GH Update Friday 6/20/08

General Hospital Update Friday 6/20/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At Robin’s, Mac arrests Patrick while Robin protests. Mac assures Robin she’s better off without Patrick.

At the hotel, Tracy asks Carly to talk Lulu out of seeing Johnny.

Robin calls Maxie for help with Mac.

Jason falls down the stairs at the penthouse. Claudia and Spinelli rush to help him.

Sonny is at home with Max and Milo. He gives them vague directions. Max and Milo follow Sonny’s orders.

Spinelli helps Jason to the sofa. Jason insists he’s ok. Spinelli calls the Health Department. Claudia calms Spinelli down. Claudia takes over the phone call when Spinelli freaks out.

At the hotel, Carly and Tracy discuss Luke. Tracy says Lulu is heading for trouble with Johnny. Carly says Lulu must make her own decisions.

Johnny and Lulu are at the boathouse. Lulu tells Johnny about Dillon and her pregnancy.

Jax attacks Jerry at Alexis’ office. Alexis tries to break up the fight. Jax is upset because Jerry took advantage of Alexis. The brothers continue to fight. Harper and another officer burst in. Jax continues to attack Jerry. Jax and Jerry are arrested.

Sonny is at home and he makes plans with Kate.

Max is at Sonny’s house. He has a diamond ring. Max hides the ring when Diane comes along. Diane is more than curious about what Max is hiding. Max drops the ring. When he picks up the ring, Max ends up on one knee. Diane sees the ring and thinks it’s for her. Sonny interrupts just as Diane agrees to marry Max.

At the penthouse, Claudia gives the Health Department Jason’s symptoms. Spinelli tries to take Jason’s temperature.

Max and Sonny are still at Sonny’s house. Sonny yells at Max for giving Diane the ring. Sonny says he wants Kate’s ring back. Max is flustered. Max says Sonny hasn’t had the best luck with marriage. Sonny says things will be different with Kate.

Alexis is still in her office. She says she wants “no charges filed” against the Jacks brothers. Diane arrives and tells Alexis she’s engaged. Diane says she has no desire to get married. She shows Alexis the ring. Alexis tells Diane to return the ring to Max.

Harper interrogates Jerry and Jax at the PCPD. The two men argue. Jax says he won’t tolerate Jerry mistreating Alexis. Jerry taunts Jax about Alexis.

Mac brings Patrick into the PCPD. Maxie arrives with Robin.

At the pool house, Lulu tells Johnny all about what she did to Dillon. Johnny says he had no interest in love until he met Lulu. Tracy arrives.

Claudia manages to take Jason’s temperature. She gets directions on how to care for Jason from the Health Department.

Max says he can’t “hurt” Diane by asking for the ring back. Sonny asks if Max loves Diane. Max says he doesn’t. Sonny says Max is only with Diane to spite him. Max says he would commit to marry Diane.

In her office, Alexis admires Diane’s ring. Alexis says Diane can’t marry Max. Diane says Max is “sweet” and “supportive.” Alexis says Diane must tell Max if she doesn’t want to marry him.

At the PCPD, Maxie tries to talk to Mac about his behavior. Mac tells Robin he just wants to protect her. Robin says Mac should be happy Patrick is interested in the baby. Robin finally convinces Mac to see things her way.

Harper has Jerry and Jax in the interrogation room. The brothers continue to argue. Kate arrives at the PCPD to get Jax. Carly is right behind her. Carly and Kate approach Jerry and Jax. Carly dismisses Kate. Jerry tells Carly how Jax attacked him. Alexis arrives and tells the brothers they are free to go.

Maxie is at Robin’s with Robin and Patrick. She warns Patrick about hurting Robin. Patrick says he’s “committed.” Maxie leaves.

Tracy gives Lulu a lecture at the pool house. Alan appears. Tracy wants conformation that Lulu is safe with Johnny.

At the penthouse, Spinelli gives Jason some Brazilian berry juice. When he goes to get Jason a refill, Spinelli spills the bottle of juice on himself.

Max and Sonny are at Sonny’s house. Sonny says Max must get the ring back. Max says he’ll call Diane right away. Diane arrives. Diane says she really likes Max. Max compliments Diane. Sonny gets impatient. Max blurts out that he “can’t marry” Diane.

At Robin’s apartment, Patrick says he doesn’t like the idea of Robin turning her closet into a nursery. Patrick says Robin should move to his place. He says they should live together as a family.

At the PCPD, Harper disagrees about setting the Jacks brothers free. Carly learns about Jerry and Alexis spending the night together.

Johnny and Lulu leave the pool house. Alan is still there with Tracy. Alan lectures Tracy. Tracy leaves the pool house.

Spinelli is upset that he failed Jason by spilling the “cure all” juice. Spinelli blames himself for getting Jason exposed to the disease in the first place. Claudia tells Spinelli to look on the Internet for a way to lower Jason’s fever. Spinelli runs upstairs. Jason thanks Claudia for giving Spinelli something to do.

At Sonny’s, Diane finds out the truth about the ring. Diane hands the ring to Sonny. Diane says she’s not ready for marriage. She says she prefers “an adult relationship” to marriage. Kate arrives in time to overhear the marriage conversation. Diane tells Kate the conversation was about her and Max. Diane and Max leave. Kate says Max is good for Diane. Sonny changes the subject.

At the PCPD, Alexis says her “personal life is personal.” Carly laughs and says Jerry and Alexis “are perfect for each other.”

Robin can’t believe her ears when Patrick makes his suggestion.

Lulu is still outside the pool house with Johnny. They talk about the danger of their relationship. Maxie arrives, ready to go swimming.

At the penthouse, Claudia prepares to give Jason a sponge bath to bring down his fever. Jason protests. Claudia tells Jason to get undressed.

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