GH Update Thursday 7/3/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/3/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

 Leyla visits with a recovering Spinelli at the penthouse. He confides in Leyla about his feelings for Maxie. Spinelli asks Leyla for advice.

Logan insults Maxie on the pier. Matt gets in the middle.

Lulu gets in the middle of a conversation between Johnny and Nik.

Claudia goes to Carly for help with Jerry.

Leyla does her best to advise Spinelli. She advises Spinelli to be “kind and tender.” Spinelli takes notes as Leyla talks. Jax arrives unexpectedly.

Maxie fills Mat in on Logan’s hatred for her. Logan leaves. Maxie tells Mat to stay away from Logan.

Lulu is still at the clinic with Nik and Johnny. Lulu wants the two of them to get along. Nik agrees to try. Lulu and Johnny leave the clinic.

Diane is with Kate at Crimson discussing a prenuptial agreement. Alexis arrives. She’s upset to learn of the wedding.

Claudia tells Carly she’ll do anything to protect Johnny. Carly asks for details as to why Claudia is so concerned for Johnny.

Jax visits with Spinelli after Leyla leaves the penthouse. Jax offers Spinelli a job in his investment firm, which is housed in the hotel.

Alexis tries to talk Kate out of her marriage to Sonny. Alexis brings up all of Sonny’s bad points. Maxie comes back to the office. Alexis and Diane bicker. Kate promises each woman an invite to the wedding.

Lulu and Johnny stop on the pier. Johnny starts to tell Lulu something but she interrupts. Lulu badmouths Claudia. Johnny snaps at her for judging Claudia. Johnny gets a call from his father.

Carly asks what Claudia did to put Johnny in danger. Claudia fills Carly in, leaving out details of the shooting. Claudia asks Carly to get Jerry “to back off.” Carly says Jerry won’t take her advice. Carly has a moment of sympathy for Claudia.

Diane goes to see Spinelli. Spinelli asks Diane for her opinion on Jax’s offer. Diane thinks Jax made the offer to hurt Jason.

Kate barks orders to Maxie at the office. Kate compliments Maxie on her “instincts.” Lulu arrives at the office, late as usual. Logan arrives at Crimson. He asks Lulu to take him back.

Johnny goes to see his father. Johnny is upset with Anthony’s threat on Kristina. Johnny leaves in a huff.

Claudia meets Jerry on the pier. Jerry wants Anthony to know about their deal.

Jax comes home and tells Carly he must attend a benefit in New York with Kate. Carly asks Jax not to go.

Mat arrives at the clinic. He and Nik discuss the “fake” meds that were given out to patients. Nik wonders what’s going on with the meds.

At Crimson, Logan blames everything on Maxie. Lulu is uncomfortable with Logan’s visit. She tells Logan she’s “committed to” Johnny. Logan leaves the office.

Claudia is still with Jerry. Jerry insists on telling Anthony the truth. Claudia says she’ll tell her dad. Jerry leaves.

Carly and Jax discuss Kate and Sonny’s wedding. Jax says he has to appear at the benefit. Jax heads off for the benefit.

Jerry meets Alexis on the pier. She says she’s not crazy about “being seen” with him in “public.” Jerry kisses Alexis.

Claudia goes to visit Anthony. She tells him about Michael’s shooting. Anthony is upset with Claudia’s news. He insults her.

Johnny returns to the clinic to talk with Nik about the shooting. Johnny fears Lulu will leave him if she finds out about his involvement.

Jax’s pilot goes to Carly’s house and spills about the kiss between Jax and Kate. The pilot assures Carly that the kiss meant nothing.

Lulu and Maxie help Kate get ready for the party. Lulu leaves the office with Kate. Maxie gets a visit from Logan.

Spinelli gets a home visit from Carly. She orders him to find some “dirt” on Kate.

Jax and Kate are on his private plane discussing Carly. Kate thinks Carly is out to get her.

Anthony and Claudia discuss what a horrible daughter she is. Claudia says she’s devoted to Johnny. Anthony called Claudia “poison.” Claudia drops a hint that something happened to her when she was 16.

Nik and Johnny discuss Michael’s shooting. Nik says he made his own mistakes with Ian Devlin. Nik promises to stay quiet about what he knows, for now.

At Crimson Logan approaches a frightened Maxie. Maxie tries to get away from Logan but Logan gets rough with her.

Lulu goes to Johnny’s penthouse. She sees Logan attacking Maxie through the window.

Logan continues to get violent with Maxie. Lulu continues to watch. Maxie falls down. Logan looks up and sees Lulu watching him through the window.

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