GH Update Friday 7/11/08

General Hospital Update Friday 7/11/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie and Spinelli are at Jason’s office. Spinelli wonders how Maxie is sure Jason is innocent. Maxie backtracks. Sonny arrives looking for Jason. Spinelli babbles, trying to fill Sonny in.

Jason is in the police lineup. Harper and Nadine are looking at the suspects as Carly arrives at the PCPD.

Claudia is at the hotel with her father.

The police bang on John’s door as he waits inside with Lulu. Johnny opens the door to find Mac and Lucky.

Alexis runs into Diane at the courthouse. The women discuss the hearing. Robin arrives. The attorneys argue.

At the coffee house, Spinelli tries to explain things to Sonny. Maxie steps in and tells Sonny what’s going on. Spinelli is clearly intimidated by Sonny. Maxie won’t leave Sonny alone with Spinelli. Spinelli refuses to give Sonny information about the business.

At the PCPD, Carly yells at Harper for putting Jason in the line up. Nadine says she really didn’t see the driver of the car. Carly says Jason is innocent because he was with her during the time in question. Carly goes into the interrogation room and tells Jason she “covered for” him.

Still at the hotel, Claudia argues with Anthony about framing Jason. Claudia says the police may have evidence on someone else. Claudia says the family should “stay out of it.” Anthony insists on all the details Claudia has on the murder. He calls Claudia “a screw up.” Anthony says he knows Johnny killed Logan. Claudia finally admits the truth, as she knows it to Anthony.

Mac and Lucky are at the penthouse questioning Johnny. Lulu argues when Mac starts in on Johnny. Johnny convinces Lulu to leave the hotel with Lucky. Mac asks Johnny for an alibi. Johnny refuses to answer without legal council.

At the PCPD, Jason tells Carly he’s innocent. Harper tells Nadine there may be another suspect.

Claudia fills her dad in on Logan’s death. Anthony wonders why Maxie knows what happened. Claudia says Maxie and Lulu have to stay safe. If anything happens to Lulu, Johnny will blame his father, Claudia insists.

At the office, Spinelli won’t tell Sonny what kind of case the police have on Jason. Sonny calls Spinelli an “idiot” then leaves. Spinelli says he must find the real killer.

At the courthouse, Diane and Alexis continue to argue as Patrick arrives. Robin says she doesn’t want the hearing “to get ugly.” Anna arrives and says she “won’t be able to testify.”

Clarice arrives for her first day of work with Kate at Crimson. Jax arrives at the office. The press arrives and questions Jax about his marriage. They question Kate about the photo. Sonny arrives in the middle of the chaos.

Carly is still at the station with Jason. Carly admits to giving reporters “access to the Crimson office.” Jason thinks Carly made a mistake.

The mayor arrives at the PCPD and asks Harper for Mac. Mac arrives and says Scott is out of the country and knows nothing about Logan. Mac says Scott is due back in a couple weeks. Mac says he knows who killed Logan.

At the hotel, Claudia continues her story about Logan’s murder. Anthony asks about security cameras. Claudia says all has been “handled.” Anthony is skeptical.

Lucky and Lulu are at Kelly’s. Mike is there. He asks about the fight with Maxie. Lucky says he’s “worried about” Lulu. Lucky thinks his sister is hiding something.

At Crimson, Sonny tells reporters he’s “proud to be marrying Kate.” Kate apologizes for everything. She is embarrassed that the situation made her look bad. Sonny tells Kate she was “born with class.” Kate gets upset and goes to freshen up.

Maxie and Spinelli are still at the office. Jason arrives. Jason asks for the security footage. Maxie reminds everyone that Logan was disliked and won’t be missed. Spinelli says they must still find the truth. Maxie leaves. Jason says he thinks he knows who the killer is.

At Kelly’s, Lulu and Lucky argue over Johnny.

Claudia goes home to see John. She tells John that Anthony knows the truth. John fears for Lulu and Maxie’s safety.

At the courthouse, Anna tells Patrick she can’t speak against Robin. Noah arrives. He says he chooses to “stay out of” the hearing as well. Alexis says the hearing will be ‘hurtful.” The judge arrives. Patrick takes the stand to make a statement. Patrick opens his heart and tells the court his story. Patrick says he loves Robin and the baby. He says Robin is skeptical of his love and trust. Patrick insists his motives are pure. Patrick says Robin and the baby are, “the most important thing in the world.” He says he’s ready for their future together. Robin stands up and tells the judge she’s changed her mind.

At the office, Spinelli finds the footage. He tells Jason about Sonny’s visit. Jason tells Spinelli that Sonny “shouldn’t have insulted” him. Jason looks at the footage near the clinic.

At Kelly’s, Lucky questions Lulu about Johnny. Lulu is very emotional. Lucky says Johnny is a prime suspect. Lucky says if Johnny is guilty, Lulu can’t “save him.”

At the penthouse, Claudia and Johnny argue over Lulu. Johnny wants Claudia to “stop blaming” Lulu. Claudia is worried for Johnny. Claudia promises to protect her brother.

Maxie is approached in the hotel elevator by one of Anthony’s men.

Carly goes to Crimson to see Kate. Sonny is there. He tells Carly how upset Kate is. Sonny knows what Carly did so he confronts her. Carly says she’d do it again if given the chance. “No you won’t,” says Sonny. Sonny calls Carly “childish” and “vindictive.” Carly tells Sonny that Kate kissed Jax. Sonny is skeptical and thinks Carly is lying. Sonny accuses Carly of being territorial. Sonny tells Carly to “stay away from Kate” or he’ll tell all to Jax about the limo. Jax arrives but it’s not clear what he heard.

At the courthouse, Alexis and Kate compliment each other. Noah says he’s “proud of” Patrick and Anna offers her support to Robin. Robin is glad Patrick wants to be a father to her child. Anna gets a text from Eli Love. Anna wants to skip town before Eli arrives so he won’t find out she’s a grandmother.

Maxie is brought in to see Anthony at the hotel. Anthony asks Maxie how Logan died. He wants to hear Maxie’s side of the “story.” Anthony is suspicious. He wonders what Maxie is getting out of the situation. Anthony thinks Maxie is hiding something. He asks for “the truth” from Maxie. Maxie lets it slip that she and Lulu are enemies.

Spinelli calls Lulu to the office. Johnny arrives as Spinelli says he knows who Logan’s killer is.

Jason goes to the parking garage to look at Claudia’s car. Claudia catches Jason in the act and pulls a gun on him. Jason says Johnny killed Logan.

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