GH Update Friday 7/18/08

General Hospital Update Friday 7/18/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny is at home talking business on the phone with Diane. Max answers the door to an attorney for a man named Andre.

Carly and Claudia meet at the hotel. Carly has a proposal for Claudia.

Maxie goes to Jason and Spinelli with concerns about Lulu.

Lulu is outside the PCPD with a gun.

Mac presses Johnny to plead that he killed Logan in self-defense.

Lulu asks to see Johnny when she finally goes inside the station.

Patrick takes Eli to GH. Cassius is there, as are Anna and Robin. Robin says she approves of Patrick’s method for putting Eli Love in his place.

Mac continues to badger Johnny as Trevor arrives at the PCPD. Trevor tells Lulu to “stay away from” Johnny. Trevor goes in to see Johnny.

Carly and Claudia talk at the hotel. Carly says Claudia is just what she needs to get Kate away from Jax.

Sonny talks with the attorney for Andre, a Russian “business man.” The attorney asks if Sonny will consider meeting with her client.

Nikolas is at the clinic with Leyla and Nadine. After Leyla walks away, Nadine brings up Matt and his drug ties. Matt arrives at the clinic.

At GH, Anna and Robin discuss Eli. Anna is disappointed in Eli. She feels silly for being fooled. Anna says she’s “grateful” for the gift Robin is giving her in the baby. Patrick arrives and says Eli’s jaw is fractured.

At the penthouse, Jason questions Maxie about Logan. Maxie fills Jason and Spinelli in.

At the hotel, Carly asks Claudia to buy Jax out of Crimson. Carly says Claudia can then “easily seduce” Sonny. Jax arrives and wonders what’s going on. Claudia tells Jax about Carly’s offer to sell the magazine. Jax says he’s not interesting in selling his shares of Crimson so Claudia leaves.

Anna pages Noah at GH. She tells him about hiding the pregnancy from Eli. Anna tells Noah how Patrick fractured Eli’s jaw. Noah is impressed. Anna wonders if Noah would be willing to play rock star again if Eli can’t sing.

At the hotel, Jax confronts Carly about her new “scheme.” Jax says he’s not interested in dealing with the “dirty” Zacchara money. Jax gets upset and leaves Carly at her table.

Maxie is still at the penthouse talking with Jason and Spinelli. She tells them in detail about Logan’s attack on her. Spinelli is mortified by Maxie’s detailed story. Maxie says she was certain Logan would kill her.

Back at the PCPD, Mac says he’ll let Johnny take a plea for manslaughter. Trevor says Johnny won’t consider it. Mac leaves the room. Lulu is waiting outside the interrogation room when Lucky approaches her.

Sonny goes to a restaurant to meet with Andre. Andre says he needs “an associate in Port Charles” and wonders if Sonny would be interested. Claudia walks into the restaurant.

At GH, Noah says he “embraced” Eli’s life style. He fears it will hurt his sobriety if he returns to that life. Noah says he went into rehab after the whole adventure was over. Noah says he can’t “risk” another setback by helping Anna.

Jax goes to Crimson and tells Kate about the Claudia situation. Kate is upset and says she’ll sue Jax if he sells to Claudia. Jax says he’s not selling. He advises Kate not to “threaten” him again.

Matt and Nik are at the clinic. Nik compliments Matt’s work. Nik brings up the fake meds. Nadine and Leyla are in the background. Matt tells Nik what a “big business” counterfeit drugs are. Matt walks out to take a call. He tells the caller how “the nurse" overheard his conversation. Matt says he will “take care of” things.

Claudia is at the restaurant watching Sonny and Andre. Andre says he really needs Sonny’s involvement in his business. Sonny says Andre must not “challenge” his “old business.” Andre agrees and Sonny leaves the restaurant.

At GH, Patrick says Eli’s jaw is only bruised. Eli comes over to talk with Patrick. He tells Patrick “no hard feelings.” Eli invites Anna to dinner but in secret. Anna says forget it and make it “forever.” Eli says he has to “protect” his “image.” Noah takes offense to Eli’s remark that Anna is bad for his “image.” Noah hits Eli in the jaw.

At Crimson, Jax and Kate make amends over the Claudia issue. Kate says she’s “tired” of Carly and her interference.

Back at the penthouse, Maxie continues her story. Maxie fears Lulu is ready for a breakdown. Maxie says she’s afraid for herself as well. Jason takes off, promising to “fix” the problem.

At the PCPD, Lulu yells at Lucky for trying to lend her some advice. Trevor advises Johnny on how to handle himself. Trevor leaves Johnny and Lulu comes in to see him (Johnny). Lulu tells Johnny about the gun.

Claudia goes to see Sonny at his house. She questions Sonny about the meeting with Andre.

At the clinic, Nik asks Leyla what her “impression” is of Matt while Matt talks with Nadine. Matt offers to buy Nadine dinner. Nadine is surprised by the offer.

Jax goes home to Carly. Carly is upset to learn that Jax told Kate about the offer to Claudia. Jax says he only wants to give Carly everything he can. He says he can’t deal with her “lack of trust” and her “games.” Jax promises to leave Carly if she interferes with Crimson again.

Kate and Clarice are at Crimson. Kate has a plan of her own to deal with Carly. Kate says she’s found a way to make it look as if Carly lied to Jax again so he will leave her.

At Sonny’s, Claudia says she’s concerned about Sonny getting involved with Andre. Claudia says she’s worried for Johnny as Sonny must be for Jason. Sonny dares Claudia to tell Jason about his meeting with Andre.

Lulu is still in the interrogation room with Johnny. He tells her to leave with the gun. Lucky asks Mac and Harper where Lulu is. Jason arrives at the PCPD. Lulu takes out the gun just as Lucky comes into the interrogation room. Johnny takes the gun and threatens to kill Lulu if Lucky fails to “back off.”

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