GH Update Wednesday 7/9/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Elizabeth apologizes for interrupting.  Jason says that he should get going because he shouldnít be sitting out in the open with Robin anyways.  Robin thanks Jason for helping to understand how Patrick could feel as a father.

Jax assures Carly that he hasnít cheated on her and explains the picture.  Carly says that his explanation is the same excuse a cheating husband would make.

Kate and Sonny talk about the picture.  Kate explains the picture and Sonny admits that he knows she would never cheat on him.

Claudia asks what happened.  Johnny says that Logan came after him with the axe and he stabbed Logan.  Johnny asks Maxie to take Lulu out of the apartment, but Claudia says that no one is leaving until she figures it out.  Lulu and Claudia say that Johnny canít tells Scott Baldwin what happened.  Maxie tries to calm Lulu down.  Claudia wants to know all the details so that she knows what she is covering up.

Jason tells Robin that if Patrick is any kind of father, he will do what is best for the child no matter what it costs him.  Robin tells Liz that she never expected Jason to help her see Patrickís point of view and realizes that she has to convince Patrick that the baby would be better off without him.  Robin and Liz share their hatred for being in love with someone who canít give them the future that they want.

Patrick tells Noah that he doesnít get to just show up out of nowhere and have an opinion about his child.  Noah tells Patrick that he is being crazy by dragging Robin to court to sue for visitation of a child that isnít born yet.  Anna walks up and says that Robin is forcing Patrickís hand.  Anna gives Patrick a preview of what she will say at the hearing the following day.  Noah realizes that Anna is testifying against Robin.  Anna says that she is standing up for her grandchildís father and Noah says that he will stand up for his grandchildís mother and say that Patrick isnít fit to be a father, unless he drops the lawsuit.

Sonny tells Kate that he believes what happened was an accident and that if he didnít have faith in her, he wouldnít be marrying her.  Kate realizes that he let her go on and on while he played her.  Sonny says that he played her because she gets pretty when she is mad and it means that he matters to her. 

Jax tries to explain the picture to Carly.  Carly asks Jax if he has ever kissed Kate and he admits the kiss that happened the night Carly and Sonny took Michael to the institute.  Carly asks Jax if he was ever going to tell her and Jax says that it was bad timing and that he was going to tell her later.  Jax says that he isnít attracted to Kate.  Carly tells Jax to call Kate because Kate is clearly more important than their marriage because Jax always chooses Kate over her.

Claudia and Johnny talk about what might have set Logan off.  Lulu tries to interrupt, but Maxie and Johnny cover it up.  Johnny says that he wants Lulu out of there.  Johnny tells Claudia what happened and Maxie says that she and Lulu got there right before Claudia did.  Maxie admits that she covered the body because seeing Logan dead was creeping her out.  Johnny says that he and Claudia will take it from there and Lulu says that she isnít leaving because it isnít right.  Maxie tells Lulu that now isnít the time to stand by her man.  Johnny promises Lulu that he will make it right.  Maxie and Lulu leave.  Claudia tells Johnny that Lulu is trouble.

Robin and Liz talk about getting over Jason.  Robin says that it isnít fair to put her child into a situation that could fall apart.  Liz says that it seems like Patrick is trying to change because he loves Robin.  Liz asks Robin why she canít consider the possibility that things might work out with Patrick.

Sonny and Kate talk about him messing with her about the picture.  Kate says that she has to do damage control because she is getting ready to launch ďCrimsonĒ and canít afford to have her image plastered all over the Internet with the picture.  Kate asks Sonny how he got the picture.

Jason asks Carly what she is doing there.  Carly says that she is giving Jax time to feel guilty about kissing Kate.  Jason asks about the picture.  Carly tells Jason about Jaxís explanation and says that she does believe him.  Jason tells Carly that Jax kissed Kate on the same night that Carly and Sonny had sex.  Carly says that it isnít the same thing.

Noah runs into Robin and Patrick.  Noah congratulates Robin.  Patrick says that Noah is going to testify for Robin the following day.  Noah says that he has no problem testifying that Patrick will be a rotten father.  Robin says that ďrottenĒ is being harsh.

Claudia and Johnny talk about where they could dump Loganís body.  They agree to keep this between them.  Claudia says that they have to dump the body someplace that no one would suspect Johnny. 

Nikolas wonders why Nadine came back so late.  Nikolas says that he just sent the staff home and Nadine says that she checked on the patient who collapsed.  Nadine assures Nikolas that the patients will be back because there is a real need for the place.  Nikolas thanks Nadine for believing in the project and she agrees to go over some papers to see if he missed anything.

Spinelli asks Mike for his usual and Jasonís usual take-out.  Mike says that he is going to put some vegetable soup in too so that Spinelli can get some ďreal foodĒ in his system.  Spinelli asks Mike how he feels about Sonny and Kateís impending wedding.  Mike says that he stayís out of Sonnyís personal life.  Maxie and Lulu walk in fighting about Maxie leaving the office early.  Mike tries to get Maxie and Lulu to go outside, but they keep fighting.  Maxie and Lulu leave and Spinelli suggests that he should follow them.  Mike tells him to sit back and enjoy his soda, but Spinelli leaves.

Patrick asks if Robin is going to start being reasonable.  Noah, Anna and Patrick argue about Patrickís determination to be a father.  Robin asks them all to stop arguing.  Robin says that it isnít about Anna or Noah or the mistakes they made as parents, but it is about how her and Patrick want to raise their child.

Jason and Carly talk about her having sex with Sonny.  Carly says that she wants Jax to feel alone in the house for a little while and wonder where she is, so that the next time Kate wants him to go on a business trip, he will think twice. 

Kate does damage control and talks to Sonny about Carlyís intention to break them up.  Sonny tells Kate to do her damage control and then they will celebrate with a bottle of wine.  Kate says that it is only a matter of time before Carly starts throwing herself at Sonny.

Robin and Patrick assure their parents that it isnít about them.  Robin says that she is trying to keep Patrick happy and that she knows he doesnít want to stay at home with a baby. 

Nadine hears something and goes to check it out.  Nadine tells Nikolas to call 911 and says that he is dead.

Maxie says that it is a good thing that Mac is working because it will give them a chance to get their stories straight.  Lulu asks Maxie why she is doing it.  Maxie says that she had to give Lulu and alibi.  Lulu says that she knows Maxie hates her and asks why Maxie is doing it.

Jax says that he was about to go looking for Carly.  Carly says that she was down at the pier and that she canít believe he kissed Kate.  Jax assures Carly that there is never going to be anything going on between him and Kate because he loves Carly.

Kate talks to Giselle about the photo.  Sonny and Kate talk about Carly.  Kate tells Sonny that if he ever cheats on her with Carly, they are through.

Carly and Jax talk about Kate.  Jax promises that he wonít go to any more parties with Kate and that he wonít leave town if she doesnít want him to.  Jax assures Carly that he is committed to their marriage. 

Jason asks Spinelli what happened.  Spinelli asks Jason how he calms Carly down.  Jason says that he canít always calm Carly down.  Spinelli says that Lulu and Maxie were fighting at Kellyís. 

Maxie and Lulu talk about what happened. 

Lucky and Detective Harper question Nikolas and Nadine.  Nadine tells the cops that she saw the license plate on the car as it left.

Claudia says that even if Nadine saw the car, there is no way to trace the plate.

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