GH Update Monday 6/30/08

General Hospital Update Monday 6/30/08


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Patrick tells Robin she’s not going to shut him out of the baby’s life. Robin thinks Patrick wants out, but he says he doesn’t feel that way. He gives Robin some papers for visitation rights, drawn up by Diane, his attorney. Anna comes out of nowhere and does a karate move on Patrick.

Jason asks if Carly is pregnant. She says she doesn’t know. She tells Jason she told Sonny that the baby might be his (Jason’s). In the meantime, Jax asks Sonny why Carly needs a paternity test for her unborn baby, just as Kate walks in.

Jerry is holding Johnny at gunpoint. He tells Anthony that no harm should come to Alexis or Kristina or he’ll kill Johnny. Claudia offers to be his hostage. Jerry doesn’t like this idea. Anthony tries to negotiate a deal, but Jerry isn’t interested. Jerry says he wants to do it his way. Jerry says he might come back and take care of Anthony as well.

Spinelli is still in the hospital. The new doctor thinks Maxie is trying to have sex with Spinelli. She tells Dr. Hunter that her and Spinelli have crazy sex.

Jax tells Kate that Sonny never wants anyone to be happy. Jax leaves and Kate asks what that was all about. Sonny says he was just pushing Jax’s buttons. He says that the situation is more than what Kate is aware of.

Jason can’t believe Carly told Sonny that Jason could be the father of her baby. Jason asks if there is a chance that Sonny is the father. Jason asks Carly what she wants. She says she wants to have Jax’s baby, but if it turns out to be Sonny’s, she wants Jason to lie and say it’s his.

Carly says Jax will leave if he finds out that Sonny could be the father. Carly gets a phone call from Jax. He says they need to talk about Sonny. In the meantime, Kate says to Sonny that she knows him and Carly will always have a connection. Sonny says that deception and lies will eventually break up Carly and Jax. Kate says they should be honest with each other. No lies, she reiterates.

At Alexis’ office, Nikolas tells her that she doesn’t know what Jerry is capable of. Alexis says she was desperate after Anthony threatened her daughter. Nikolas says that she unleashed Jerry and that people could die because of it.

Jerry says that the only reason Anthony threatened Alexis was because she is the DA and could get Johnny released. Jerry explains to Ric that Anthony threatened Alexis. Jerry leaves with Johnny. Trevor says he didn’t know about Anthony’s threats. Claudia is furious. Anthony is mad, as well, and says if Johnny dies, they will all die.

Maxie tells Spinelli she can’t stand guys like Dr. Hunter. She says it was inappropriate that she told the doctor about her and Spinelli’s love life, since a relationship between them will never happen. Lulu walks into Spinelli’s hospital room while Maxie is explaining all of this to Spinelli.

Anna asks how Patrick is doing. She tells him not to hurt Robin. He says he hasn’t. Patrick says he wants to be involved in the baby’s life, but Robin won’t allow him. Anna asks if he loves Robin and he says he does. Patrick says he has been truthful about his feelings. Anna says that Robin isn’t as flexible as she is, which didn’t come from her. Patrick tells Anna that he asked Robin to move in with him. Anna says that would drive her into panic mode.

Robin leaves a message on voicemail for Alexis. She needs a lawyer. Liz tells her this isn’t the way to go. Elizabeth tells Robin that she didn’t give Patrick much of a choice in getting a lawyer. Liz thinks that Robin is the only one who still believes Patrick doesn’t want to be a father.

Alexis says that Jerry is capable of helping her keep Kristina safe. She tells Nikolas that she can’t leave Port Charles. Anthony would find her anywhere, she tells him. Alexis says that Jerry can handle this on his own.

Jason says Carly needs to take a pregnancy test. Jason says she lied to Sonny, putting him (Jason) in a terrible position. Jason insists she take the test before he even thinks about lying for her.

Maxie tells Dr. Hunter that Lulu is a drama queen. Lulu wants to know how Spinelli is doing. Spinelli explains to the doctor why he is in the hospital. Dr. Hunter says he will keep him for observation and will run some tests. Dr. Hunter says Maxie and Lulu can leave anytime.

At Kelly’s, Lucky is talking to Mike about Sam, who is standing right behind him. Sam says to Lucky that he is sweet, even when he is wrong. Over at Alexis’ office, Ric tells Alexis that Jerry took Johnny hostage. Alexis is mad that Ric works for Anthony. She says to him that Anthony must pay him well.

Nikolas meets Claudia at the hospital. He says that her father is threatening his aunt. He wants it to stop or he will go to Jason and reveal Claudia’s secret that she was behind Michael’s shooting.

Carly won’t look at the pregnancy test. Jason says it is negative. Carly is relieved, but Jason is adamant that she not lie to anyone before finding out if she is pregnant. He says next time, she is on her own. Carly leaves, happy she isn’t pregnant.

Anna says people model their relationships by what they see growing up. Anna says that her and Robert co-parented apart from each other. Robert only saw Robin occasionally. Patrick says he wants this baby to have the childhood he didn’t.

Sam tells Lucky that it’s okay he rescheduled. He explains that he had to work and that Johnny was arrested. He says the Zaccharas were there demanding that Johnny be released. Sam says that Lulu is in love with Johnny and she could get hurt. Lucky says this could be bad for Lulu.

Ric says there is no excuse for Anthony’s behavior. He tells Alexis that Anthony won’t do anything. Ric says Anthony is just a manipulator. Alexis says to Ric that Jerry defended her daughter, more than he (Ric) has ever done.

Jerry brings Johnny to a warehouse. Johnny says Anthony will come looking for them. Johnny says Anthony miscalculated and that nothing will happen to Alexis or Kristina. At the hospital, Claudia assures Nikolas that Kristina is safe and that the one in danger is her brother, Johnny. She tells Nik that Jerry is holding Johnny hostage. Nikolas says he doesn’t have any sympathy.

Dr. Hunter checks in on Spinelli after Maxie and Lulu have left. Spinelli says he rules the Internet. Dr. Hunter says he should have a personality test. The doctor says that Spinelli is awkward in social situations and can’t make small talk. Spinelli says he doesn’t want to be diagnosed. He tells Dr. Hunter they should agree this conversation never happened.

Kate is glad that Lulu and Maxie finally show up for work. Maxie thinks Lulu was flirting with the doctor. Lulu looks at her with disbelief.

Robin says Liz could be right. She says she doesn’t want Patrick to be obligated. Diane shows up and talks about setting up a court date in Patrick’s behalf. Patrick and Anna show up and ask what is going on. Anna says she would testify in Patrick’s behalf, which leaves Robin puzzled.

Johnny grabs the gun from Jerry as Claudia shows up at the warehouse. In the meantime, Carly shows up at the house, where Jax has been waiting for her. Carly asks what is going on. Jax asks if she has delayed taking the pregnancy test because Sonny might be the father.

Sonny goes to Jason’s apartment. He demands to know the truth and asks Jason if he (Sonny) could be the father of Carly’s baby.

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