says he feels “shut out” by Carly. Carly insists their “life together” has been more positive than negative. She refuses to “let go.” Carly says the plane is full of good memories. She kisses Jax and he finally responds to her.

At the PCPD, Mac talks with Jason. Mac thinks Jason helped Johnny break free. Jason stays quiet. Sonny arrives as Mac leaves. Sonny offers Jason his support.

At the penthouse, Claudia wonders why Ric waited so long to offer his help. Ric wonders what’s in it for him if he helps John.

In New York, Lulu apologizes to Johnny for her reaction before. She says Lourdes has a “crush” on Johnny. Lulu brings up Logan. Johnny says Lulu is blameless.

Lourdes sees Scott on television. The television shows a picture of Johnny and Lulu. A reward is offered.

Nikolas and Lucky go to see Scott in his office. They insist that Scott “retract” the reward or Lulu will end up dead.

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