GH Update Tuesday 7/22/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the penthouse, Claudia gives Spinelli some possibilities of finding Johnny. Maxie asks Claudia what right she has to boss Spinelli around.

At the PCPD, Nikolas talks to Jason about Johnny’s escape. Nikolas asks Jason to help Lulu.

Lulu and Johnny look at a picture of him from his childhood. Johnny tells Lulu about his piano teacher and says that the man taught him a lot about music. Johnny and Lulu talk about music.

Jax and Carly talk about their mistakes. Carly says that she isn’t giving up on them and Jax says that there is no “us” and maybe there never was.

Anthony tells Ric to get Alexis on the phone. Trevor tells Anthony that he calmed the cops down. Anthony says that Johnny escaped with Lulu. Ric fills Trevor in. Anthony says that if Johnny dies, he will cut Trevor’s heart out and feed it to him.

At the penthouse, Maxie says that Spinelli only works for Jason. Claudia suggests that she blackmail Maxie into helping her. Spinelli asks what Maxie has done.

At the PCPD, the mayor and Mac argue about Johnny. Lucky says that there isn’t any information yet and asks for another few minutes for Nikolas to get something out of Jason. Jason tells Nikolas that he doesn’t know what happened and that he did not give Johnny a gun. Nikolas and Jason talk about the possibility that Lulu brought the gun in and about Lulu being a possible accomplice.

At the apartment, Johnny and Lulu talk about her guilt and about her part in Logan’s death.

At home, Carly says that when the going gets tough, Jax walks away. Jax says that Jerry already gave him the speech. Jax says that he is leaving because he doesn’t want to fight about everything anymore. Carly and Jax talk about her talking to Claudia and thinking that she was helping. Jax says that he is sick of their relationship being on the line whenever they have a fight. Jax says that they both deserve better. Carly tries to stop Jax, but he goes upstairs and ignores her.

At the PCPD, Jason and Nikolas talk about what happened with Johnny and Lulu. Jason says that he doesn’t think that Johnny would hurt Lulu, but the cops have orders to use deadly force and Lulu could get hurt in the crossfire. Nikolas comes out and the mayor asks why Nikolas was questioning the suspect. Nikolas tells Lucky what Jason thinks. Nadine rushes in and asks Nikolas how she can help.

At the hospital, Matt comes in and tells Leyla about his dinner with Nadine. Matt says that caring is just asking to get hurt.

At the penthouse, Maxie tells Spinelli what Claudia offered her. Maxie admits that she took the deal because $20,000 is a lot of money. Claudia says that Maxie is for hire by the highest bidder.

Trevor and Ric argue and Anthony says that if anything happens to Johnny both attorneys will pay. Ric leaves and Anthony talks to Trevor about the situation. Trevor says that he has been cleaning up after Johnny for a while and that if anything bad happens to Johnny it is on Anthony.

At the apartment, Johnny and Lulu talk about what happened the night she hit Logan with the wrench. Johnny says that Lulu had every right to defend herself. Lulu says that maybe Johnny can kill someone and not feel bad about it, but she can’t.

Anthony and Trevor argue about Trevor’s role in Johnny’s upbringing. Trevor says that Lulu is a brat and doesn’t understand the danger in Johnny’s life. Trevor says that Anthony put Johnny’s life at risk. Anthony says that when they find Johnny, Lulu will die.

At the PCPD, Nikolas and Nadine talk about Lulu’s feelings for Johnny. Ric shows up to see Jason. Jason tells Ric to get out.

At the penthouse, Maxie says that she is an awful person and that Spinelli has always known that. Maxie says that she has helped Lulu even though she doesn’t like Lulu. Maxie asks Spinelli not to trust Claudia because Claudia isn’t on his side. Spinelli forgives Claudia for trying to blackmail Maxie. Claudia says that she will be back and leaves. Maxie asks Spinelli if he is disappointed in her.

At the apartment, Lulu and Johnny talk about what she did to Logan. Lulu compares what happened to what happened with Laura the night Rick Webber died.

At home, Carly asks Jax if he is saying goodbye to Morgan. Carly says that she won’t keep Morgan away from Jax. Carly says that she is trying to stop Jax from making a huge mistake by leaving. Jax says that he never signed on for misery. Carly says that she is keeping her vows and asks Jax if he is doing the same.

At the penthouse, Maxie says that she could leave a message for Mac, but he wouldn’t get it until the following day.

At the PCPD, Ric tells Mac and Lucky that Lulu could get hurt in the crossfire. Anthony and Trevor walk in and Nikolas asks about Lulu. Anthony says that Lulu talked Johnny into this and that she is a nutcase just like Laura. Lucky breaks it up when Nikolas tries to attack Anthony.

At the apartment, Lulu and Johnny talk about what happened with Laura and about the truth about what happened. Johnny says that the truth doesn’t matter to anyone. Someone knocks on the door and Johnny grabs the gun.

At the PCPD, Claudia walks in while Ric, Trevor and the mayor are talking about Johnny. Trevor says that if Johnny releases Lulu, the mayor could take the credit. Claudia says that Johnny would never hurt anyone, especially Lulu. Anthony visits with Jason and offers his opinion about the situation. Jason insists that he doesn’t know what Anthony is talking about. Anthony says that if Johnny dies, he will kill Jason and bring down the town.

At the penthouse, Spinelli starts the search for Johnny and Lulu. Maxie looks at the computer. Mac knocks on the door and says that he isn’t staying in Jason’s apartment. Mac says that Maxie isn’t staying there because he isn’t losing another daughter.

Nikolas and Nadine talk about Johnny and Lulu.

At the apartment, Johnny and Lulu hide while the person keeps knocking. Johnny opens the door and someone points a gun at him and Lulu.

At home, Jax tells Carly that he isn’t going to waste anymore of their time living the way they are. Jax says that they need to let it be over. Carly says that she can’t believe that he is letting Kate rip their marriage apart. Carly tells Jax to kiss her goodbye before he leaves. Jax kisses Carly passionately and she says that he does love her. Jax says that he will always love her and leaves. Carly follows him out and calls after him.

Spinelli walks Maxie to her door and she thanks him for making sure she got home. Maxie tells Spinelli that she will see him the following day and he leaves. Maxie goes inside and turns on a light. She turns and Matt walks out of the bathroom. Maxie screams.

At the PCPD, Claudia tells Jason that she wants Spinelli to help her find her brother, but he won’t help without Jason’s permission. Claudia asks Jason to help her find Johnny. Jason says that Johnny will contact her soon and then she needs to let him know when that happens. Claudia asks Jason to promise her that she will help Johnny.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Nadine talk about how he is feeling.

At the apartment, Johnny comes up with a cover story and Lulu goes along with it. The man says that the only problem with the story is that the piano teacher is dead.

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