GH Update Monday 6/16/08

General Hospital Update Monday 6/16/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick tells Robin she needs to stay off her feet. He helps her to the couch and puts her feet up. Alexis tells Carly to come to her office. She tells Alexis she talked to Sonny about giving up his rights to Kristina. He wonít do it and Alexis wants Carly to keep trying. Sonny shows up at the Haunted Star. Spinelli is tongue-tied in front of Maxie. Gisele looks puzzled as to Spinelliís odd behavior. Sonny comes over to see if Spinelli is bothering Gisele. Jason finds Jerry and Claudia talking on the docks.

Patrick gets Robin some tea and asks if she wants anything else. She tells him to stop. She just wants to talk. Patrick says he was scared when he found her lying on the floor. She says sheís thankful he is here.

Nikolas canít believe he canít open the clinic that he is working on. Mayor Floyd tries to explain he canít, but Nikolas doesnít want to hear it. On the docks, Jason thinks Jerryís new image is all an act. Jerry tells Claudia to be in touch. He walks away. Jason tells Claudia not to trust Jerry.

Carly tells Alexis she needs to ask Sonny herself. Alexis starts to cry and begs Carly to help Kristina. Carly doesnít want to ask Sonny again. Diane walks into their conversation. Carly refuses to ask Sonny again and walks away.

Spinelli tries to talk to Sonny, but he tells Spinelli to get out of his face. Maxie thinks Spinelli is trying some undercover mission to get Gisele to like Kateís new magazine. Kate and Jax walk up to Gisele and Sonny. Gisele realizes that Sonny is Kateís gangster boyfriend. Lulu tells Johnny that Carly said that the choices she makes involves and affects everyone she loves.

Mayor Floyd says he understands Nikolas wants to do something in Emilyís name, but he says this will draw many people who can afford medical care and they will take advantage of the free clinic. Mayor Floyd says Nikolas will need many permits to start the clinic, too. Nikolas says now, he is more determined than ever to open the clinic.

Gisele brings up that Sonny slammed Spinelli into a wall. Sonny says to her that you canít believe everything you hear. In the meantime, Ric says he needs to speak to Lulu. He wants Lulu to calm Tracy down, due to Lukeís arrest. Johnny tells him to get someone else to talk Tracy down.

Carly goes to Jasonís apartment. She tells him about Alexis and how Alexis wants her to ask Sonny again. Carly tells him that she brought a Fatherís Day gift over to Sonnyís from the boys and how difficult it was. She says she is starting to have second thoughts about having Sonny sign the papers to give up his kids. She is thinking about ripping up the papers.

Kate asks Sonny if he is okay. He says he is fine. Kate asks him if Gisele upset him. He says that there are times that Kate canít help him and this is one of them. Maxie tells Spinelli he looks like a mess. She wishes he wasnít acting like this. She tells him to go home.

Carly tells Jason she canít find a balance in her life. She says she thinks of Michael often, which Jason says happens to him, especially when he sees kids that are Michaelís age. Carly explains it is a relentless process she goes through each day without Michael.

Diane tells Alexis that legally, she doesnít have a case against Sonny. Diane asks Alexis if she wants to go to the casino to let off some steam. Alexis says no, but changes her mind. Diane is already out the door as Logan and Anthony show up. Anthony wants to talk about Kristina, who he learns is Sonnyís daughter.

Alexis doesnít want to listen to Anthony. He thinks she is prejudice against him because he is Sonnyís rival. He tells her no one really gets out of the mob. Anthony tells her he has no intention of hurting Kristina. He is hoping they can find a common ground, but Alexis doesnít want to hear it.

Jason tells Carly that there are some things she does that are dead wrong, but he admires her strength and perseverance. He tells her she canít live in the past. Jason says that Carly was the single biggest influence in Michaelís life. To honor Michael, Jason says, she needs to move on and give her time to Morgan. Carly agrees, while crying, that she needs to take care of Jax and Morgan. They hug and Carly leaves.

Spinelli is on the docks, totally intoxicated. He is looking at a bangle bracelet that he finds on the docks. Claudia shows up and says it is hers. Spinelli passes out. In the meantime, Mac shows up at Robinís apartment. She tells him she is fine, but Mac tells her she is coming home with him.

Robin tells her uncle that it is unnecessary. Patrick says heíll take care of Robin, but Mac thinks he is a flake. Mac doesnít think Patrick will take good care of Robin. Robin insists she is okay and reluctantly, Mac leaves.

Sonny tells Kate that Gisele is a backstabber and to watch out. Ric walks up to Sonny and asks how he is doing. Sonny thinks that all Ric wants to know is whether or not he is back in the mob so he can report back to Anthony. Sonny tells him that Jason is still running the organization and that he (Sonny) is running a legitimate coffee business.

Diane tells Max that Carly couldnít convince Sonny to give up Kristina. Carly shows up at the casino, where she is introduced to Gisele as Jaxís wife. Gisele mentions that Carly was also married to Sonny.

Lulu goes to talk to Nikolas about Johnny, about how she really cares about him and that they are a good fit. But the problem is he is in the mob, so Lulu doesnít know if she should just walk away from Johnny.

Spinelli wakes up, talking as ďDamianĒ. Claudia asks who Damian is, and Spinelli explains he is his suave alter ego. Claudia says he obviously canít handle liquor. Spinelli says itíll pass once the dizziness is over. Claudia says sheíll bring him home.

Robin tells Patrick she was half-joking with Mac about Patrickís behavior. Patrick says he wants to hold Robin so tight so nothing happens to her or the baby. She is touched by his words and starts to cry. Epiphany shows up at the door. She says Commissioner Scorpio hired her to tend to Robin.

Lulu says she is constantly in danger being around Johnny. She asks Nikolas for some sage advice. He tells her she needs to follow her heart.

Claudia and Spinelli are on the couch as Jason walks into his apartment. He looks puzzled as to whatís going on between the two of them.

Gisele wonders if something is going on between Jax and Kate. She tells Kate that Jax is invested financially in her magazine, as well as emotionally. Carly walks up to Sonny, who is standing by the bar. She tells him he has every right to move on with his life. Alexis walks up to them. She is mad that Carly is even talking to him, given what happened to Michael.

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