GH Update Thursday 7/24/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/24/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lucky is with Sam at her place. He’s on the phone and unable to get any info on Lulu. Sam tries to stay positive. Liz comes to visit Sam so Lucky hides.

Sonny is at home and he gets a visit from Andre. Andre is upset about Sonny’s involvement the previous night with the Zaccharas.

Carly is at the PCPD with Jason. Carly says she knows Lulu isn’t Johnny’s “hostage.”

Lulu and Johnny are asleep at the New York apartment. Lulu has a disturbing dream about Logan and she wakes up screaming.

Sam answers her door to Liz. Liz says she’s concerned for Lucky. She asks if Sam would consider supporting him while Lulu is missing.

Sonny tells Andre he has no right to “question” his moves. Andre says Sonny should stay out of Zacchara family business. Sonny says he’s sure Johnny will get himself killed, causing Anthony to lose his mind.

At the PCPD, Jason wants Carly to promise not to make any moves regarding Lulu.

In the city, Johnny says they need to go out for supplies. Lulu disagrees insisting it’s too dangerous. Lulu says she can’t shake her memories of Johnny.

Tracy meets Nik at the hotel. She tells Nik there’s a gun missing from the house. Scott arrives. Nikolas tells Scott about Logan’s death.

Liz and Sam continue their talk at Sam’s place. Liz says she has no interest in a “romantic” involvement with her ex. Sam pretends to be hurt and uninterested in returning to Lucky. Liz asks Sam to have faith in Lucky. Liz leaves. Sam tells Lucky she’s starting to “respect” Liz.

Sonny and Andre continue their talk at the Corinthos compound as Max listens from outside the door. Sonny tells Andre to have no contact with Jason. Andre agrees. Max shows Andre out of Sonny’s house. Max is concerned about Sonny’s new business dealings with Andre.

Claudia is with Anthony at the penthouse. Anthony apologizes to his daughter.

Maxie goes to the penthouse to see Spinelli. Maxie goes on about Matt before asking Spinelli about info on Lulu. Maxie offers to take a look on the computer for clues.

At the PCPD, Jason warns Carly not to do anything stupid regarding Lulu. Jason tells Carly the truth about Logan’s death.

Still at home, Sonny tells Max he doesn’t need “a consultant or a shrink.” Max reminds Sonny he’s supposed to be out of the business. Max wonders if Sonny is “deliberately” trying to undermine himself. Max worries that Sonny will end up going up against Jason before too long. Sonny says his goal is to keep Andre away from Jason.

At the PCPD, Carly worries for Lulu’s sanity. She wonders if Logan raped Lulu. Carly comments on how similar Lulu’s life has become to Laura’s.

At the hotel, Scott calls the PCPD for info on Logan. Tracy tells Scott she’s “sorry” about Logan. Scott is irate so Nik tells him to calm down. Scott promises to make Logan’s killer “pay.” Scott storms off.

In New York, Johnny offers to go out for supplies. Lulu brushes off her bad dream. Lulu insists on going for supplies since Johnny’s a wanted man.

At the penthouse, Anthony makes a snide comment about Sonny rescuing Claudia. Anthony says he and Claudia treat each other badly. Anthony blames everything on Claudia’s mother. He calls Claudia “dangerous to John.” Claudia gets a call from Johnny. Claudia says she can’t talk and Johnny understands why. Claudia denies that it was Johnny on the phone when Anthony asks. Anthony says he loves Johnny more than he loves Claudia.

At the PCPD, Jason says Lulu is “in way over her head.” Carly sees Scott outside talking with Mac and Lucky. Scott blames Lulu for Logan’s death.

Tracy and Nik are still at the hotel discussing the situation at hand.

Johnny gets a visit from Lourdes and her brother, Sal. Johnny gets ready to give Lourdes a piano lesson.

Diane goes to the house to see Sonny. Max is there so they talk. Max casually mentions that Sonny’s thinking is less than clear lately. Diane tells Max about the woman at the hotel with Sonny.

Spinelli and Maxie are still at Jason’s penthouse. Maxie says Spinelli is overworked and needs a break. Spinelli is clearly stressed out over everything that’s happening. He worries that Maxie wants to distance herself from him. She tells him not to worry as she heads off to Crimson.

Johnny gives Lourdes a piano lesson in New York. Lulu returns to the apartment.

At the PCPD, Scott accuses everyone of having something to do with Logan’s death. He assures Lucky and Mac that he will stop at nothing to bring in Logan’s killer. Claudia is lurking at the station. She overhears Scott’s rant. Carly leaves Jason in the interrogation room. Claudia tries to slip in to see Jason but Lucky stops her.

At Sonny’s house, Diane asks Max if Sonny is “cheating on Kate.” Max won’t give up any details at first. Soon Max spills what he knows to Diane. Sonny walks in and Diane asks him what he’s thinking.

Scott approaches Maxie at the hotel. Scott says Maxie knows what really happened with Logan.

At the PCPD, Lucky and Claudia argue over Lulu and Johnny. Claudia says she’s just there to visit Jason because “he’s vulnerable.” Lucky walks away from Claudia after she makes it sound like she wants to “seduce” Jason. Claudia goes in to see Jason.

Back in the city, Lourdes leaves Johnny and Lulu after her piano lesson.

Carly goes to the penthouse to see Spinelli. She offers to help Spinelli find Lulu. Carly says they must “prove Johnny’s innocent.” Carly’s plan is to “frame somebody else.”

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