GH Update Monday 7/21/08

General Hospital Update Monday 7/21/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Claudia tells Sonny that the Russian mob has no code and no honor. She tells him that she is concerned about Johnny and that Sonny should be concerned about Jason. She says that Jason should be told about Andre coming to Port Charles. Sonny tells Claudia she should give Jason a call about this.

Johnny tells Lucky to back off and leads Lulu out of the interrogation room. A shot goes off and the distraction allows Johnny and Lulu to leave the police station. Johnny takes Mayor Lloyd’s car. The mayor tells him to not hurt Lulu. Johnny and Lulu leave in the mayor’s car. Johnny tells Lulu she can’t confess.

Maxie is wondering where Jason is. She tells Spinelli that she thinks Jason won’t be able to convince Lulu to keep her mouth shut. Spinelli tells Maxie that she needs to calm down. They hug.

Harper says there needs to be an APB put out on Johnny. Mayor Floyd comes in the police station saying that his car was stolen. Lucky and Harper question Jason as to why he showed up at the exact time that Johnny escaped and wonder if he supplied Johnny with the gun.

Johnny says they need to ditch the car. Lulu says she should confess. In the meantime, Sonny tells Claudia to call Jason. She says he called her bluff and has no intention of calling Jason. Sonny says he doesn’t trust Claudia because she is a Zacchara. Claudia says that his retirement from the mob didn’t last long.

Jax asks Carly to stop sabotaging his business. Carly wants him to not be Kate’s business partner anymore. He says he won’t pull out on the magazine and wants to make a profit from it, which could take one or two years. Carly says she is protecting her interests. She eventually agrees to stop sabotaging the magazine. Jax gets a phone call from Clarice, who says he is late for a meeting. Jax says he didn’t know anything about it. Clarice tells him she left two messages with Carly saying when the meeting was being held.

Nadine tells Nikolas that Dr. Hunter asked her on a date. She explains to him that she will try to get some information from him on the counterfeit drug ring. In the meantime, Jax shows up at the meeting, where Kate and Roger are already waiting. Kate says that Roger is worried about their bad publicity. Kate reassures Roger that they are starting to get good press about the magazine.

Sonny tells Claudia she doesn’t know anything about his business. She doesn’t believe he is just a coffee importer. Sonny says he doesn’t care what she thinks. In the meantime, Maxie tells Spinelli that she is worried about what happened to Jason. Mac calls her on her cell and says that Johnny escaped with Lulu and they are on the run in the mayor’s car. He also informs her that Jason has been arrested as a possible accomplice.

Nadine tells Nikolas that Matt has the perfect cover for this counterfeit drug ring. Nikolas says if she thinks Matt is corrupt, it is not wise for her to go on a date with him. At Sonny’s, Claudia reiterates that Andre cannot be trusted. If Andre comes to Port Charles, she says, it isn’t good for her family. Harper calls Claudia and tells her that Johnny is an armed fugitive.

Lucky starts to question Jason, but Diane walks in and says the questioning is over. Maxie and Spinelli show up at the police station. Johnny and Lulu ditch the car and are hiding out from the police.

Carly shows up at the meeting and denies that Clarice ever talked to her. Kate says Carly must have forgotten the phone call. Clarice says she talked to Carly. Carly is adamant that she didn’t talk to Clarice and asks Jax if he believes her. Carly says it is a simple question. Jax says he believes Kate. Carly can’t believe that Jax doesn’t believe her. Carly says that Kate is trying to break them up. Jax remains silent and doesn’t defend Carly. Carly walks out. Jax tells Kate this has got to stop.

Nikolas says that Nadine can date anyone she wants, but he worries when it is a suspected drug dealer. She says she is not going to brush the date off when she could learn some info. Nikolas gets a call from Lucky. Lucky tells Nik that Johnny has taken Lulu hostage. Matt walks up to Nadine and asks if she is ready to go on their date.

Jason tells Diane that Lulu must have smuggled the gun in. She asks Jason if he had anything to do with Johnny’s escape. Maxie tells Mac that Johnny would never shoot Lulu. Mac tells Maxie and Spinelli to leave. Nik shows up at the police station and Lucky explains how Johnny escaped and Lulu is his hostage. They find the mayor’s car, but Johnny and Lulu are gone.

Lulu tells Johnny that he would be better off if he had never picked her up that night. He disagrees and tells her that his life was hell before meeting her. He says he loves her. At the Crimson office, Kate tells Clarice their little stunt worked. Kate says she doesn’t feel good about what she did. She tells Clarice to go home for the night. Kate calls Sonny. She tells him she closed a big deal and asks him to come over. Sonny tells her he has business to take care of at home. Sonny says he might swing by before she goes to Paris. He calls Andre to discuss business.

Maxie asks Spinelli what Johnny was thinking taking Lulu hostage. Maxie says that Lulu must have smuggled the gun in and that Johnny had to improvise. Diane tells Jason that this is going to cost him a night in jail. Claudia tells Mac that she didn’t smuggle the gun in to the station. She threatens to sue the police department if anything happens to Johnny.

Lulu tells Johnny he doesn’t have to say he loves her because of the predicament they are in. Johnny insists that he loves her and that he has true feelings for her.

Nadine and Matt go on their date. Matt says she seems to be on edge. They are at the restaurant when Sonny shows up for a meeting with Andre.

Jax and Carly have another argument at home. Jax tells her that he is going to pack a bag and leave. Carly is shocked that Jax is leaving her. Jax says he wants a separation.

Matt asks Nadine what the fascination with the mob is, as she continues to look over at Sonny’s table. Nadine tells Matt that he seems to like to defy authority. Matt says she is right. Sonny tells Andre he wants to be an advisor, not a representative. Andre says he wants to establish trust between them. Sonny tells Andre to leave Jason and his business alone.

Cody walks into the interrogation room to talk to Jason. Cody tells Jason about a shipment on the docks and that the Russian mob is in town. Cody says he will let Jason in on any information about whom Andre is doing business dealings with.

Maxie tells Spinelli that this whole thing is a disaster and will not turn out good. Claudia shows up at Jason’s apartment, asking Spinelli to find out any info on where Johnny is. Johnny tells Lulu that she has given him something to hope for. Lulu says this whole thing is her fault. Lulu wonders how Johnny can love her when she caused all this. Johnny says they will be all right.

Carly can’t believe that Jax believes Kate over her. Carly thinks the whole thing is petty and not enough to throw away their marriage. Carly admits that she has lied in the past and has played games before, but this time she is telling the truth. Carly tells him she is not ready for their marriage to be over.

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