GH Update Wednesday 7/2/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At home, Claudia gets ready to leave. Johnny asks her what else she isnít telling him. Claudia says that they should leave things the way they are. Johnny asks who else knows that they hired the shooter.

At the penthouse, Jason takes Spinelliís computer away and tells him to get some rest.

Carly walks into Sonnyís house. Carly says that she isnít pregnant. Sonny confronts Carly about being prepared to lie about the childís paternity. Carly says that if Sonny does anything else to ruin her happiness with Jax, she will make sure he never marries Kate.

Lulu runs into Logan on the docks. Logan says that he never had Lulu pegged as the fashion magazine type. Lulu says that she likes her job most of the time. Logan suggests that they go to a concert, but Lulu reminds him that she said she wouldnít go out with him.

At the penthouse, Jason brings Spinelli something to drink. Spinelli says that Jason seems tense, but Jason says that he is fine. Spinelli says that he doesnít think his words were the cause of Lizís distress. Maxie knocks on the door and says that she is there to take care of Spinelli, so Jason can go. Maxie gives Spinelli some flowers.

At home, Claudia and Johnny talk about the shooting. Johnny says that he trusts her, but he doesnít trust her methods. Claudia picks up her purse and says that she is trying to make it right for both of them. Johnny asks who else knows and Claudia says that Nikolas knows the truth about Michaelís shooting.

Nikolas, Leyla and Nadine meet with Dr. Matt Hunter. Nikolas says that Dr. Hunter is the only doctor on staff and shows him around. Nadine and Leyla talk about Nadineís feelings for Nikolas. Nadine walks away. Nikolas and Dr. Hunter come back out and talk about what is going to be happening at the clinic. Dr. Hunter says that Nikolas should call him when business picks up. Nikolas says that Dr. Hunter can start immediately because the clinic is in honor of Emily.

At Sonnyís, he tells her to stay away from Kate. Carly tells Sonny about her conversation with Kate. Carly says that Kate will be nervous on her wedding day. Sonny tells Carly that if she wants to change the cycle of their lives, she needs to tear up the paper and let him see his children. Sonny asks Carly how much she needs to punish him for what happened to Michael. Carly says that the boys are safer away from Sonny. Sonny reminds Carly that he gave up the business to keep his children safe.

At the clinic, Nikolas meets with the mayor. The mayor says that the only reason that the clinic is up and running is because Alexis called in a favor. Nikolas says that the clinic is there to stay.

At home, Claudia and Johnny talk about the possible consequences of Nikolas knowing the truth about Michaelís shooting. Claudia explains to Johnny why she knows that Nikolas wonít speak up. Claudia sits down and says that maybe they have been going about it the wrong way.

On the docks, Lulu and Logan argue about her relationship with Johnny. Logan admits that he was wrong and asks her for a second chance. Lulu says that she forgives him, but she is with Johnny now. Lulu leaves.

At the penthouse, Maxie tells Jason that Spinelli needs to rest and that Jasonís stuff will have to wait. Jason says that Spinelli is getting better. Maxie says that she can take care of Spinelli better than Jason can. Spinelli pretends to be sick to convince Maxie to stay and Jason to leave.

At Sonnyís, he and Carly argue about Jasonís role in Michael and Morganís lives. Carly says that Sonny and Jason will neither be standing next to Morgan again. Carly says that she isnít doing it to punish Sonny and that she is doing it because Michael is in a bed. Sonny tells Carly why his relationship with Kate will last. Max walks in and hears Sonny and Carly talking about having sex in the limo and then her making him sign away the kids. Max walks into the room and Carly leaves. Max asks why Sonny would marry Kate when he still has feelings for Carly.

At home, Johnny and Claudia talk about what options they have. They talk about what would happen if they confessed to Jason. Claudia promises not to tell anyone else about what they have done.

At the clinic, Dr. Hunter orders tests. A woman comes in and passes out. Dr. Hunter checks the woman out, while Nadine looks at the womanís chart. Nikolas picks up the womanís prescription and asks how they would find out if there is something wrong with it.

At Sonnyís, he and Max talk about what happened in the limo. Sonny tells Max not to tell anyone about what he overheard or Sonny will kill Max. Sonny says that he loves Kate and is marrying Kate. Sonny and Max talk about an upcoming shipment. Max says that he canít discuss it, but Sonny convinces him to talk.

At the penthouse, Jason says that Spinelli needs some rest. Maxie says that Spinelli needs her. Spinelli convinces Jason to leave and Jason says that he will be at the office. Jason leaves and tells Maxie not to let Spinelli on the computer. Maxie closes the door and tells Spinelli that they are alone at last. Spinelli gets comfortable on the couch with Maxieís help. Maxie says that Spinelli is very important to her and that she doesnít know what she would do without him. Maxie says that a lot has changed since he came into her life. Maxie says that Spinelli is her best friend. Maxie hugs Spinelli and says that she hopes they are friends forever. Leyla shows up to see Spinelli.

At the clinic, Nadine says that she already pulled their full supply of the medication. Nikolas and Dr. Hunter talk about the bad pills. Nadine suggests that Claudia had something to do with the pills being switched.

Sonny walks into Jasonís office. Sonny and Bernie talk about the mistakes in the way the business is being run by Jason.

Jason runs into Claudia on the docks. Claudia asks for a meeting the following morning and Jason agrees. Jason thanks Claudia for helping Spinelli when they were sick.

At the penthouse, Maxie says that Leyla can take care of Spinelli while Maxie goes to work. Leyla says that Spinelli does have a chance of a relapse, but he should be okay. Maxie leaves. Leyla tells Spinelli to drop the act now that Maxie is gone. Leyla realizes that Spinelli is pretending to be sick to keep Maxie close.

Logan runs into Dr. Hunter on the docks. They talk about a company that sells medications and Dr. Hunter says that he is interested.

At the clinic, Lulu shows up to see Nikolas. They talk about what happened.

Claudia shows up at Carlyís house. Claudia says that they have some common ground and that Carly should hear them out. Carly assumes that Claudia is there about Johnny and Lulu. Carly says that she is going to stay out of Luluís relationship with Johnny. Claudia says that she will give anything to protect Johnny.

Sonny and Bernie talk in Jasonís office. Jason walks in and Bernie leaves. Sonny brings up the shipment and makes some suggestions. Jason asks if Sonny wants the business back.

At the penthouse, Leyla asks about Spinelliís diet. Spinelli tells Leyla about Maxie. Spinelli asks Leyla to describe the man of her dreams.

On the docks, Logan and Dr. Hunter talk about the medications. They negotiate and Maxie walks up. Maxie tells Dr. Hunter to stay away from Logan because he is a loser.

At the clinic, Lulu and Nikolas talk about Johnny. Lulu asks what Nikolasí problem with Johnny is. Johnny walks in and says that it should be said to him.

At Carlyís, Claudia tells Carly about what she thought when she heard about Michaelís shooting. Claudia says that she is trying to protect her brother and needs Carlyís help.

In Jasonís office, Sonny says that he has no intention of taking the business back. Sonny says that he thought Jason could use some advice. Sonny tells Jason why he is there. Sonny walks out and Bernie walks back into the office.

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