GH Update Monday 7/7/08

General Hospital Update Monday 7/7/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate and Jax are flying to a benefit to promote Crimson. Kate says she didn’t realize Carly was so intimated by her. At Jason’s apartment, Carly asks Spinelli for help to dig up some dirt about Kate. Spinelli says it would make Sonny mad. Carly says that Kate kissed Jax, so she is going to make her pay.

Claudia tells Anthony that Trevor got her mother out of their house. Anthony says it doesn’t excuse what Claudia did. He says that she took it too far and she can’t be excused or redeemed.

Logan throws Maxie to the floor in Kate’s office. From Johnny’s apartment, Lulu sees the whole thing. Logan knows she saw them. He calls Lulu on her cell phone. She picks up and Logan says he needs to explain what she just saw.

Claudia asks Anthony for support. Anthony says she’s a disgrace. Claudia says that her mom could tell Trevor was a threat. Claudia says that her mother was sent away instead. Claudia tells Anthony he didn’t care about her at all. Anthony says that Claudia’s mom overstepped her boundary. Claudia says that Anthony was jealous of Johnny and that’s why he tried to kill him when Johnny was a boy. Anthony says Claudia offered herself to Trevor. She says she wanted Anthony to see how Trevor really was, but her father got rid of her (Claudia) instead.

Kate says her and Jax are good friends. He knows all her secrets. Kate wonders how he ended up married to someone like Carly. Jax defends Carly, saying she is just overwhelmed right now with Michael and everything. He says there is no love lost between Carly and Kate. Kate says Carly should be grateful that she has a loyal and devoted husband. Kate says the kiss between her and Jax is in the past.

Jason walks in on Spinelli and Carly’s conversation. Jason asks why Carly wants to trash Kate. He says Sonny will be mad. Carly says she doesn’t care. Jason says Jax will end up defending Kate.

Kate leaves Sonny a note to plan the menu for their wedding reception. Robin shows up at Sonny’s. He says Robin is glowing. She says she is doing well, but Patrick is suing for visitation rights. Sonny says it is a good idea to set up some ground rules. He says that it sounds like Patrick has changed. Robin explains to Sonny how she collapsed and how Patrick was very concerned. She says she is all right now. Sonny asks if he can do anything. She says the real reason she came over was she heard that Sonny was marrying Kate.

Lulu is terrified. She tries calling Maxie, but she doesn’t answer. Lulu leaves, but Logan is in the hallway. Lulu runs back into the apartment and locks the door.

Maxie is still unconscious. Logan stands in front of the apartment door and tries to reassure Lulu what she saw was a misunderstanding. Logan says that Maxie was trying to throw herself at him. Logan says Maxie was playing a game and he told her he wasn’t interested. He says that what Lulu saw was him getting Maxie to back off. Lulu tries to call someone, but no one is answering.

Anthony says he was not surprised by Claudia’s actions. He says she is just like her mother - scheming. Anthony says Claudia had been trying to work Trevor since she hit puberty. Claudia tries to explain that Trevor came after her.

Sonny says that Michael is constantly on his mind. Robin wonders if he is marrying Kate because he is carrying the guilt from Michael’s shooting. Robin says that Sonny needs to find a way to live with it and wonders if marrying Kate is the answer.

Spinelli starts looking for info on Kate. Jason tells Spinelli to leave. He tells Carly not to use Spinelli to get info on Kate. Carly tells him that Kate kissed Jax. Carly says she regrets sleeping with Sonny in the limo. She didn’t try to seduce him, she tells Jason. Her and Sonny were devastated that day. Carly says she hopes Jax doesn’t find out. She thinks Jason should be on her side.

Robin says Sonny is still mourning Michael. She says that getting married right now might not be the right time. Kate calls Sonny. She asks if he has looked at the menu for the reception, but he says he hasn’t had time. Sonny tells Robin he knows he is in love with Kate because hearing her voice on the phone makes him happy.

Anthony says he knows that it was a set-up by Claudia when he found her and Trevor in bed together. Claudia thought Anthony might be concerned, since she is his daughter, but he thinks she led Trevor on. Claudia yells at him and can’t believe how mean Anthony is. Claudia says she has a target on her back now because of Michael’s shooting. Anthony says he doesn’t care. She asks him about the hit man that tried to kill her. Claudia hands Anthony a knife. She says if he wants her dead, he can do it himself. Johnny walks in.

Lulu turns the light off. Logan breaks open the door. Logan says he knows she is there. He says he misses her. Logan says a love like theirs will last forever. Logan grabs Lulu and covers her mouth, while she tries to scream.

Johnny asks what is going on. Claudia explains that she told Anthony they are accomplices in Michael’s shooting. Johnny tells Anthony to leave Claudia alone. Claudia says it’s her fault and that Johnny could be next. She apologizes and leaves. Anthony says Claudia is trouble.

Logan tells Lulu to calm down. Lulu says he is scaring her. Lulu tells him to leave, but Logan wants to make her understand everything.

Carly wants to trash Kate to get back at her for kissing Jax. She says that Kate is probably trying to get Jax in bed right now. Jason says she is paranoid. Carly says Kate is getting to her.

Johnny finds Maxie in Kate’s office. She says Logan did this. In the meantime, Lulu tells Logan that she doesn’t want to be with him. Logan says he is a better person with her.

Jax and Kate are in the limo on the way to the benefit. She says if anyone asks about her engagement to Sonny, they should say ‘no comment’. Jax wonders if she is marrying out of love or publicity. Kate can’t believe Jax would even think that. Kate realizes she has lost her ring.

Robin tells Sonny she was empty when Stone died. She knew that Stone wanted her to move on, but everything reminded her of him. Sonny says that being with Kate is familiar and comfortable.

Kate says they need to find her engagement ring. She looks around the limo and is close to Jax when the doors open and the cameras are snapping photos.

Claudia shows up at Sonny’s in a revealing dress. He looks puzzled as to why she came to his house. Over at Kate’s office, Maxie tells Johnny she is okay and explains what Logan did. She tells Johnny that Logan is obsessed with Lulu.

Logan tries to reassure Lulu that he wasn’t trying to hurt Maxie. He kisses her. She tells him that she is in love with Johnny. Logan gets mad that she keeps bringing up Johnny. Lulu is scared of what Logan might do next.

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