GH Update Monday 6/23/08

General Hospital Update Monday 6/23/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the police station, Carly canít stop laughing about Alexis and Jerry. Jerry says it is hard for Alexis to hide her passion for him. Claudia wants to give Jason a sponge bath. In the meantime, Sonny tells Kate he worries that she will be in danger staying with him.

Robin tells Patrick she is thankful for all he has done, but she doesnít want to move in with him. Robin says she is having this baby herself. There is no ďusĒ, she tells Patrick.
At the boathouse, Maxie shows up where Lulu and Johnny are talking. Lulu asks why she isnít at Crimsonís photo shoot. Maxie will not leave even though Lulu keeps insisting. Maxie asks Johnny to put suntan lotion on her back.

Jason doesnít want a sponge bath from Claudia. She says she wonít hurt him, but he refuses her help. Jason tells Spinelli he has to get the quarantine lifted. Claudia tells Spinelli that he canít do that.

Alexis wants Jerry to be quiet about their night together, but Jerry doesnít think they did anything wrong. Carly and Jax are listening as Jerry and Alexis talk about the night before. Carly says that Alexis can take care of herself. Alexis announces to the whole police station that she slept with Jerry.

Sonny says he is still grieving for Michael, but he has clarity now. He knows he has to change his life. Kate tells him he is doing a wonderful job of turning his life around. Sonny says he has some regrets and wonders if it is too late to be with Kate. Kate asks Sonny if heís breaking up with her.

Robin says if she moves in with Patrick, he will go crazy. Patrick says he has been trying to prove for months that he wants to be in their babyís life. Patrick questions if Robin even needs him, since she got what she wanted: a baby.

Claudia says if Jason leaves the apartment, he could endanger the lives of people in Port Charles. Claudia refuses to leave. She says Jason is mad because he is sick, while her and Spinelli are not showing any symptoms.

Diane brings Alexis into the interrogation room. She canít believe Alexis told everyone about her one night stand with Jerry. Alexis says she was backed into a corner because Jerry was spilling the beans about their night together.

Sonny says he doesnít want to say goodbye to Kate. He says he has regrets about when Kate left him when they were teenagers. Kate says that there is nothing to regret because they found their way back to each other. Sonny admits he has a great life, but he wonders if he should be happy with Kate because of what happened to Michael. Sonny tells Kate that he has changed for the better because of her and that he wants to be a better man. Sonny says he loves Kate. He asks her to marry him and says he wants her to be his wife.

Sonny says if she canít say yes, it would hurt him, but he would understand. Kate tells him fate brought her back to him. Right now, Kate says, she is ready to give Sonny her heart and that her future is in his hands.

Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli is quarantined and explains the whole situation why Claudia is at Jasonís apartment, too. Maxie asks Johnny if he is going to check on his sister, but he says Claudia can take care of herself. Johnny and Lulu decide to go for a swim, while Maxie answers Johnnyís cell phone. It is Anthony, demanding to know where Johnny is. Maxie tells him that Johnny is with Lulu at the boathouse. Anthony tells Maxie that he needs to see him pronto!

Diane realizes that Alexis didnít have meaningless sex. Diane canít believe Alexis likes Jerry. Diane says there must be an upside to sleeping with Jerry.

Carly says Jerry and Alexis are consenting adults and they can do what they want. She says Alexis is old enough to make her own mistakes. Jerry says sleeping with Alexis wasnít a mistake.

Patrick says he has changed since he found out he was going to be a father. Robin says she loves him, but she doesnít want him to compromise. Patrick says that Robin is not giving them a chance to be a family.

Jason tells Spinelli not to do anything. Spinelli offers to check Jasonís temp. Claudia gets a phone call from Anthony. He says he knows she is with Jason. Anthony wants Claudia to kill Jason. He says it is her only way back in the family and that it would make him proud.

Patrick says they keep having the same fight. He wants the chance for them to be a family. Robin says she was excited about being a single mom. Patrick tells her she can depend on him. He says he is going to get a beer and in the meantime, he wants her to think about the situation. Robin calls Liz, asking for her help.

Maxie says she likes Johnnyís boat. She asks him if heíd take her for a ride. Lulu has had enough. She tells Maxie to leave. Maxie says she came over to give Johnny an eyeful and see what heís missing. Johnny tells Lulu not to worry.

Kate is crying as Sonny shows her the engagement ring. Sonny asks if it is too flashy, but Kate loves it. She says she wants something flashy to show how much she loves him. Sonny puts the ring on her finger. Kate says it is perfect and that he has made her very happy.

Jason is trying to rest. Claudia makes him some chicken noodle soup. Jason doesnít have any because he doesnít trust Claudia. He tells her she can leave anytime she wants. Spinelli says he has found activity on Ian Devlinís offshore accounts. Claudia looks worried.

Jerry is still at the police station. Alexis asks Diane why he is hanging around. Alexis says she is crazy for telling everyone she slept with a criminal. She tells Diane to talk to Jerry. He goes into the interrogation room and kisses Alexis. Back at home, Carly asks Jax why he is so worried about Alexis. Jax says Alexis canít trust Jerry at all. All of a sudden, Carly feels nauseous and dizzy.

Johnny and Lulu kiss just as his phone rings. It is Anthony, wondering where Johnny is. Maxie didnít relay Anthonyís message to Johnny. In the meantime, Jason tells Claudia to go upstairs. Spinelli tells Jason there is no need for secrecy. Spinelli says someone moved money from Devlinís account to another. Spinelli explains to Jason it might not have anything to do with Ianís accomplice. Jason says that it could be a suspect linked to Michaelís shooting. Claudia listens to their whole conversation.

Robin asks Patrick if he is still mad. Robin says she needs to think about all this. Elizabeth shows up with Jake. She is looking for a babysitter. Before Patrick can say anything, she hands him Jake and leaves.

Jax says that maybe Carly should go to the doctor. She doesnít think she has the flu. Jax says that Carly could be pregnant.

Kate says she is excited about getting married. Kate says there are so many things to decide, like where they are going to live. Kate thinks they should keep both houses. Kate says she needs to call Diane to write up a pre-nuptial agreement. Sonny gives her a strange look.

Maxie and Johnny are in the same elevator. She keeps telling him that he can do better than Lulu. Johnny doesnít want to hear anymore, but the elevator gets stuck. At the boathouse, Logan shows up. He tells Lulu he misses her.

Spinelli tells Claudia he has a headache. Claudia says he should go to his room and sleep. Claudia reassures him that sheíll keep an eye on Jason, who has fallen asleep on the couch. Claudia takes a pillow and stands over Jason.

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