GH Update Tuesday 7/8/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick walks off the elevator at the hospital and tells Epiphany about a patient.  Noah walks up and asks if he can help. 

Robin walks into her apartment to see Anna standing there.  Anna says that she is measuring Robinís windows for bulletproof glass.

At the penthouse, Carly and Jason talk about her wanting to blow her life apart.

At Sonnyís, he tells Claudia to put her clothes back on because he isnít sleeping with her. 

At Johnnyís, Lulu stabs Logan and immediately apologizes and says that she will get help.  Logan says that she will never get over him and falls to the floor dead.

At the penthouse, Carly says that she doesnít understand why Jason defends Kate.  Jason says that he doesnít care about Kate, but he does care about Carly.  Carly says that she isnít jealous of Sonny and doesnít like Kate.  Spinelli walks in and tells Jason something about Carly, but stops when he sees her.

At Sonnyís, he and Claudia talk about his relationship with Kate.  Claudia says that Sonny was right and she is a slut.

At the hospital, a nurse rushes over and hugs Noah.  Noah says that he wanted to put off fighting with Patrick and that is why he didnít call.  Patrick says that he is happy that Noah is there.  Noah says that he was ashamed to show his face because he slipped up and checked himself into rehab.  Patrick agrees to let Noah assist with the surgery and they head to the operating room.  Epiphany and Liz laugh at the ďlovingĒ connection between Patrick and Noah.

At Robinís, she and Anna talk about why she needs bulletproof glass and Kevlar curtains.  Robin says that Anna is overcompensating because she feels guilty for testifying against Robin.  Robin says that Anna should just tell Patrick that she changed her mind.  Anna says that she supports Patrick because he is the father.  Robin says that if the condom hadnít broke, she would have went to a sperm bank.  Anna says that Patrick should have the chance to help raise the child.

At Johnnyís, Lulu walks over to Logan and checks for a pulse.  She backs up.  Johnny and Maxie walk in and Lulu tells them what happened.  Maxie says that Logan is dead.  Lulu tells Johnny what happened, while Maxie covers Logan with a sheet.  Lulu asks if Maxie is okay and Maxie says that Logan didnít rape her, but he would have.  Lulu says that Luke would be disappointed in her for not having a clear head. 

At the penthouse, Spinelli says that he was talking about the other ďValkyrieĒ, Claudia, and Carly says that it doesnít make sense.  Spinelli tries to cover and leave quickly, but Carly stops him.  Carly says that Spinelli needs to tell them both or she will beat it out of him.  Spinelli asks Jason to help, but Jason says that Spinelli needs to tell Carly.  Spinelli says that he found a picture of Kate on the Internet and Carly takes it before Jason can look.  The picture is of Kate and Jax in the limo and Kate is leaning over Jaxís lap. 

On the plane, Kate freaks out because Sonny isnít answering the phone.  Jax says that Kate needs to calm down.  They talk about what Carly and Sonny will think about the picture.

At Sonnyís, Claudia brings up his daughter and they talk about what happened to her during her childhood.  Claudia tells Sonny about how killing Maria, Johnnyís mother, changed Anthony.  Claudia says that she decided to get rid of Trevor and had sex with him.

In the operating room, Noah and Patrick talk about his mechanical work.  Noah asks about Patrick and Robinís relationship.  Patrick tells Noah that Robin is pregnant and that he is the father of the child.

At Robinís, she says that she isnít keeping Patrick at a distance to be stubborn and that she is just trying to take care of the situation as a parent.  Robin says that Patrick told her that he wouldnít be a good father.  Robin says that well-intentioned people make a mess out of things. 

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Carly where he found the picture and what it said about the picture.  Spinelli says that there has to be an explanation for the picture because Jax loves Carly.  Spinelli goes upstairs and Jason says that the picture isnít what it looks like.  Carly says that Kate is trying to get Jax in bed and marry Sonny.

At Sonnyís, Claudia tells him that she was only 16 when she slept with Trevor and says that she didnít know what she was doing.  Claudia says that she made sure Anthony would walk in on her and Trevor in bed.  Claudia says that Sonny reminds her of Anthony.  Claudia says that after that, Anthony sent her away.  Sonny says that he isnít like Anthony at all and that he could never treat his daughter the way that Anthony treated Claudia.  Sonny says that if you hear something enough, you start believing it.

At Johnnyís, he asks Maxie and Lulu to explain exactly what happened.  Maxie and Lulu tell Johnny exactly what happened at Crimson and what happened at the apartment.  Lulu says that they have to call Mac and explain what happened.  Johnny asks Lulu what made her stab Logan after he got into the apartment.  Lulu explains to Johnny and Maxie what happened after Logan called her cell phone.  Lulu says that she doesnít want to remember what happened and Johnny says that she needs to remember so that he can protect her.  Lulu says that it seemed like Logan was cursing her.  Johnny and Maxie talk about the possibility of Mac and Scott believing Luluís story.

In the operating room, Noah and Patrick talk about Robinís pregnancy.  Patrick says that he is committed to Robin and their child. 

At Robinís, she and Anna talk about what is normal for a parent.  Anna says that Robin is too willing to assume that Patrick wonít be a loving or responsible parent.  Anna says that Robin is pushing away the man that she loves.  Robin grabs her purse and says that she needs some air before leaving.

At the penthouse, Jason tries to get Carly to calm down.  Carly says that she wants to believe that there is an explanation for the picture.  Carly says that she is shutting Kate down by all means necessary and leaves.

At Sonnyís, he and Claudia talk about changing whom you are.  Sonny says that there was a time when he would have taken advantage of her, but his life is starting to feel right now.  Sonny says that Anthony doesnít get to define Claudia and that she has to define herself.  Claudia thanks Sonny, kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Jason runs into Robin outside Kellyís.  Robin says that she is making a mess of her childís life before it is born.  Robin asks Jason for some help.  Robin says that she loves Patrick, but he isnít cut out to be a father.  Jason asks Robin if she wants Patrick out of the babyís life for good.

On the plane, Kate tries to rush the pilot, but Jax says that it doesnít work that way.  Kate says that she loves Sonny and is scared that she might lose Sonny over the picture.

Carly walks into Sonnyís house and shows him the picture.  Carly tells Sonny to rein Kate in.  Carly leaves and Sonny picks up the picture.

At Johnnyís, Johnny, Maxie and Lulu talk about what the police will think and what could happen. 

At the hospital, Anna walks in and sees Noah.  Anna says that she needs to talk to Patrick about the whole ďcourt thingĒ.  Noah tells Patrick to drop the lawsuit immediately or Noah will testify for Robin.

At Kellyís, Robin says that she doesnít want to push Patrick out of the babyís life, but Patrick isnít cut out to be a father.  Jason says that becoming a father could change Patrick and that Robin shouldnít take away Patrickís rights to the baby because she is scared.  Liz walks past and overhears Jason.

Kate walks into Sonnyís house and tells him about her night.  Kate says that she loves Sonny and that she is only a business partner with Jax.  Sonny says that he knows that someone took a picture of her doing Jax. 

Carly gets home and sees Jax sitting on the couch.  Carly says that Jax needs to explain how Kateís head ended up in his lap.

At Johnnyís, he comes up with a possible scenario, but Lulu says that they canít do it.  Johnny says that the best thing to do is cover it up.  Claudia walks in and Johnny says that he killed Logan. 

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