GH Update Monday 7/14/08

General Hospital Update Monday 7/14/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie tells Anthony it would be stupid to hurt her because Mac is the Commissioner. Anthony says he wants to be her friend. He asks her how Logan really died. Maxie says she’ll tell him everything. Over at Jason’s office, Lulu says to Johnny that Spinelli is investigating Logan’s murder. In the meantime, Jason says to Claudia that shooting him won’t help anything.

Sonny tells Carly to tell Jax everything. She tells Jax she has does something bad. Carly tells Jax she called the tabloids and started a rumor about Kate and Warren James. Jax says that Carly is trying to ambush Kate. Jax thinks Carly is mad that Kate is marrying Sonny. Carly denies that she is upset about them marrying, but Jax says he has heard enough. Jax says he doesn’t care anymore what Carly does. Sonny tells Carly that when Jax divorces her, she shouldn’t even think about running back to him (Sonny).

Spinelli says he has no evidence of who killed Logan. Johnny asks why Spinelli asked Lulu to come to Jason’s office. Spinelli thought he might be able to ease Lulu’s pain by finding Logan’s killer. Lulu says to Spinelli to leave it alone.

Maxie says Johnny stabbed Logan to death. Maxie says her and Lulu didn’t see the murder. Maxie explains that she followed Lulu to talk about work. When they got to Johnny’s, they saw that the door was broken down. Johnny told them that Logan snapped and he defended himself. Claudia showed up and told her and Lulu to leave. Anthony asks what article they needed to discuss for work. Anthony thinks it is strange that they didn’t call the police since Lulu’s brother is a cop and that Mac is the Commissioner.

Jason says Claudia’s car looks like the one that dumped Logan’s body. He thinks it points to Johnny as the killer. Claudia says that Jason can’t prove anything and that many people have dark sedans. Lucky and Detective Harper walk in with their guns drawn.

Sonny tells Carly to stop trashing Kate. He says that Carly is embarrassing herself. Kate is all he has, Sonny says to Carly. Sonny says because of her (Carly) and Jason, he doesn’t have his kids anymore. Kate walks into their argument. Back at the house, Jax is intent on leaving, but notices Morgan in the living room. Morgan is working on his karate moves. Jax says to him he is not going anywhere.

Spinelli is back at Jason’s apartment. Mike shows up with some food for him. Spinelli asks Mike to join him in eating. Mike says he wants to talk about Sonny and Jason. Mike says that Sonny did the right thing in getting out of the mob. Mike is worried that Sonny can’t let go of the business. Spinelli says Sonny has stopped by Jason’s office numerous times to talk about the business. Spinelli thinks Sonny is mad at Jason, even though it was Sonny’s idea to leave the mob. Mike says that is the problem with addiction. Mike hopes that Sonny marrying Kate will help sustain him. Spinelli asks Mike if he has seen the tabloid picture of Kate and Jax. Spinelli explains the photo to Mike.

Maxie says that they didn’t call the police because Logan’s father is Scott Baldwin. Scott would charge Johnny with murder if they came forward. In the meantime, Lucky and Harper tell Claudia and Jason they are arresting them.

Lulu tells Johnny that she needs to tell the truth about killing Logan. Maxie goes over to Jason’s and tells Spinelli to get rid of the surveillance footage of the car that dumped Logan’s body. Maxie says Anthony will kill her and Lulu. Spinelli doesn’t know what is going on. Maxie tells him she has never been more scared in her life.

Lucky and Harper arrest Jason and Claudia. They bring them to the police station. Claudia demands her one phone call, which is refused. Lucky tells Mac that he doesn’t think that Jason is involved with the Zaccharas. Claudia and Jason are put into the interrogation room together. Jason says forensics will prove that Johnny and Claudia had something to do with Logan’s death and that they will be charged with murder.

Carly gets home and notices the bag on the floor. Jax says he wanted to leave, but Morgan has a karate tournament this weekend. Jax says he wouldn’t miss it and Carly is infuriated that the only reason he would stay is Morgan. Jax thinks she doesn’t care about them anymore. In the meantime, Sonny tells Kate that Carly was the one who called the tabloids. Kate is shocked, but Sonny says that Carly is like this and will try at nothing to destroy people’s lives, especially Kate’s.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she is the one covering up Logan’s death and now Anthony is threatening her. Spinelli asks her to confide in him. Finally, Maxie admits that Johnny didn’t kill Logan. It was Lulu.

Kate and Sonny are talking about Carly and how Carly wants Kate to pay for kissing Jax. Sonny says Carly won’t give up until she gets what she wants.

Johnny tells Lulu that she can’t confess to killing Logan. Anthony shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Back at the house, Jax tells Carly that she doesn’t respect him. Carly says the one she doesn’t respect is Kate. Jax says Carly is being unreasonable. Carly gives Jax an ultimatum: if he continues to do business with Kate, their marriage is over.

Anthony tells Johnny to stay quiet about the whole Logan situation. Anthony says that him and Trevor will take care of it. Anthony tells Lulu she needs to stay quiet as well. Anthony tells Johnny to keep quiet or something bad will happen to him. Over at Jason’s apartment, Spinelli reassures Maxie that he will protect her.

Kate and Sonny are at her office when Mike shows up. Mike says to Kate that he knows she loves Sonny and that she would never be unfaithful to Sonny. Mike says he was ready to do damage control, but he says that somehow, Kate got through to Sonny. Mike says he doesn’t know what Kate did to make Sonny not react in anger (over the photo). Mike says he will try not to meddle in their business.

Jax says that he shouldn’t have to choose between Kate and Carly. Jax says that Carly and him need to trust each other. Jax admits he made a mistake kissing Kate. He says that he thought that Carly forgave him, but then the next day she is trying to get revenge on Kate. He says that Carly ambushed both him and Kate and jeopardized a major investment opportunity. Jax wonders if they can even work out their marriage.

Carly says that there will be no more fights with Kate. She says she won’t interfere in Kate and Sonny’s wedding and will try to stay away from Kate completely. Jax says that Carly’s feelings are the most important thing to him. Carly says that there is no one more important to her than him, other than her children.

Kate gets off the phone and tells Sonny there is a buzz about Crimson. Sonny asks Kate if she is worried that people thought she was having an affair with Jax. She says that strangely, the bad publicity is helping Crimson. Maxie kisses Spinelli. Over at the police station, Mac tells Jason and Claudia that he has found Logan’s killer.

Anthony asks Johnny why he let Claudia take care of getting rid of Logan’s body. Anthony says it is like a slap in the face. Anthony and Trevor leave. Lulu says she can’t keep doing this. Johnny tells her she can’t confess anything. Lulu says she won’t confess if Johnny agrees to run away with her.

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