GH Update Tuesday 6/17/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sam and Lucky sit in a jail cell. She tells Lucky how bad things could have been.

Maxie runs into Johnny at the Overlook. They talk about Florence. Maxie explains that Georgie got a free ride to an abroad program and it isn’t fair that Georgie can’t go because she is dead. Maxie explains her relationship with Georgie to Johnny. He says that he understands.

At the penthouse, Claudia tells Jason that Spinelli was on top of her. Spinelli rolls onto the floor. Jason realizes that Spinelli is drunk.

Alexis makes a scene at the Haunted Star and confronts Carly and Sonny. She tells Jax and Kate that they should get out before Sonny and Carly ruin their lives like they have hers.

At the jail, Sam tries to tell Lucky a story to get them out of there. They talk about her plan and she asks him to trust her because she has done it before and knows it will work. Sam and Lucky put her plan in motion.

At the Haunted Star, Alexis and Carly argue about their children. Sonny tells Alexis to leave Carly out of it. Jerry comes up and tells Alexis that there isn’t anymore to be gained. Alexis says that Jerry couldn’t be worse than the mistakes she has already made and they leave together. Gisele asks if there was any truth to what Alexis said.

At the Overlook, Maxie shows Johnny the letter that Georgie received in the mail. Lulu walks up and freaks out when she sees them together. Maxie tries to explain, but Lulu cuts her off. Maxie suggests that she faked the letter so that she could use her dead sister to hit on Johnny.

At the penthouse, Jason and Spinelli talk about how much he drank. Claudia says that she found Spinelli on the pier. Spinelli and Jason talk about why he was drinking. Jason asks Spinelli why he keeps babbling.

At the Haunted Star, Kate and Jax tell Gisele about Alexis. Jax suggests that they get back to the office to figure out the details for the magazines. Jax, Kate and Gisele leave. Sonny and Carly talk about why they didn’t say goodbye to Jax and Kate. Carly says that they don’t fit in with Jax and Kate’s work.

At the jail, Sam keeps playing sick and Lucky yells for help. The guard recognizes Sam. Sam introduces the two men. Sam asks the man to help them out and he agrees as long as Sam buttons her blouse. The guard opens the cell door and they leave.

At the penthouse, Claudia and Jason talk about Spinelli at the Haunted Star. Spinelli fills in the blanks while Claudia tells Jason about the evening. Jason asks Claudia why she brought Spinelli home.

At the Overlook, Lulu and Maxie argue about Georgie. Lulu admits that she was wrong for hurting Georgie. Maxie leaves. Johnny asks Lulu why she doesn’t trust him.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny and Carly talk about Alexis. Sonny says that he tries his hardest for Kristina’s sake. Carly asks him why he defended her. Sonny says that he didn’t want to listen to Alexis attack Carly.

Sam and Lucky try to follow a map. Sam and Lucky look for a sign that Luke has been there. They start kissing.

At the penthouse, Claudia yells at Jason for thinking she wanted something for helping Spinelli. Jason suggests that Claudia wanted him to owe her, but she suggests that she owed him and that was her way of thanking him for saving her life. Spinelli thanks Claudia and asks her to stay for dinner. Claudia tells Jason that he should order a pizza before Spinelli gets sick all over the floor.

At the Overlook, Johnny reminds Lulu that they are working together against her father and that she needs to trust him. Lulu says that she doesn’t trust Maxie and that it doesn’t help when he lets her drape herself all over him. Lulu says that she isn’t sure he would be faithful to her. Johnny gets upset and walks away.

Alexis and Jerry go back to his room. He tells her to relax, but she says that she never relaxes because her children are always in danger. Jerry and Alexis talk about what set her off on Carly and Sonny. Alexis says that Anthony Zacchara visited her office and that he would hurt her daughter. Jerry assures Alexis that he would never let it happen.

At the Haunted Star, Max and Diane talk about Alexis. Diane blames herself for Alexis going off on Sonny and Carly, but Max assures Diane that it wasn’t her fault. Carly thanks Sonny for giving up Morgan. Carly says that she doesn’t think that Kate will make Sonny happy and walks away.

In his room, Alexis tells Jerry that she doesn’t need one murderer saving her from another, but Jerry says that it is exactly what she needs. Jerry tells her that he wants her to feel safe. Alexis says that running away looks like the best choice. Jerry assures Alexis that if Anthony tries anything with Kristina, he will disappear. They share a kiss.

At the penthouse, Claudia and Spinelli eat some pizza. Jason tells Claudia that she can leave. Spinelli plays his accent again and Jason tells Spinelli to stop, but Claudia defends Spinelli to Jason.

Carly gets home and finds Jax. They talk about what happened with Alexis and after Jax left. Carly says that she will never get back with Sonny.

Sonny meets Kate at the Overlook. They talk about Alexis’ rampage at the Haunted Star. Kate says that no matter what happens, Sonny and Carly are never truly over.

Maxie finds Lulu at the Haunted Star. Lulu and Maxie talk about Johnny. Lulu tells Maxie to stop throwing herself at Johnny. Maxie says that she likes Johnny.

At the penthouse, Spinelli and Claudia talk about Jason. Claudia tells Jason that he is a lousy friend to Spinelli.

In Jerry’s room, he and Alexis talk about what happened at the Haunted Star. Alexis says that she has bad taste in men. Jerry pulls Alexis into another kiss after stopping her from leaving.

At home, Jax and Carly talk about her history with Sonny. They talk about the shooting.

At the Overlook, Kate and Sonny talk about Carly. Kate admits that she thinks that Sonny and Carly have an unbreakable bond. Sonny defends Carly when Kate criticizes her. Kate says that Sonny and Carly will always be a part of each other’s lives.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie and Lulu talk about Johnny. Lulu says that if Maxie doesn’t stop throwing herself at Johnny, Lulu will screw up at work and get them both fired. Maxie suggests that they should spin the craps wheel once and if it lands on red, Maxie gets a date with Johnny and if it lands on black, Maxie will leave Johnny alone for good. Lulu accepts and spins the wheel. Johnny walks in and says that he isn’t a poker chip. Johnny says that he is always up for a challenge and that he will take the date with Maxie.

At home, Carly and Jax talk about what is going on. Jax pulls Carly into a kiss.

At the Overlook, Sonny tells Kate about Jason’s “visit” and Carly’s “visit” and his father’s day gifts. Sonny says that he thought about calling Kate, but he decided against it. Sonny says that Kate makes him believe in himself and that he loves her for it. They embrace.

At the penthouse, Jason admits that he hasn’t done Spinelli any favors. Spinelli reminds Jason of things that he has done for him. Claudia criticizes Spinelli and Jason. Claudia tries to give Jason some advice. Claudia gets ready to leave and says goodbye to Spinelli. Claudia opens the door and someone walks in telling them that they are all under quarantine and no one is allowed to leave the premises.

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