GH Update Wednesday 7/16/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sam stops by Nikolasí clinic and he tells her to come in and he will tell her about the recent setbacks.

Nadine and Matt talk about the supplies.  A woman comes in speaking a foreign language and Sam tells them that the woman is saying the medication is making her daughter worse.

Kate and Clarice talk about the magazines.  Clarice says that she will be back with Kateís coffee, but Kate tells her that she is not to be fetching coffee.  Clarice explains that she sent Lulu and Maxie to do errands.  Kate says that her to-do list better have been taken care of first because there was a important delivery scheduled for Sonny.

Sonny talks to Max.  Max says that he and Milo would like to return to work for Sonny.  Max says that the flowers are from Kate.

Johnny tells Lucky that he isnít saying anything without his lawyer.  Lucky says that he is off the case and says that he is only concerned about how it is affecting Lulu.  Lulu says that Lucky should be asking her and not Johnny.  Lulu and Lucky argue about Johnnyís guilt in Loganís murder.  Lulu says that she wants to spend some alone time with Johnny and Lucky says that Johnny will be questioned all morning so Lulu will have to come back.  Lulu agrees and says that she will see him in a few hours.

Sam translates for Nikolas, Matt and Nadine.  Sam says that the woman took her daughter to the hospital and they said that the medicine needed time to work and turned her away.  Matt says that the girl has a serious infection that could lead to death if they donít get it under control.

Kate and Clarice talk about Kateís wedding dress and Clarice suggests printing the sketches in the second issue of the magazine.  Diane enters and asks if Clarice has really left Couture.  Diane asks for a word with Kate and Clarice says that she has some calls to make.  Diane and Kate talk about samples.  Diane says that Kate is handling Sonny all wrong.

Sonny asks if Max and Milo talked to Jason about going back to work for him.  Max says that he wanted to talk to Sonny first.  Sonny asks Max if he wants to date Diane while working there and Max says that he was hoping to keep his personal life out of it.  Sonny asks Max if he can focus on work while dating Diane and Max says that there is no doubt about it.  Sonny tells Max to talk to Jason about returning to work for him.  Max suggests that Sonny should talk to Jason, but Sonny says that Max has to do it.  Sonny tells Max to take the flowers and get rid of them.  Sonny tells Max that he and Kate arenít talking right now and that is why she sent the flowers.

Sam and Nikolas talk about the patient and about the medication. 

Max and Sonny talk about Kate.  Sonny says that he wonít spend the rest of his life being Kateís lapdog.  Sonny says that Kateís career is one thing, but he wonít look the other way while Kate has a pretend affair with Jax for publicity and that he wonít be disrespected like that.  Max suggests a compromise and says that is what marriage is supposed to be about.

Diane and Kate talk about Sonnyís feelings about the speculation of an affair between Kate and Jax.  Kate says that Sonny has made his feelings clear and that she was hoping for a compromise.  Kate says that she wants to be seen with Jax to promote Crimson, but not detract from her relationship with Sonny.

Maxie tells Clarice that she picked up the mock-ups from the printer and that she made extra copies for the staff meeting.  Clarice tells Maxie that Kate thinks that Maxie and Lulu were both running errands and asks when Lulu will be there.  Maxie says that Lulu should be there any minute.  Lulu gets off the elevator and apologizes for being late.  Clarice tells Lulu not to let it happen again and tells Lulu what will happen if Kate catches her slacking off.  Maxie tells Lulu to get herself together.  Lulu says that Johnny is in lockup for something she did and asks Maxie how she is supposed to live with that.

Lucky and Johnny talk about Lulu.  Lucky says that Lulu blames herself for Loganís death and it will only get worse.  Johnny says that he knows that, but there is nothing he can do in there and that there is nothing more important to him than Lulu.

Jerry shows up to see Alexis and argues with Mac.  Lucky steps out to see if everything is okay and Mac says that Jerry lost his balance and he will help him up.  Mac tells Jerry to get out of there.

Nikolas asks a nurse to page Dr. Hunter for her.  The nurse tells him that Dr. Hunter turned the case over to Dr. OíDonnell and that she can page him.  Sam asks the nurse where the childís mother is and if they will be able to save the child.  Nadine tells Nikolas that they are trying to reduce Isabelís fever, but that the infection might have compromised her nervous system.

Spinelli orders a drink and Coleman tells him that he will have to go somewhere else so that it doesnít cause him to be on Jasonís bad side.  Eli walks in and orders a drink.  Coleman tells Spinelli to pay attention to Eli and he might learn a couple of things.  Eli says that they are drinking to wealth, health and women.

Anna runs into Robin.  Anna tells Robin that she appreciates Robin hiding her baby bump with the x-rays.  Robin tells Anna that when the baby is born, she doesnít have to change to fit into the stereotypical mold of a grandmother. 

Maxie tells Lulu that if she confesses it will look like she is covering for Johnny.  Lulu says that she should have to pay for killing Logan.  Alonzo shows up and tells Maxie that he only has an hour before his flight leaves.  Maxie tells Alonzo that she will let Kate know he is early.  Kate tells Maxie that whatever it is, she needs to take care of it.  Maxie tells Kate that Alonzo is there to help choose the models.

Sonny shows up to see Kate and asks Lulu if he can just go in.  Alonzo says ďabsolutely not.Ē  Alonzo tells Sonny what kind of man that Kate needs.  Kate meets with Alonzo and he tells her that there is ďoneĒ out there who is all wrong for the concept and asks if she wants to see him.  Kate says that she trusts his judgment and to send him away.  Lulu tells Kate that Alonzo just sent Sonny away.  Kate tells Alonzo that they will get right to work.

Eli and Coleman talk about the bar resembling the bar that Eli got his start in.  Coleman suggests that he comp the bottle of whiskey and asks Eli to share some secrets about impressing women with Spinelli.  Eli talks to Spinelli about women.  Eli tells Spinelli to learn to play the guitar or at least hold one because women always fall for the guy with the guitar.  Anna says that it depends on the guy and what kind of guitar he is holding.  Eli asks Anna if she is ready for an encore.

Lucky meets with Sam.  Sam tells Lucky about Isabel and the counterfeit drugs.  Nadine says that Isabel is going to pull through.  Nikolas says that he will call the health department and have them track down all patients that went through Mercyís E.R. in the last few days.  Nikolas asks Lucky about opening an investigation.  Nadine suggests that Claudia is the source, but Nikolas and Lucky insist that they canít start making random accusations and that they need proof. 

Max and Diane talk about Sonny and Kate.  Diane realizes that Max is returning to work for Sonny.  Sonny walks in and tells them to flirt on their own time.  Diane says that she just needs Sonnyís signature on the contracts for the Antiguan purchase. 

Maxie shows up to see Johnny and tries to explain to Mac why she wants to see him.  Mac lets her in to see Johnny.  Maxie tells Johnny that Lulu is close to cracking and that if he doesnít do something, she thinks that Lulu will confess to killing Logan.

Sam tries to figure out what Lucky wants to do about the counterfeit drugs.  Nikolas says that he will fund a private task force in conjunction with the PCPD to find out more about the drugs. 

Matt checks out Jerryís bruises.  Matt orders some tests to make sure that there is no internal bleeding since one is close to the kidneys.  Jerry says that money isnít a problem in his line of work and asks Matt how far medical school is setting him back.  Matt asks why Jerry is so interested in his finances.

Johnny asks Maxie to stay close to Lulu and make sure she doesnít confess.  Maxie tells Johnny that Lulu could end up like Laura.  Johnny asks Maxie to help him.  Lulu walks in and says that they look cozy.

Kate and Sonny talk about the flowers.  She apologizes for their argument and for letting Alonzo send him away.  Sonny says that he canít and wonít be second in his wifeís life.

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