GH Update Wednesday 6/25/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At Robin’s, she and Patrick talk about Liz’s advice and whose side she is on. Patrick says that Robin has a choice in being a single mother.

At Sonny’s, Kate tells Lulu and Maxie that she and Sonny are getting married. Sonny listens as Lulu tells Kate that Sonny and Carly always get back together.

At home, Carly reads a story to Morgan. He falls asleep before the story is over. Carly apologizes to Morgan for being so distracted and admits that she could be pregnant. Carly says that Sonny or Jax could be the father. Jax walks in and Carly says that she didn’t hear him come in. Jax says that Carly was confessing to Morgan and that he assumes she was saying that she is scared to be pregnant again. Jax says that he feels the same way.

At the hospital, Jason asks Liz about Spinelli. Claudia walks in and asks about Spinelli. Claudia asks if they can go sit with Spinelli. Jason offers to call Claudia when he finds out about Spinelli. Claudia says that she was the one stuck in the penthouse nursing them back to health. Jason asks Leyla and Epiphany about Spinelli and asks Liz if he can go in. Jason tells Claudia that she can leave. She says that she gets to be worried about Spinelli too.

At her apartment, Robin and Patrick talk about Liz’s choice to be a single mother. Patrick says that he gets to decide how involved he is with the baby. Robin says that he already did.

Alexis asks Lucky if Lulu is at the station. Alexis informs Lucky that Johnny is being brought in for assault and tells Johnny to wait for his lawyer in the interrogation room. Scott walks in and announces that he wants Johnny arrested for the attempted murder of Logan. Scott suggests that Johnny could kill Lulu.

At Sonny’s, Kate tells Lulu that Sonny and Carly are history and that their wedding will be huge. Kate says that they are going to do a big piece on the wedding in the magazine. They talk about the wedding plans and Sonny tries to disappear, but Kate stops him. Kate asks Sonny where he wants to get married. Sonny says that the justice of the peace is fine with him. Lulu asks wedding questions. Sonny suggests that the wedding be in a few weeks. Kate says that the wedding can’t be before November.

At home, Carly and Jax talk about the possibility of her being pregnant. Jax agrees to stop pushing her and see how she feels in a few days. Carly says that she has to go take Morgan upstairs and Jax offers to do it for her because she shouldn’t be lifting things just in case.

At the PCPD, Detective Harper tells Alexis what the people in the lobby saw. Trevor and Anthony walk in and say that there has been a mistake.

At Sonny’s, he and Kate talk about the wedding plans. Lulu and Maxie offer suggestions for the wedding destination. Jason calls Maxie from the hospital to let her know about Spinelli. Maxie says that she has an emergency and asks if she has to go. Sonny suggests that Lulu should go to so they can discuss things.

At the hospital, Spinelli wakes up and freaks out. Liz calms him down and he says that Jason was the one who contracted the virus. In the waiting area, Jason asks Claudia why she is so concerned about Spinelli. Claudia says that Spinelli is the first guy she has met who isn’t trying to sleep with her or kill her and asks Jason which guy he is.

At Robin’s, she and Patrick talk about his role in the child’s life. Robin reminds Patrick how he felt about becoming a parent. Robin says that she has changed her life to have the child. Patrick says that he is trying to change his life, but she won’t let him. Patrick admits that he is ready to acknowledge that he is going to be a father and he wants to try to be a family with her and the baby. Robin says that you don’t try to be a family, you either are or you’re not and they aren’t.

At the hospital, Jason and Claudia talk about whether she knows Spinelli or not. Claudia says that if you spend time in quarantine with someone you get to know him or her. Maxie walks in and asks about Spinelli. Jason goes to find out how Spinelli is doing. Maxie and Claudia talk about why the other is there. Maxie says that she is still in on the plan to seduce Johnny. Jason walks over and says that only one person at a time can go in to see Spinelli and offers to let Maxie go first. Johnny calls Claudia and she tells Jason that she has to go and that she will be saying a prayer for Spinelli. Claudia leaves. Leyla checks on Spinelli and he wakes up and talks to her. Maxie runs in and says that Spinelli has to get better because she needs him.

Lulu shows up at the PCPD and asks about Johnny. Logan asks Scott if he really saw who threw the first punch. Scott says that he doesn’t want to hear it if Logan is going to say that he took the first swing. Lulu tells Lucky that she wants to see Johnny. Lucky agrees to make it happen and they walk across the room. Trevor and Scott talk about what happened. Trevor says that it is time that Logan talked for himself and Anthony agrees. Logan says that Johnny made a big mistake when he hit Logan.

At Sonny’s, he and Kate talk about how horrified he was by the wedding plans. He tells Kate about his previous weddings. Kate says that she wants his last wedding to be special and dramatic. Sonny says that since it is Kate’s first wedding, she should have everything she wants. Sonny says that it seems like he is asking too much.

At home, Jax and Carly talk about Morgan. Carly says that Jax is a wonderful stepfather. Carly says that she isn’t ready to have another baby. Jax says that if she is pregnant, they can look forward to the future and maybe it will help them heal a little bit. Carly suggests that a pregnancy might tear them apart.

At Sonny’s, he and Kate talk about him changing his life. Kate tells Sonny that they are going to have a wonderful life together. Kate says that she lost him once, but it won’t happen again. Sonny wishes his children could be part of their joy. They start kissing.

At home, Jax asks Carly how a pregnancy could ruin anything. Carly admits that she is afraid. Carly says that she feels so alone. Jax tells her to take each moment at a time and that they can try their best. Carly hugs Jax.

At the PCPD, Trevor visits Johnny and questions him, while Lulu watches. Trevor says that Johnny will probably have to spend the night in jail. Alexis tells Scott that she doesn’t respond well to pressure from anyone. Logan tells Anthony that he didn’t sign on to be Johnny’s punching bag. Anthony fires Logan. Claudia walks up asking about Johnny. Anthony asks her if Jason died in quarantine.

At the hospital, Liz walks over to Jason and asks him about his fever. Jason assures her that he is fine. Spinelli is happy that Maxie is concerned about him. Maxie says that she is staying and willing him to get healthy. Maxie says that Spinelli has to get better because she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Leyla looks at Spinelli.

At Robin’s, she and Patrick talk about his family. Robin explains that she had a similar childhood experience and that she won’t do it to her child. Robin says that a child can’t miss what it never had. Patrick realizes that she thinks it would be best if his child never knew him at all. Robin and Patrick argue about him wanting to be a father. Patrick says that he is trying to change. Robin thinks that Patrick wants them to live together because he feels guilty.

At the hospital, Spinelli tells Maxie what happened. Maxie tells Spinelli the way he is and that Gisele isn’t worth his time. Jason walks in and asks Spinelli how he is doing. Leyla tells Jason that Spinelli’s fever has broke. Maxie kisses Spinelli on the cheek and leaves.

At the PCPD, Claudia tells Anthony that she couldn’t do it. Alexis suggests that Logan and Scott have rehearsed their statements. Logan says that Lulu will get hurt. Johnny tells Trevor to take Anthony home.

At home, Carly and Jax sit in a chair. Carly says that the only thing that would make things better is some corndogs. Carly grabs Jax’s phone and tosses it to him and leaves the room to make some corndogs. Jax answers the phone and Kate says that she has an idea for the magazine. Kate says that she wants to do a piece on her wedding to Sonny in Crimson. Jax congratulates Kate. Jax says that he thinks Carly is pregnant. Carly walks in and Jax tells Kate that he has to go. Sonny comes back in the room. Carly asks why Jax told Kate that she might be pregnant. Jax announces to Carly that Kate and Sonny are getting married.

At Robin’s, she and Patrick talk about their relationship. Robin and Patrick talk about why they should have two separate places. Patrick says that Robin needs him. Maxie knocks on the door and says that she can help Robin. Robin tells Patrick to go out and be himself. Patrick reluctantly leaves, but he tells her that he is right there. Robin says that she is sure about it and Maxie closes the door behind Patrick.

At the PCPD, Claudia walks in to see Johnny. They talk about the quarantine situation. Claudia says that Jason might have a soul and that she can take care of herself. Claudia says that she isn’t going to let anyone hurt Johnny.

At the hospital, Jason tells Spinelli to get some rest. Spinelli says that Jason doesn’t have to sit there. Spinelli says that the IV is painful and that he is still a wimp. Jason says that he counts on Spinelli. Jason says that he wants Spinelli back to work as soon as possible and Spinelli rests. Liz looks in the room.

At home, Jax and Carly talk about Kate and Sonny getting married. Carly says that Sonny is looking for a distraction from what happened with Michael. Carly asks Jax not to get his hopes up for a baby that probably isn’t there. Jax admits that he is hoping that she is pregnant.

At Sonny’s, he and Kate talk about the wedding destination. Kate tells Sonny that Carly might be pregnant.

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