GH Update Tuesday 7/15/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/15/08


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Lulu tells Johnny that if they leave for Canada immediately no one will know that they are gone and then they can get a plane from there to Mexico or South America, but Johnny says that they arenít running away.  Lulu says that Luke is the king of disappearing and that Luke and Laura used to do it all the time.  Johnny says that it is too late to run away.

Claudia asks Mac if he has made an arrest and where she can pick up her car.  Mac refuses to talk about an ongoing investigation and says that her car is being impounded for evidence.  Claudia says that they wonít find anything and Mac says that there is nothing to worry about then.  Mac asks when Jason started hanging around the PCPD without being handcuffed to a desk and Jason says that he isnít leaving without his attorney.

Jax says that nothing is more important to him than his relationship with Carly.  Carly says that she is happy he didnít leave because it is easier to work things out when she doesnít have to chase him halfway across the world.  Jax assures Carly that he would never cheat on her with Kate or anyone else.

Sonny and Kate talk about her career.  Sonny doesnít understand how it will help her career or her magazine by making everyone believe that she is having an affair with Jax.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs him.

Robin and Patrick talk about the hearing.  Robin says that she understands that she and the baby mean as much to him as he does to them.  Anna comes up and says that she wants to get it over with.  Epiphany says that she doesnít know how someone is supposed to get to work on time with the chaos in the lobby.  Epiphany tells Patrick that Eli Loveís limo is blocking the entrance and that his entourage is standing all over the sidewalk outside.  Anna says that Eli will soon run out of there at warp speed and never return because he will find out that his favorite groupie is going to be a granny.

Lulu says that they can still get out of there.  Johnny tells her that the police and Anthony are probably watching the place and that they just need to ride it out.  Lulu says that she canít let Johnny pay for something she did.  Johnny says that he is trying to protect her.  Lulu says that she will confess if they donít leave immediately and Johnny tells her to stop threatening him.

Mac tells Jason that he doesnít need an attorney because he isnít charged with anything.  Jason says that he wasnít charged when Harper threw him in the lineup and he wants Diane to look at the paperwork before he leaves.  Mac says that he doesnít need Diane going in there threatening to sue the department when all he is trying to do is let Jason go.  Jason tells Mac not to arrest him twice in the same day then.  Mac asks Jason what business he is in now that he isnít a coffee importer anymore.  Jason says that Mac can discuss that with Diane when she gets there.  Claudia suggests that she call her attorney too because she was arrested for standing too close to her own car and asks if that is legal.  Mac tells Jason to leave before he finds another reason to arrest him.  Mac suggests that Claudia is stalling so that she can see if Mac brings Johnny in, but Claudia insists that she is exercising her civil right.

Kate says that she isnít going to tell people that she and Jax are lovers, but she will let them believe what they are already thinking.  Kate explains to Sonny that if people think that she is sleeping with Jax they will probably pick up the first issue of Crimson to see what the buzz is about and then she just has to get them to buy a second issue, which she knows she can do.  Kate says that all she wants is for people to talk about Crimson and says that people will think what they want anyways.  Kate says that this way Sonny wonít have to go to the events and that she will be seen with Jax a little until the magazine launches to keep the speculation going.

Carly says that all she wants is for Kate to back off and Jax says that he doesnít want anything to get in their way.  Jax suggests that they declare the fight over and go upstairs and Carly agrees.  The phone rings and Jax tells Carly that she can listen in if she wants because it is Crimson (Kate).  Jax answers the phone and Kate tells him that they need to meet to talk about what is going on with the press and asks him to stop by the office as soon as possible.  Jax agrees.

Cassius tells everyone that Eli Love is in the lobby and Epiphany says that she knows already. 

Anna says that she wants to make a clean break with Eli.  Robin says that she doesnít see why it has to be over, but Anna says that all good things come to an end.  Eli says hi to Anna, Patrick and Epiphany.  Eli asks about Robin and Robin asks Leyla not to tell Eli see her.  Leyla agrees.

Maxie asks Spinelli if he is okay and Spinelli says that he canít describe his feelings.  Maxie say that Spinelli is the most amazing guy she knows and never wants anything to change what they have.  Spinelli asks Jason to wait outside for a moment.

Johnny tells Lulu that they have to be on the same side.  Lulu says that they need to go, but Johnny says that he can get them through it.  Lulu says that she canít let Johnny take the blame for what she did, but Johnny tells her why she canít confess.  Johnny says that if Anthony finds out that Lulu was involved, he will come after her.  Johnny asks Lulu to trust him and believe in him.  Lulu says that she will always believe in him.  Lucky knocks on the door and Johnny says that he will handle it.  Lucky arrests Johnny for murdering Logan and Detective Harper reads Johnny his rights.

Spinelli helps Maxie find her shirt and tells her that she can stay.  Maxie says that she will call Spinelli.  Spinelli tells Jason that he found ďnirvanaĒ in the arms of his true love.

Eli tells Epiphany that he is going to comp the show for all of them for saving his life.

Kelly asks if someone could page Robin.  Leyla says that she would love to, butÖ Kelly asks if there is a problem.  Kelly says that expectant mothers handle stress in different ways and asks them to page Dr. Winters.  Robin says that Anna needs the shrink.  Kelly says that Anna isnít hiding under a counter at a hospital.  Robin says that Anna is afraid that when Eli sees she will be a grandmother, he will dump her.

Anna and Eli talk.  He asks about Robin and Anna says that she isnít sure where Robin is.  Robin asks someone to get her out of there.

Kate asks Jax if there was any press outside and he says no.  Kate says that they need to decide what to do next and Jax says that he would rather talk about it in private.  Kate says that Sonny has to be there because the engagement is fueling all the gossip.  Kate tells Jax that Carlyís stunt turned out to be a public relations coup and that she doesnít want to stop the rumors.  Jax agrees with Kateís idea and Sonny says that Jax canít seriously be considering it.

Diane shows up at Carlyís to drop some contracts off for Jax.  Carly and Diane argue about Kate and Jax.  Diane tells Carly that rumors are flying everywhere about Crimson because Kate is engaged to Sonny and is rumored to be Jaxís mistress and that Kate will want to cash in on it.  Diane leaves.

Mac asks Anthony why he is there.  Anthony says that he is a concerned parent and Claudia asks why Johnny hasnít been brought in yet.  Trevor and Ric argue about who should take care of Johnnyís arrest.  Trevor tells Lulu that she has no business there and Anthony tells her to go home because she has done enough damage.  Claudia tells Lulu that Johnnyís family will take care of him.

Sonny says that he isnít going to interfere with the magazine.  Kate asks why they shouldnít work it to their advantage and Jax says that it upsets his wife.  Kate reminds Jax that Carly started the whole thing.  Jax asks Kate to only call him when it is strictly business.

Johnny says that he isnít saying anything without his lawyer.  Lucky asks if Lulu is okay.  Mac says that Lulu left and asks Lucky and Detective Harper to keep an eye on the Zaccharas because Lulu seemed pretty upset when she left.  Johnny says that he doesnít want Lulu involved.

Anthony and Claudia argue about her ability to help Johnny get out of this.  Ric and Trevor talk about the possible evidence against Johnny.  Ric suggests that maybe Johnny can claim self-defense and Claudia realizes that Ric wants Johnny to admit he did it.

Spinelli reads Shakespeare and Jason asks what he is doing.  Spinelli says that he needs to share the sonnet with Maxie.  Jason says that he brought Spinelli an orange soda.  Spinelli admits that he was surprised by what happened between himself and Maxie.  Spinelli tells Jason that Anthony dragged Maxie to his room because Johnny didnít kill Logan, Lulu did.

Tracy stops to see Lulu and they talk about Logan and Johnny.  Tracy asks if Lulu tried to contact Luke.  Tracy tells Lulu not to blame herself for what happened.  Lulu says that things are happening because of her.  Tracy tells Lulu not to worry and that Johnnyís lawyers will get him acquitted if he is innocent.  Tracy suggests that Lulu should get some rest and says that she will send up dinner.  Lulu says that she needs to figure this out alone and orders Tracy out of her room.

Spinelli tells Jason what he knows about Loganís death and the cover up.  Maxie calls Spinelli and tells him that she needs to see him at the overlook. 

Anna and Eli talk about being in Rio.  Kelly tells Robin that Eli is completely infatuated with Anna.  Robin says that they should go then.  Eli sees Robin and tells her to come give him a hug.  Robin says that she has to go because she has a patient waiting for X-rays.  Eli leaves after suggesting a private reunion with Anna.

Kate tells Warren that she will be at the party and she will be bringing a companion.  Sonny and Kate talk about Jax and business.  Kate assures Sonny that her ďromanceĒ with Jax will only last until the magazine launches. 

Jax gets home and tells Carly about his meeting with Kate.  Jax assures Carly that his relationship with Kate is just business. 

Spinelli meets Maxie.  Maxie apologizes for having sex with him and says that she shouldnít have taken advantage of him.  Spinelli says that he doesnít feel taken advantage of and Maxie says that she canít believe that she risked trashing their friendship by sleeping with him.  Maxie says that she shouldnít have used him like that and asks him to forgive her.  Spinelli says that there is nothing to forgive.  Maxie says that she will never let anything like that happen again.

Mac tells Lucky that he is off the Zacchara case because of Lulu. 

Ric and Trevor tell Anthony what they will do.  Anthony says that Johnny deserves to spend the night in lock up, but if he is convicted both Ric and Trevor will pay dearly.

Claudia tells Johnny that she hopes she didnít make things worse.  Johnny says that he will deal with the consequences of killing Logan.  Claudia says that she will fix it, even if someone else has to take the fall.

Jason shows up to see Lulu and tells her that he knows the truth about Loganís death.  Jason asks Lulu to stay calm and says that maybe he can fix it.

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