GH Update Wednesday 7/23/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie tells Matt to stay away from her and that she is calling the cops. Spinelli runs in and tries to protect Maxie. Maxie grabs something and tells Matt to leave Spinelli alone.

At the PCPD, Diane talks to Jason about what the police are saying about Johnny’s escape.

Sonny meets with someone about Mr. Karpov. Anthony orders dinner and Claudia shows up to see him. Anthony asks Claudia where Johnny is.

At the apartment, Lulu and Johnny ask about how the professor died. The man says that the professor talked about his students all the time and he doesn’t remember him mentioning anyone named “Joe.” Lulu looks at Johnny.

Maxie threatens Matt and tells Spinelli to get help. Matt says that he does live there. Robin comes in and tells Maxie that Matt is her new roommate.

At the Metro Court, Sonny and the woman talk about his agreement with Mr. Karpov. Sonny says that he isn’t going to be directly involved and that Mr. Karpov has to coincide with his old organization. Anthony and Claudia talk about Johnny.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Nadine talk about loss. Nikolas and Nadine talk about Emily beating cancer and about everything they have been through. Nikolas tells Nadine what he has learned from Emily’s death.

At the PCPD, Diane tells Jason what the result will be in the best possible outcome. Diane tells Jason what Alexis will argue. Jason tells Diane that Lulu is not to be involved because she can’t go down for murder. Jason asks Diane to find another way to get him released without involving Lulu. Diane leaves.

Maxie rants and tells Robin that Matt can’t rent Georgie’s room. Robin explains that she was trying to stop Mac from hounding her and that was why she rented out Georgie’s room to Matt. Matt tells Maxie that Mac signed the lease, not Robin.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas says that waiting is killing him. He and Nadine talk about what he would do to help if he could. Nadine suggests that Nikolas listen to Lucky’s judgment. Nikolas says that Johnny wouldn’t hurt Lulu deliberately, but he might on accident. Sam walks in and asks if it is a bad time.

At the hospital, Lucky tells Liz what happened at the PCPD. Liz checks her phone to see if Lulu has called.

At the apartment, Johnny walks over to the piano and starts to play. The man puts his gun away and listens to the piano.

At the Metro Court, Sonny and the woman talk about what Mr. Karpov should do. The woman asks why Sonny isn’t in charge. Diane walks in and meets the woman. Anthony says that Claudia wanted Johnny out of the way. Claudia says that she loves Johnny. Anthony says that Claudia poisoned Johnny against him. Anthony says that he should have drowned Claudia the day Johnny was born. Sonny tries to get Anthony to quiet down and Anthony says that Sonny has no power anymore. Sonny threatens Anthony and asks Claudia if she needs a ride home. Claudia and Sonny leave.

At Wyndemere, Sam, Nikolas and Nadine talk about Johnny’s escape with Lulu. Sam says that she just wants to know if Lucky is okay.

At the hospital, Liz and Lucky talk about Lulu. Lucky says that he knows Lulu isn’t thinking like Luke. Lucky says that Lulu’s behavior reminds him of his mom before she lost her mind.

At the apartment, the man apologizes for not believing Johnny’s story. The man agrees to let Johnny and Lulu stay in the apartment. Johnny agrees to teach the man’s sister the piano. Lulu heads for the window and says that she is getting out of there before the man calls the cops.

At Mac’s, Robin and Maxie tell Matt about the room he is renting. Matt says that he made a deal in good faith. Matt says that he is there and everyone needs to get used to it. Robin apologizes to Maxie for Matt being a jerk. Maxie says that she and Spinelli can find a way to get Matt running.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Sam about what he did at the PCPD. Nadine tells Sam how Lucky seemed.

At the Metro Court, Diane and the woman talk about Sonny going after Anthony in public. The woman tells Diane that she represents some people who want to do business with Sonny in the coffee field.

Sonny takes Claudia home and she asks why Sonny stood up to Anthony. Sonny says that he would do that for anyone. Sonny explains that the guy who used to scream at him is dead.

At the PCPD, Jason meets with Diane. Diane says that she is using her best efforts to get him released. Diane asks Jason if Sonny would ever cheat on Kate.

Sam gets home and sees Lucky sitting on her couch. He tells her about what the police have done. Lucky admits that Lulu might have planned the escape.

At the apartment, Johnny and Lulu talk about the man buying their story. Lulu says that she won’t risk them getting caught and Johnny says that no matter where they are they risk being caught. Johnny tells Lulu that they are safe and they have each other. They share a kiss.

Matt looks around medicine cabinets with a flashlight. Nadine walks in and asks him what he is doing.

Maxie and Spinelli enjoy a drink and talk about Matt. They try to come up with ideas to get rid of Matt. Maxie thanks Spinelli for rushing to her defense.

Matt says that he was checking the meds to make sure they weren’t counterfeit. Nikolas comes in and asks if there is a problem. Nikolas says that you can never be too careful.

At her apartment, Sam tells Lucky that she wanted to go see him at the PCPD. She tells him that she thinks that she is making progress with the drug smugglers. They share a kiss.

At the PCPD, Diane talks about how much she cares about Kate. Diane and Jason have never heard of the woman Sonny was meeting for drinks. Diane tells Jason about Sonny rescuing Claudia. Jason tells Diane to call Max and have security doubled for Sonny after the altercation with Anthony. Diane leaves.

At Claudia’s, she and Sonny talk about Johnny’s escape with Lulu. Sonny tells Claudia to get in touch with Johnny and convince him to turn himself in so that he doesn’t end up harming Lulu in some way. Sonny leaves.

At the apartment, Johnny and Lulu lie together and talk. Johnny swears not to let anything happen to Lulu.

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