GH Update Tuesday 6/24/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/24/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu and Logan talk at the boathouse. She asks why he is working for Anthony. Logan says that he is worried about Lulu because Johnny isn’t who she thinks she is. Lulu tells Logan that they aren’t getting back together and he needs to accept it. Lulu walks away.

Maxie and Johnny talk about Lulu. Maxie asks Johnny what Lulu brings to the table. Maxie tells Johnny about Lulu’s urge to live up to Luke and Laura’s love story.

Patrick and Robin talk at her apartment. Patrick says that he got the diaper on Jake right the 3rd time. Patrick and Robin talk about taking care of Jake. Robin suggests that they feed Jake together.

At the penthouse, Spinelli rants and Jason tells him to rest. Claudia talks on the phone with someone and says that Spinelli has a temperature.

At home, Carly and Jax talk about her refusing to take a home pregnancy test. Jax says that he thinks he knows why Carly is protesting so much.

Maxie and Johnny talk about what she pays attention to. Johnny says that he would rather jump off the roof than hurt Lulu. Maxie says that Johnny already knows that he won’t live happily ever after with Lulu and that he should find someone like Maxie. Lulu gets on the elevator to find Maxie and Johnny together.

At the penthouse, Spinelli rants and Jason says that Spinelli is talking crazy. Spinelli says that Jason needs to embrace his father, Sonny, not Alan. Spinelli tells Claudia about Jason’s beginning in the mob life. Spinelli says that Sonny will want to take the business back over and that Jason will kill Sonny.

At Sonny’s, he and Kate talk about a pre-nup and about planning the wedding. Sonny says that he understands where she is coming from and that he will understand if she doesn’t want to be his wife.

At home, Jax says that Carly is afraid of the possibility of a pregnancy. Carly says that she can’t imagine being pregnant right now because of Michael’s condition. Carly says that she isn’t pregnant. Mercedes brings Morgan back from the movies and asks if she can leave because she wants to surprise her father. Jax offers her a ride. Carly tells Morgan that Jax is great and that she hopes Jax is wrong this time.

At her apartment, Robin and Patrick talk about feeding Jake. Liz knocks on the door and Patrick opens it. Patrick announces that he called the daycare and that Robin put Liz up to bringing Jake over.

Johnny says that he has to go see his father. Lulu pulls Maxie off the elevator and says that she can get them both fired. Maxie says that Johnny is too much for Lulu.

At the penthouse, Jason tries to shut Spinelli up. Jason tries to get Claudia to leave, but Spinelli says that she needs to stay. Spinelli says that Jason has to stand up to Sonny. Jason agrees to stand up to Sonny and tells Spinelli to get some rest. Claudia tells Jason that what Spinelli said is true.

At Sonny’s, he and Kate talk about their engagement. Sonny says that Kate can change her mind if she wants. Kate says that nothing will stop her from becoming his wife and they share a kiss. Kate suggests that they wait until they are married to be intimate, but Sonny says that there isn’t a chance of that and they start kissing.

At Robin’s, Liz says that she needed a babysitter and thought of Robin. Patrick says that he was great with Jake and Robin asks when that was. Robin admits that she set Patrick up to see if he could handle a child. Patrick asks Liz to explain what he would be missing by not stepping up as a father since Robin didn’t understand it the first time.

Logan walks into the Metro Court and meets with Scott. Logan says that he thought they could get to know each other better. Logan walks up to Johnny and says that if Johnny cared about Lulu, he would tell her to stay away. Johnny says that Logan doesn’t get to have a say in what happens with Lulu and tells Logan to get back to work. Johnny and Logan start fighting. Scott says that he will have Johnny arrested and Johnny lets go of Logan.

Lulu walks into Crimson and asks if Kate is there. Maxie says that Kate is out with Sonny. Lulu tells Maxie about Laura’s condition and says that when Maxie talks about Laura, it is rude. Maxie apologizes for talking about Laura’s condition. Maxie says that Laura went crazy for a reason and it might have had something to do with Luke, not just Scott. Maxie says that Lulu is taking the same chances that Laura took.

At the penthouse, Claudia and Jason talk about what Spinelli said and why he said it. Claudia tells Jason why Spinelli was right about Sonny eventually wanting the business back. Spinelli starts writhing in pain and Claudia says that they have to get Spinelli to a hospital.

Kate tells sonny that she needs him because she needs a refill. He walks into the bathroom and fills her glass of wine. He leans down and kisses her and starts undressing, while she pours another glass. Sonny joins her in the bath and Kate hands him a glass of wine. They move closer and start kissing.

At Robin’s, Liz says that she never should have offered her opinion, but finally agrees to explain her opinions. Liz says that the most important thing is to remain honest with each other and that they talk it through before the baby is born. Liz leaves to get Jake. Patrick says that he can understand why Robin is friends with Liz. Liz thanks Robin and Patrick for taking care of Jake for her and leaves. Patrick and Robin talk about whose side Liz is on.

At Crimson, Lulu realizes what Maxie is saying about her relationship with Johnny. Maxie reminds Lulu that she broke up Georgie and Dillon’s marriage. Maxie says that she doesn’t want Lulu to lose her mind. Maxie says that Lulu has the same genes as Laura and she wonders why Lulu is taking the same chances that Laura took. Lulu says that she isn’t going to go crazy for any reason.

At the Metro Court, Scott tells Detective Harper what happened between Johnny and Logan. Detective Harper arrests Johnny.

At Sonny’s, Kate makes a phone call and says that there have been some changes that will affect everything.

At the penthouse, the paramedics get Spinelli ready to transport to the hospital and ask questions about his condition. The paramedics say that they have to get Spinelli to the emergency room immediately and leave. Claudia says that Spinelli will be fine, but Jason says that no one can know that for sure.

At home, Carly reads a book to Morgan, but when she finishes it he is sleeping. Carly apologizes to Morgan for being so distracted. Carly admits that she could be pregnant and that the baby could be Sonny’s or Jax’s. Jax walks in the door.

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