GH Update Thursday 6/19/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/19/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin is at her apartment with Patrick. They’re trying to figure a way to get rid of Epiphany. Epiphany arrives and threatens to call Mac.

Kate and Carly disagree about the photo shoot at the hotel.

Ric arrives at Alexis’ office in time to see her kissing Jerry.

Spinelli, Jason, and Claudia are at Jason’s apartment. Spinelli is looking into the Asian disease they were exposed to. Spinelli says the disease “has an unwelcome side effect.”

Jason is impatient with Spinelli.

At Alexis’ office, Ric says there is a press conference in a few minutes so she better get rid of Jerry. Alexis tells Jerry to leave so she can speak with Ric. Alexis tells Ric to stay out of her private life.

Robin is still with Patrick. Patrick has sent Epiphany on a “wild goose chase” at the hospital regarding the medication problems from a few weeks ago.

Nadine and Leyla are at GH talking about Mac and Patrick. Leyla says she’s happy Robin is back with Patrick. Nikolas arrives.

Back at the hotel, Carly and Kate continue their disagreement. Jax is in the middle.

Lulu and Maxie are at the hotel arguing over Johnny. Lulu goes off on an errand.

At Jason’s, Spinelli says the disease could make them delirious. Claudia gets a call from Johnny so she fills him in.

Epiphany returns to Robin’s apartment. Robin says she’s in charge of her own pregnancy.

Ric admits he lied about the press conference. He and Alexis disagree about Jerry. Ric says Jerry is dangerous and not to be trusted. Ric leaves Alexis’ office.

Back at the Metro Court, Jax tries to be diplomatic about the photo shoot. Jax wonders if the shoot can continue since they’ve already started it.

At Robin’s apartment, Epiphany is not happy with what Patrick did to “get rid of” her. Robin apologizes. Epiphany gets her bags and heads off. She tells Robin and Patrick to grow up before she leaves.

Lulu goes to Johnny’s apartment. She apologizes for placing the bet with Maxie.

Claudia is bored and asks Spinelli to play pool with her. Jason is annoyed. Claudia teaches Spinelli how to play pool. He clearly is enjoying himself. Jason tells Claudia to get away from Spinelli.

Lucky and Sam come home from Mexico. Lucky wonders if Sam is “happy.” He says she came to life on their road trip. Sam worries that she can sometimes get too “possessive.” Lucky is certain he can have a future with Sam.

Back at Robin’s, Patrick says it’s time for Mac to let Robin live her own life. Robin talks about her past with Mac. Mac arrives.

At GH, Nadine and Nik discuss the clinic. Leyla and Cassius leave. Nik is impressed with Nadine’s ideas.

Back at the penthouse, Jason tells Spinelli to distance himself from Claudia. Spinelli is enjoying Claudia’s company. Claudia says Jason needs to lighten up and “enjoy” life.

Lulu and Johnny are at the Q pool house.

The photo shoot continues at the Metro Court. Maxie offers up some suggestions to Kate. Carly watches the shoot. Ric arrives and stops to talk with Carly. He tells her he’s “very sorry” about Michael. Ric offers Carly his help if she ever needs it.

Jax goes to see Alexis in her office. He comments about the flowers. Alexis tells Jax about Jerry.

Patrick hides in Robin’s closet so Mac doesn’t see him. Mac badmouths Patrick. Patrick makes his presence known.

Lulu and Johnny are still at the pool house. He says he has no interest in Maxie. Lulu says she does “trust” Johnny. Tracy is lurking around, watching Lulu.

Back at the hotel, Carly talks with Ric about Anthony. Carly says that Ric can do nothing for her. Ric leaves.

Jax is still with Alexis. Alexis apologizes for her tantrum on the Haunted Star.

Back at Jason’s, Claudia admits to doing some computer hacking of her own. Spinelli is impressed. Claudia tells Spinelli he’s ”really cute.” Claudia claims to know “a lot” about Jason. Jason is uncomfortable with Claudia befriending Spinelli.

Lucky is still at Sam’s. Sam thinks Lucky is living in Luke’s “shadow.” She thinks Lucky goes out of his way to be a better father than Luke was. Sam says her future with Lucky will include Liz and her kids.

Mac is upset to find Patrick hiding at Robin’s place. Patrick and Mac argue. Patrick says he won’t be “run out of” Robin’s life.

Johnny tells Lulu he wrote her a song. They laugh and Lulu pushes Johnny into the water.

Alexis tells Jax she “enjoyed” Jerry’s pursuit of her. She credits Jerry for getting her through the previous night. Alexis says she now trusts Jerry about a certain issue. Jerry returns to Alexis’ office.

At the penthouse, Claudia brings up Jason’s accident. Jason blames Claudia for Michael’s shooting. Claudia denies Jason’s accusation.

Sam and Lucky are still together. Sam tells Lucky about her recent conversation with Liz. Lucky is happy with what Sam tells him. Lucky says fear shouldn’t get in the way of his relationship with Sam.

Patrick opens up to Mac. He says he loves Robin “more every day.” Mac places Patrick under arrest.

Jax and Jerry are still with Alexis. Jax doesn’t seem to support Jerry’s relationship with Alexis. Jax hits Jerry.

Tracy arrives at the photo shoot to see Carly. She tells Carly to get Lulu away from Johnny.

Johnny and Lulu are still together.

At the penthouse, Claudia wonders if killing Ian made Jason feel better. Jason heads upstairs then he passes out and falls. Claudia says Jason is “burning up” with fever.

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