GH Update Wednesday 6/18/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Alexis grabs a package from a cop and walks into her office to find a lot of flowers.  Nikolas walks in behind her and asks if someone died.

At the hospital, Patrick talks to Robin on the phone and makes arrangements to see her for lunch.  Epiphany takes the phone and says that Robin canít take any calls at the moment and hangs up.

At home, Carly and Jax talk about Morgan.  Jax says that Morgan wants to take up riding and Jax explains the situation.  Carly agrees.  Carly says that Jax is more important.

At the Metro Court, Lulu and Maxie talk about where Kate wants things for the shoot.  Sonny walks in, while Kate makes arrangements with someone.  Sonny suggests that they go back to his house for breakfast, but Kate says that she canít.  Kate tells Lulu that the clothes are for the models and asks about her coffee. 

Sam and Lucky wake up curled up together.  They share a kiss and Lucky looks around for traces of Luke.  They see a rattlesnake.  Sam grabs the gun and shoots it.  She says that she hates snakes.

At home, Robin says that Epiphany canít take her phone away.  They talk about Kellyís orders.  Epiphany says that when Robin delivers a healthy full term baby, Robin and Patrick will thank her.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Nadine that Epiphany hung up on him.  Leyla walks up and Patrick keeps complaining.  Mac walks up and says that Robin needs her rest.  Patrick stands up to Mac and Mac says that Epiphany is doing her job by making Robin and Patrick miserable.  Mac tells Patrick to leave Robin alone. 

In Alexisí office, Nikolas tells her about the clinic.  Alexis looks for a card in the flowers while Nikolas keeps talking about the clinic.  Nikolas pulls the card out of the flowers and reads it out loud and confronts Alexis about sleeping with Jerry.

Carly and Jax talk about the previous night over their meal.  They talk about her relationship with Sonny.  Jax says that it is nice having breakfast together.  Carly says that they will get through this because they love each other and because Jax understands.  Carly says that she is way behind with the hotel stuff.  Carly says that the only time she feels in control is at the Metro Court.

At the Metro Court, Kate tells Sonny about a model and about the impromptu photo shoot.  A woman says that her baggage got mixed up with the props for the photo shoot and Maxie has someone take care of it.  Maxie tells someone that all fashion decisions go through her first and tells the woman to give Kate 4 options with each of the items.  Kate and Sonny talk.  Maxie walks up and says that wardrobe has some questions for Kate.  Kate kisses Sonny and walks away.

Sam and Lucky share some coffee and a campfire.  Lucky says that Luke taught him to be prepared.  They agree that everything is easier in Mexico because there are no responsibilities.  Sam sees a spider and jumps on Luckyís back begging him to kill it.  Sam explains that she is terrified of spiders and Lucky tells her that it is okay.

Sonny gets home to find Ric waiting for him.  Ric says that he is concerned about how Sonny is doing because Sonny has been involved with organized crime since he was a kid.  Ric explains that Anthony wants to know if Sonny is going to go back or if he is really done.  Ric says that he is only working with Anthony to bring Trevor down.  Ric says that he admires Sonny for getting out of the business and changing his life. 

Patrick shows up at Robinís and she says that the coast is clear because Epiphany left to go to the store to get her some food.  Patrick suggests that they to his place and order some Chinese food.  Robin says that all she wants is to stretch out in her own bed next to Patrick.  Robin says that maybe they can find a way to divert Epiphany and Patrick says that he is open to suggestions.

In Alexisí office, Nikolas reminds her of Jerryís crimes.  Nikolas asks how she could sleep with someone who hurt the people she cares about.  Nikolas says that Jerry is playing Alexis.  Alexis says that she has bad taste in men, but Nikolas says that she has a redemption complex and that she wants to try to save all the bad men.  Nikolas says that Jerry might end up killing Alexis.  Alexis pounds her head lightly on her desk.  Alexis admits that Jerry is an awful person, but he has changed since he has reunited with Jax.  Nikolas asks Alexis why she is wasting her time with Jerry if she isnít in love with him.  Alexis explains that she is a single working mother of two children who people are trying to kill and asks Nikolas if he knows how long it has been since she has gotten any Ö flowers to her office.  Nikolas says that he is seriously afraid for Alexis.  Alexis agrees to think about what she is doing with Jerry.  Nikolas leaves and Diane walks in and says that it is obvious where Alexis was the previous night.

At home, Sonny thinks that Alexis sent Ric to his house.  Ric says that he came on his own.  Sonny and Ric talk about how Sonny would have reacted before to Michaelís shooting.  Sonny says that every choice he made for Michael was wrong.  Sonny says that he realized that he had to change for his children so that he could set a good example.  Ric says that he hopes Sonny succeeds in living a decent life.  Ric leaves.

At the Metro Court, Kateís photo shoot starts.  Kate stops the photo shoot and asks for some changes.  Maxie makes a suggestion and the model says that she can make it work.  Carly walks into the hotel and asks what is going on.  Kate says that she is giving Carly free publicity for the hotel.  Carly says that she doesnít step aside for anyone in her hotel.  Maxie suggests that Lulu does something and they end up arguing about who should say what.  Kate says that she didnít mean to upset Carly.  Carly says that everyone is to get out of the hotel and Jax walks in.  Kate asks Jax to do something with Carly.

Trevor shows up to see Sonny at home.  Sonny allows Trevor to come in.  Trevor says that Sonny needs his help and tosses something to Sonny.

In Mexico, Sam says that she wishes they could stay there forever.  Sam tells Lucky how great he is. Sam says that she knows that there are a lot of demands on his time when they are home and that she wants to keep all of it to herself for a while.  Lucky says that he doesnít want to worry about anything except for being there with her and that he doesnít want their relationship to end.  They share a kiss.

In Alexisí office, Diane comments on Alexisí relationship with Jerry.  Alexis and Diane talk about the previous night at the Haunted Star.  Alexis offers Diane some coffee and they talk about how happy Alexis is.  They talk about the attraction to dangerous men.  Alexis promises not to turn her back on Jerry.  Diane steals a flower from one of Alexisí bouquets.  Diane walks out and Jerry walks in.  Alexis asks Jerry why he didnít just take out a billboard and he says that she isnít even a little bit mad at him for the flowers. 

At the Metro Court, Maxie walks over and says that Kate will have everything taken care of in a moment.  Lulu asks if anyone wants to bet on the result of the photo shoot.  Carly walks over to Jax and asks him if he knew about it.  Kate says that she called all of Jaxís numbers.  Kate tells Jax why they need the photo shoot to work.  Diane comes in and finds Max in the lobby.  Max asks Diane if she wants to watch the photo shoot and says that he can bring over lunch.  Diane gives Max the rose and says that Alexis is no longer criticizing their relationship because Alexis is now sleeping with someone much worse.

In Alexisí office, Jerry smells the flowers.  Alexis tells Jerry that he needs to take all the flowers out of her office.  Jerry tells Alexis what all the flowers are for.  Alexis starts sneezing and says that the flowers are sparking her allergies.  Alexis tells Jerry that he has to go because she has work to do and says that she spent the night rolling around in the bed with a sociopath.  Jerry tells Alexis that she will always be safe with him and they start kissing.

At home, Sonny says that he doesnít need help from Trevor.  Trevor says that Sonny staying away from the mob wonít last for long.  Trevor says that Sonny will want the power back and will need an ally against Jason and that ally will be Trevor. 

Sam and Lucky walk into a bar in Mexico.  They explain that they arenít there for trouble.  Lucky asks if Luke has been in the bar and the bartender says that there was one guy who stood out a little.  Lucky and Sam find a note from Luke in the place where they hid the jewels.  Sam reads the note and Lucky says that they did it.  Sam says that now they have to go home and Lucky asks what the hurry is.

At home, Sonny says that he doesnít want anything to do with Anthony Zacchara.  Trevor says that he can broker a deal between Anthony and Sonny.  Trevor says that counting coffee beans will not please Sonny for long.  Sonny says that he will never need anything from Trevor and Trevor leaves.

In Alexisí office, she says that Jerry has to go and Jerry tells her that he is trying to savor every moment of the ďmorning afterĒ.  They start kissing and Ric walks in.  Alexis asks if anyone knocks.

At the Metro Court, Diane and Max talk about Alexisí relationship with Jerry.  Max says that he will go get lunch and that she can stay and watch the photo shoot.  Diane sees a card in Maxís hand and he says that it is for a room.  They head up to the room.  Lulu says that all bets are in and Maxie says that they should be ready in case Kate wins.  Lulu agrees and they leave to look through the clothes.  Kate tells Jax that he needs to trust her now because the shoot will pay off for everyone.  Carly suggests that Kate is moving in on Jax because she is afraid of losing Sonny to Carly.

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