GH Update Thursday 7/17/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/17/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax and Carly are at home. Jax teases Carly about “using sex to manipulate” him. Kate shows up to tell Jax about a meeting

Jason and Spinelli are at home. Spinelli is unhappy. He says his “heart is broken.”

Lulu and Maxie are at the PCPD with Johnny. Lulu is upset because she found Maxie and Johnny together.

Robin is at home with Patrick. They discuss Anna’s role of “grandmother.” Robin says Patrick and Anna had similar fears. Patrick says Robin and the baby “mean everything” him. The two head for Jake's.

Sam, Nik, Lucky, and Nadine are at the clinic discussing the illegal drug mystery.

At the PCPD, Lulu and Maxie argue. Lulu is hysterical over what’s happening with Johnny. She leaves, upset. Maxie thinks Lulu is ready to confess.

At the penthouse, Spinelli confides in Jason about Maxie. Jason understands. Spinelli wonders if “the pain will fade over time.” He says he’s really in love with Maxie. Spinelli tells Jason how Maxie “vowed” to never have sex with him (Spinelli) again. Max arrives at Jason’s. Max dismisses Spinelli. Max tells Jason he and Milo want to work for Sonny again. Jason agrees with Max’s request. Jason asks Max to let him know if Sonny gets “in trouble.”

At Carly’s, Kate pleads her case with Carly. Jax says he’ll attend the meeting. Carly is upset. Kate leaves. Carly says Kate is manipulating Jax. Jax leaves for the meeting.

Anna and Eli Love are at Jake's. Eli invites Anna to come on his tour while he’s in Australia. Anna hedges. Patrick and Robin arrive. Eli makes a comment that Robin is obviously pregnant.

At the clinic, Sam wants to go undercover to solve the drug smuggling mystery. Lucky is adamant against Sam’s plan.

At the PCPD, Maxie advises Johnny to talk with Diane. Maxie and Johnny rehash the Logan situation. Johnny says since they have no witnesses to the attacks, he will continue to protect Lulu. Maxie agrees and then leaves.

Jason tells Spinelli about Max and Milo. Spinelli is feeling sorry for himself. Jason says Spinelli must respect Maxie’s wishes. Jason gives Spinelli the best advice he can. Carly arrives at the penthouse. She sends Spinelli away. Carly says she must “get rid of Kate as soon as possible.”

At Jake's, Eli comments on Robin’s pregnancy. Anna admits she kept the pregnancy from Eli.

At Jason’s, Carly vents about Kate. Jason thinks she should leave well enough alone. Carly has her mind made up to rid herself of Kate.

Jax arrives at Crimson. Kate’s German business associate arrives. Jax converses with the man in German. Jax smooth talks the man during the meeting. Kate stays quiet and lets Jax do the talking.

Matt tends to Jerry at GH. Liz is there. Jerry is in considerable pain. Nadine arrives. Jerry listens as Nadine explains about the counterfeit drugs that were given to a little girl at another hospital. Lucky arrives and tells Liz he has to change his plans with the kids. Sam arrives. She yells at Lucky for spending time with Liz instead of her.

Maxie finds Lulu on the dock. The girls argue about Logan.

Spinelli goes to the PCPD to see Johnny. Spinelli says he told Jason the truth about Logan’s murder. Johnny is upset with the news – he throws a chair across the room.

Eli buys Patrick a drink at Jake's. Coleman is there. Anna and Robin talk in another part of the bar. Robin and Anna express their worry for each other.

At the PCPD, Harper bursts in to see what the commotion is with Johnny. Spinelli puts the blame on himself. Harper leaves the two alone. Johnny is worried about Lulu. Spinelli and John fear Lulu will soon spill all about killing Logan.

Lulu and Maxie continue to argue on the dock. Maxie says Lulu must “let it go” and allow Johnny to protect her. Lulu says she can’t continue the lie. Lulu leaves.

At GH, Jerry, Matt, and Nadine listen as Lucky and Sam argue about Liz. Sam says she’s done with Lucky and she storms off.

Jax and Kate finish with their meeting. Kate says Jax made a “brilliant” negotiation. It seems Jax snagged the European distribution for the magazine.

At Jason’s, Carly says she wants someone to buy Jax out of Crimson. Jason reminds Carly that her plans tend to “backfire.”

Patrick and Robin are still at Jakes with Eli and Anna. Some people come in to interview Eli. The woman asks Anna if she’s Eli’s “girlfriend.” Eli denies the accusation and says he has a girlfriend and Anna is a “friend.”

Liz goes to the clinic and tells Nik about the fight between Sam and Lucky.

At GH, Nadine overhears Matt on the phone. He’s discussing illegal drugs.

Jax goes home and tells Carly about the meeting. Jax tells Carly to “trust” him. Carly says she does trust Jax.

At Jake's, Eli’s comment offends Anna. Anna tells Robin she’s leaving the bar. The comment offends Patrick so he punches Eli.

Lucky and Sam meet secretly and confirm their “breakup” was “staged.” They plan to solve the mystery of the meds together.

Nadine calls Nik and tells him what she overheard. Matt is close enough to hear Nadine’s conversation about him.

Jax and Carly are still at home. He leaves to tend to business. Carly makes a mysterious phone call.

Maxie goes to the penthouse to see Spinelli and Jason. She tells them Lulu is unpredictable and ready to crack.

Mac gives Johnny an earful at the PCPD. Lulu stands outside of the PCPD. She has a gun in her purse.

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