GH Update Thursday 7/10/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/10/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nik and Nadine are at the clinic talking with Harper and Lucky. They discuss Logan’s death. Matt arrives.

Jason and Spinelli are at the coffee house. Spinelli is researching Dr. Devlin. Diane arrives. She wonders if Jason killed Logan. Spinelli says he’s Jason’s alibi.

Claudia has the door on the penthouse discretely replaced. Next she removes the bloody carpet.

Lulu is with Maxie at the Scorpio house. Suddenly Lulu decides to confess to the murder.

Anna is with Robin at the apartment. Patrick arrives bearing a gift of food. Today is the day of the hearing for Robin’s baby. Noah arrives.

At the clinic, Harper and Lucky question Matt about Logan. Matt recounts his meeting on the pier with Maxie and Logan.

At Jason’s office, Diane calls Spinelli “a biased witness.” Diane asks Jason who could account for his time when Logan died. Jason says he was with Carly, then Robin. Diane fears that Jason will be charged with Logan’s murder.

Maxie and Lulu are at Mac’s house. Maxie freaks when Lulu suggests confessing.

At the penthouse, Johnny says it’s too “obvious” to move the rug.

Still at the Scorpio house, Lulu tells Maxie she’s remorseful.

Claudia tells Johnny he’ll be a suspect for sure if Logan’s blood is discovered in the penthouse.

Lulu is stressed as she talks with Maxie at the Scorpio house. Lulu tells Maxie that Logan’s death was an accident. Maxie is certain that Johnny will continue to cover for Lulu.

At the penthouse, Claudia advises her brother to calm down. She fears Maxie and Lulu may make a mistake.

Lulu and Maxie continue to talk at the Scorpio house. Mac knocks on Maxie’s door.

Trevor is at the Metro Court with Anthony. Ric arrives. Anthony tells Ric and Trevor about Logan’s death. Trevor is concerned. Ric suspects Johnny. Anthony agrees.

Claudia calls someone to replace the penthouse carpet. Claudia tells John she’ll pretend she was planning to “redecorate” anyway. Claudia is still worried about Lulu’s involvement in Johnny’s mess.

Mac is surprised to find Lulu in Maxie’s room. He shares the news of Logan’s death with the girls. Maxie acts surprised. She tells Mac about her encounters with Logan the day before. Lulu says nothing.

Spinelli, Diane and Jason are still at the office. Spinelli is looking at the security video around the clinic at the time Logan’s body was dumped off. Diane is surprised to learn that Spinelli is “a licensed PI.” Diane reminds Spinelli that his research is illegal.

At Robin’s apartment, Noah says Patrick has no interest in parenting the baby. Anna tries to mediate. She suggests that Patrick and Noah “work through” their “anger.” Anna says “the cycle” must be broken. Patrick and Noah argue. Noah worries that Patrick will be “a bad father” like he was.

Nadine and Nik go to the PCPD with Lucky. Lucky runs a trace on the plate Nadine saw. The plate is traced back to a Zacchara employee.

Mac arrives at Anthony’s hotel room. Ric and Trevor are still with Anthony. Mac questions the three men about the previous evening.

At the penthouse, Claudia blames Lulu for Johnny’s troubles. Claudia says Lulu will “give up” Johnny. Lulu and Maxie arrive at the penthouse. Claudia tells the girls she’s in charge.

Spinelli continues his research at the office. Diane is still there when the Harper arrives to question Jason. Harper wonders when Jason last saw Logan. Harper wants to take Jason into the station. Jason is arrested.

Still at home, Robin is upset at the situation. Anna says the Drakes should “move on” and forget the past. Robin says Patrick and Noah are very similar. Noah acknowledges his past mistakes. He worries that Patrick will repeat his mistakes and end up hating himself. Noah leaves, upset.

At the PCPD, Nik warns Nadine about “implicating” the Zacchara connection. He calls Nadine “a fool” if she gets “involved.” Nik leaves the station.

At the hotel, Ric and Trevor advise Anthony to stay quiet. Mac suggests that Anthony is behind the murder of Logan. Mac leaves the hotel room.

At the penthouse, Claudia tells Maxie to stay quiet about what she knows. Maxie tells Claudia about her “public argument” with Maxie. Claudia accuses Lulu of “leading” Logan “on.” Anthony telephones Claudia.

Jason is with Diane at the PCPD. Diane says she has a custody hearing soon. Diane says Jason may have to stay the night but he can have visitors. She says Jason is very “popular.” Diane leaves but promises to return.

Noah has left Robin’s apartment. Anna is still there with Robin and Patrick. Anna thinks Patrick deserves “a chance.” She thinks the hearing is a bad idea. Robin asks to speak with Patrick “alone.”

Maxie goes to the office to see Spinelli. Maxie apologizes for her behavior with Lulu the day before. Spinelli says he’s very busy looking into Logan’s murder. Maxie purposely spills Spinelli's soda on his computer.

Lulu is at the penthouse with Johnny. She blames herself for everything.

Claudia goes to see her father at the hotel. Anthony dismisses Trevor and Ric. Anthony wonders if Johnny killed Logan.

After Anna leaves the apartment, Patrick apologizes to Robin. Robin says their decision can wait. Patrick says it can’t. He wants to move forward with the hearing.

Nik questions Matt about Logan. The mayor arrives at the clinic. Matt gets a call about the “counterfeit drugs.” Matt tells his phone contact about Logan’s death.

At Jason’s office, Maxie helps Spinelli wipe down his computer. Spinelli says his data is backed up. Maxie blurts out that she knows Jason didn’t kill Logan.

At the penthouse, Johnny blames Logan for what happened. Lulu says it’s all her fault. Johnny worries that Scott will try to punish Lulu if he finds out the truth. Mac bangs on Johnny’s front door.

At the hotel, Anthony is certain that Johnny is guilty. He knows about the broken door and the carpet. Anthony tells Claudia to pin the murder on Jason.

Nadine looks at a line up at the PCPD. Harper asks if Nadine recognizes any of the men in the line up as the driver of the car that dumped Logan’s dead body. Jason is in the line up.

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