GH Update Thursday 6/26/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/26/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax gets home after dropping Morgan off at camp. Carly is there and she’s not feeling well.

Nikolas and Nadine are at the new clinic. Nik thanks Nadine for her help.

Johnny is at the PCPD. Anthony comes to visit. He’s upset that Johnny is handcuffed. Anthony promises to get Johnny released.

Alexis arrives at her office. Jerry is waiting for her. As Jerry is kissing Alexis, Claudia arrives.

At home with Jax, Carly insists she’s “fine.” Jax pushes her to take a home pregnancy test.

Back at the clinic, Nadine and the clinic manager explain some things to Nik. Leyla arrives and offers her help. Nik is concerned that there are no patients at the clinic.

Tracy goes to visit Monica. Tracy asks for “advice” on handling Lulu.

At the PCPD, Anthony says he knows Johnny was set up. Johnny tells his dad what happened with Logan.

Alexis asks Claudia what she wants. Claudia asks for help with Johnny. Claudia leaves the DA’s office after Alexis refuses to help. Alexis confronts Jerry about his relationship with Claudia.

Tracy is still with Monica. She tells Monica about Lulu’s relationship with Johnny. Monica wonders why Tracy has come to her for “advice.” Monica’s advice is for Tracy to “get Lulu away from” Johnny and his life.

Claudia goes to the PCPD to see Johnny. Claudia says she’s happy Anthony is on Johnny’s side.

Back in Alexis’, office, Jerry says he’s had nothing to do with Claudia. Alexis is suspicious of Jerry. She tells him to stay away from her office. Saying he feels “used,” Jerry leaves.

Maxie and Kate discuss the wedding at Crimson.

Carly and Jax are still home. She says every day is a struggle. Carly says she’s afraid to bring a baby into their life right now. She says she needs more “time.” Jax understands. He heads to the hotel. Carly makes a phone call.

Scott arrives at Alexis’ office. He makes a snide comment about Jerry. Scott talks with Alexis about Johnny’s charges. Alexis says she may not file any charges. Alexis says a witness claims Logan started the fight. Scott says Johnny is to stay “locked up” or he’ll take Alexis’ job. Scott leaves.

Claudia is still at the PCPD with Johnny. She suggests that Johnny cut Lulu loose. Claudia says Johnny is “too wrapped up” in his drama with Lulu.

Leyla and Nik are still at the clinic. The mayor arrives. He makes a comment about the lack of patients. Nik says the mayor is, “trying to scare” patients “away.” He says the clinic threatens corporations and insurance companies. Nadine arrives with a group of patients.

Carly is at Jake’s. Coleman is there. Diane arrives to meet Carly. Carly tells Diane about her “who’s the daddy” dilemma.

At the PCPD, Johnny tells his sister Lulu keeps him “happy.” Tracy comes in to see Johnny. Claudia leaves. She confronts Ric in the police station and asks him to get Johnny “released.” Inside the interrogation room, Tracy asks Johnny if Anthony killed his mom.

Lucky is with Alexis. She tells Lucky to find a witness to the fight. Lucky leaves. Anthony arrives and asks Alexis to drop the charges. Anthony brings up Kristina.

Kate and Maxie are still at Crimson discussing the wedding. Jax arrives. Maxie heads to GH to check on Spinelli.

At Jake’s, Carly tells Diane the story of her and Sonny in the limo. Carly says she may be pregnant. Max arrives.

Tracy talks with Johnny at the PCPD. She presses Johnny about his father and his life. Tracy says Lulu will end up like Johnny’s mother. Outside the interrogation room, Ric tells Claudia it may be better for her if Johnny goes to prison.

At Alexis’ office, Anthony threatens Kristina. Alexis gets upset. Anthony says he and Alexis can “ease” each other’s “worries” about their kids.

The mayor is still at the clinic talking with Nik. The mayor says the clinic will be closed soon. Nadine and Leyla are still at the clinic. Nik wonders where Nadine found the patients.

At Jake’s, Diane tells Max she’s having a “professional discussion” with Carly. Max leaves. Carly wonders what Sonny’s rights are if the child turns out to be his.

At the PCPD, Claudia tells Ric that Johnny will always be Anthony’s “golden child.” Claudia leaves the police station.

In the interrogation room, Johnny tells Tracy he’s different than his dad. Tracy says the “chaos” of Johnny’s life is too much for Lulu. Tracy says LuLu will be safe only if Johnny lets go of her. The guard announces that LuLu has come to visit Johnny.

Alexis calls Jerry to her office to tell him about Anthony’s threat. Jerry promises to help.

At the clinic, Nadine tells Nik she simply posted flyers in some of the less fortunate neighborhoods. Lucky arrives to see Nik. Nadine hears Nik tell Lucky how much he misses Emily.

Maxie goes to GH. She bumps into a handsome new doctor.

Kate and Jax are in a meeting at Crimson. They discuss the possible pregnancy.

At Jake’s, Diane says Sonny could get access to the baby if it turns out to be his. She advises Carly to tell Jax the truth. Carly refuses. She says she knows how to “stop Sonny.”

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