GH Update Tuesday 7/1/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/1/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the hospital, Robin, Patrick, and Anna talk about Annaís choice to side with Patrick.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sonny that Carly isnít pregnant. Sonny asks Jason if he is sleeping with Carly.

At home, Jax asks if Sonny could be the father of the baby and Carly says that there is no baby. Carly says that she already took the test and Jax consoles her.

Johnny holds Jerry at gunpoint. Jerry tells Johnny what will happen if he pulls the trigger.

At the hospital, Anna and Robin talk about Robinís childhood. Diane, Robin, Patrick and Anna talk about where Robin is going to put the baby. Liz speaks up and suggests that they should settle this out of court. Robin asks Patrick to let it go in the interest of their child. Patrick asks what kind of a father he would be if he didnít fight for his childís future.

At home, Carly tells Jax that he was right about her being scared of taking the pregnancy test. Carly apologizes and so does Jax. Carly says that she wants to have a baby with Jax, but she needs a little bit of time.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sonny talk about Carlyís decision to lie about the babyís paternity. Jason says that none of that matters because Carly isnít pregnant. Sonny says that Carly is punishing him for wanting to have a fresh start. Jason tells Sonny to quit worrying about Carly and focus on his marriage to Kate.

At Crimson, Kate goes over wedding plans for the magazine with Lulu and Maxie. Kate tells them what she wants in the gowns and Maxie calls the designer. Lulu asks Kate how Sonny is reacting to having his wedding plastered in the magazine. Kate says that she wants a backup plan for the magazine incase Sonny gets cold feet.

Johnny, Jerry and Claudia talk about Michaelís shooting. Claudia explains the evidence that Jerry has against her.

At home, Jax apologizes for not being around immediately after Michael was shot and says that he felt like he let Carly down. Carly apologizes for being distant. Jax says that he can handle anything that Carly throws at him.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sonny talk about Sonnyís impending marriage to Kate. Jason says that they all need to stop and realize what happened and that Sonnyís marriage is about Michaelís shooting.

At Crimson, Kate tells Maxie and Lulu about the first proposal and why she turned him down. Kate says that Sonny is still dealing with Michaelís shooting and might not be able to handle a big wedding. Ric walks in and Kate asks Lulu and Maxie to hold all of her calls. Ric says that he is there out of concern for Sonny. Ric asks Kate to keep Sonny from getting drawn into the tension between Jason and the Zaccharas. Kate says that she is going to stay out of it.

Jerry tries to talk Johnny out of killing him. Claudia tells Johnny that they have to leave Jerry alone for now. Johnny shoots the wall and says that he is calling Jerryís bluff.

Alexis meets with Robin at her apartment. Robin asks Alexis to take on her case. Robin shows Alexis the petition that Patrick has had filed. Robin and Alexis talk about Patrickís right to file the motion. Robin admits that Patrick would never hurt the baby.

At the hospital, Liz tries to give Patrick advice. Liz tries to talk Patrick out of taking Robin to court, but Patrick says that he doesnít have a choice. Liz sees Spinelli sitting in the wheelchair. Spinelli tells Liz why he is in the waiting area.

At the penthouse, Sonny and Jason talk about Sonnyís feelings regarding Michaelís shooting. Sonny says that he didnít walk away clean because he lost his children in the process. Sonny says that Carly giving him the papers was about revenge because she wanted to punish him. Sonny doesnít understand how Jason could stand by and let Carly take Michael and Morgan. Sonny leaves.

At home, Jax tells Carly that Sonny told him to get a paternity test. Carly says that no one cares what Sonny says because she is in love with Jax now. Jax holds Carly.

Claudia tries to convince Johnny to put the gun down and not to shoot Jerry. Claudia says that if Johnny shoots Jerry, both he and Claudia will die also.

At home, Robin and Alexis talk about possible representation. Anna shows up and realizes that Robin has hired Alexis. Robin says that Anna plans to testify on Patrickís behalf. Robin says that it has nothing to do with her parents, but Anna thinks differently. Alexis says that if Robin wants representation, she would be happy to take the case. Alexis leaves. Anna says that she doesnít want Robin to make the same mistakes she did. Robin says that she would really like Annaís support.

At Crimson, Lulu and Maxie make arrangements and argue about Johnny. Jax walks into Kateís office. Kate shows Jax the budget. Jax tells Kate that Carly isnít pregnant.

Sonny gets home to see Ric sitting on his couch. Ric explains that he isnít there as Anthonyís attorney. Ric tells Sonny that Anthony threatened Kristina to get Johnny out of jail. Ric says that he wants to make sure that Sonny isnít going to jump back into the business.

Claudia and Johnny get home and argue about Jerry and Ian. Claudia admits that she underestimated Jerry and that Jerry stabbed her.

At her apartment, Robin and Anna talk about the possibility that Robin is over compensating because of her childhood. Robin tells Anna that Patrick didnít want anything to do with the child until he found her passed out on the floor. Anna asks Robin why she wonít let Patrick be with her.

At home, Claudia and Johnny talk about Jerry. Claudia explains what happened leading up to her being stabbed.

At home, Sonny and Ric talk about what Sonny plans to do about Anthony threatening Kristina. Ric assures Sonny that nothing will happen to Kristina.

At the hospital, Liz gets off the elevator and finds out that Spinelli has been released. Spinelli fears that he hurt Liz when he mentioned Claudiaís feelings for Jason. Spinelli assures Liz that Jason doesnít like Claudia. Jason walks up, while Spinelli says that Claudia isnít that bad.

Patrick arrives at Robinís apartment. Anna lets him in and offers him some tea while he waits. Patrick asks how they get Robin to understand that he just wants to be a part of their childís life. Patrick realizes that Anna feels guilty and that is why she is testifying for him. Anna says that if she gets Robin to trust him and he hurts her, she will hunt him down.

At the hospital, Spinelli signs his release papers and Liz says that she will get an orderly to walk them out. Jason says that he can do it, but Spinelli says that it would be a violation of the hospital procedure. Spinelli suggests that Jason and Liz try to clear the air, but Liz says that it has nothing to do with her because they have their own lives now.

At home, Sonny tells Ric that he is trying to believe that his children are safe now that he is out of the organization. Ric says that the best thing that Sonny can do is to stay out of it. Sonny and Ric argue about how easy it is to start over. Ric says that Sonny did the right thing by getting out of the business. Ric says that Sonny has a chance to be happy and he should make the most of it.

At Crimson, Kate says that no one should barge into her office under any circumstances. Kate tells Lulu and Maxie to make sure that Sonny and Jax do not cross paths. Lulu and Maxie argue. Carly walks into Kateís office. Carly says that in interest of Kateís dignity she should keep the wedding simple, so that when Sonny changes his mind, it will save Kate a lot of embarrassment. Carly tells Kate about Sonnyís wedding to Brenda. Carly leaves and Kate looks at her engagement ring.

At home, Claudia and Johnny talk about how to take Jerry down. Claudia realizes that Johnny doesnít trust her judgment anymore. Johnny asks if anyone else knows that she hired Ian to kill Sonny.

Alexis meets with Jerry. Alexis asks Jerry if he killed Johnny. Jerry says that no one was killed, although he came close. Jerry gives Alexis an envelope and tells her that it is his insurance policy. Jerry says that the envelope could save her life if he dies.

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