GH Update Friday 6/27/08

General Hospital Update Friday 6/27/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Tracy is with Johnny at the PCPD. Lulu arrives for a visit.

Robin is surprised at home by a visit from Patrick. He questions why she’s going to work.

Maxie goes to GH. She’s on the phone and she literally bumps into a handsome doctor. The doctor accidentally destroys her PDA.

Claudia goes to GH to see Spinelli. Jason is there.

Carly arrives home and finds Sonny waiting. He asks if he’s the father of the baby.

Back at the PCPD, Lulu is upset about Johnny’s situation. Tracy wonders why Lulu doesn’t see the forest through the trees. Tracy says she fears Lulu will follow in Laura’s footsteps. Tracy leaves.

Robin tells Patrick she’s returning to work. Patrick wants to “work it out” with Robin. Patrick and Robin argue about their choices. Robin says she’ll do things her own way. Anna arrives at Robin’s and breaks up the argument.

Jerry is in Alexis’ office. He asks her what Anthony said. Alexis tells him how Anthony threatened Kristina in a round about way. Alexis is frantic. Jerry promises to “take it from here.”

At GH, the “new resident” and Maxie argue over her phone. Nikolas interrupts. Dr. Mat Hunter says he’s too busy for introductions. Nik introduces himself as the one “paying for” the doctor’s “fellowship.”

At home, Carly argues with Sonny about the pregnancy. Carly says if she’s pregnant, Jason is the baby’s daddy, not Sonny.

At GH, Jason asks Claudia to leave Spinelli’s room. She wants to stay. Spinelli wakes up and thanks Claudia. After Claudia leaves, Spinelli says Claudia “has feelings for” Jason. Liz walks in just in time to hear Spinelli’s comments. Liz says nothing about what she heard. Spinelli says his “comments” were influenced by his fever. Spinelli rattles on about Claudia. Liz leaves the room. Jason wonders why Spinelli said what he did.

Carly is still with Sonny. She insists she’s carrying Jason’s baby. Sonny is more than skeptical.

Kate and Jax are at Crimson talking about the wedding. They disagree about Sonny. Kate vows to “stand by” Sonny “every step of the way.” Jax thinks Kate’s making a “bad investment” in Sonny. Jax leaves Kate’s office.

At Robin’s, Anna pampers Robin. Anna compares Patrick to Robert. Anna says she’ll be in town for “a while” to look after Robin. Anna says Patrick should go and Robin agrees. Patrick leaves.

Lulu is still with Johnny at the PCPD. Johnny says he understands Tracy’s concern. Lulu tells Johnny about her visit from Logan.

Claudia arrives at the station and tells Mac she wants to see her brother. Ric arrives with good news.

At GH, Spinelli says Claudia has “a softer side” that she’d be willing to share with Jason. Jason tells Spinelli to stop talking. Maxie arrives.

Nik is still with the new doctor. Nik tells Mat he was the one who chose him. Nik also says Mat will be working at the clinic. Nik introduces Mat to Patrick. Patrick is less than friendly.

At Carly’s house, Sonny is still skeptical about the baby. Carly argues with Sonny about Kate. Sonny says if the baby is his, he will be involved in the child’s life. Again Carly insists the baby (if there is one) is Jason’s.

Anna makes Robin some tea. Robin wants to return to work. Anna gets a call. Robin sneaks out the door while Anna is on the phone.

At the PCPD, Ric shares his news with Claudia, Mac and Alexis. He seems to have proof that Logan started the fight with Johnny. Alexis says the charges were being dropped anyway. Mac releases Johnny. Ric says Anthony wants to see Johnny and Claudia immediately. Johnny leaves with Ric and Claudia. Lulu is surprised to be left by Johnny.

Jason comes home and finds Diane at the penthouse. Diane is disinfecting the place wearing rubber gloves. Diane and Jason discuss business. Diane asks if Jason has spoken with Carly. Jason is curious about Diane’s question.

Carly leaves Jason a phone message as Jax arrives home. Jax brings up the possible pregnancy again.

Kate is at Crimson. Sonny arrives and says he has something to tell Kate.

Robin is at GH. She makes a comment to Liz about Mat. Liz talks with Robin about Jason. Patrick approaches Robin. He gives her a visitation petition for the baby.

Maxie is still at GH with Spinelli. He blames himself for the quarantine. Maxie gives Spinelli a bottle of soda.

Diane is still at Jason’s. She’s still cleaning. Diane insists that Carly is “fine.” Jason wants more details. Jason worries that Carly has a “plan.” Diane wonders about Jason’s friendship with Carly. She finds it curious that they confide in each other the way they do. Diane warns Jason that Carly will be coming to him soon with something big.

Sonny tells Kate about the fight with Carly. Kate blames Carly. Kate says Sonny should stop giving Carly “power.” Kate changes the subject to the wedding.

Nik goes to see Alexis in her office. He thanks her for help with the mayor. Nik notices that Alexis is upset. Alexis is evasive. She’s clearly worried about Jerry’s next move.

Claudia and Johnny go to see their dad with Ric. Trevor is there. Ric says Johnny should be more careful in the future. Claudia is asked to leave the room by Trevor. Anthony tells her to stay. Anthony says Alexis is “the real problem.” Jerry arrives and holds a gun to Johnny.

At GH, Spinelli tells Maxie he may have caused problems for Claudia. Spinelli says he must warn Claudia. Spinelli gets out of bed and Maxie tries to stop him. Maxie ends up in the hospital bed too. Mat arrives and gets the wrong idea.

Robin says Patrick can’t petition the court. Robin says she won’t let Patrick “bond” with the baby.

Jason is at home checking his phone messages. They’re from Carly. Carly arrives at Jason’s door. Jason says he knows Carly is “in trouble.” Carly drops the baby bomb.

At Crimson, Kate and Sonny discuss the wedding date. Jax arrives. Kate leaves Jax and Sonny alone. The men bicker. Sonny advises Jax to have a paternity test run on Carly’s baby.

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