GH Update Friday 6/13/08

General Hospital Update Friday 6/13/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Ric is on the haunted Star. Jax arrives with Spinelli, Kate, and Gisele.

Diane is waiting in Jason’s office. Jason arrives and notices Diane seems upset.

Max is at Sonny’s getting ready for a fishing trip. Max asks Sonny to join him.

Carly gets home. Morgan is waiting with his nanny. Morgan shows Carly a father’s day gift for Sonny.

Robin is at GH. Dr. Lee takes her in for an ultrasound while Liz waits with Patrick. Patrick is nervous.

Diane is still with Jason. She reminds him that father’s day is around the corner. Diane says she misses her father. Jason is silent while Diane talks emotionally about her father.

Sonny and Max are still at the house. Max tries to talk Sonny into taking “a break.” Sonny knows Max wants him out of town for father’s day. Sonny says distance won’t make him “forget” his sons.

At home, Carly tells Morgan how much Sonny cares about him. She tries to explain the dangers of Sonny’s job. Carly tells Morgan he won’t be seeing Sonny anymore.

Nikolas and Nadine are at the new clinic. Nadine springs some decorating ideas on Nik. She apologizes for asking Nik about his relationship with Claudia. Claudia arrives at the clinic in time to hear the conversation.

Sam and Lucky are in the bar in Mexico. Sam runs into an old acquaintance, Sharon. Sharon fills Lucky in on Sam’s past. Lucky says he knows “all about” Sam’s “past” and he’s not interested. Sharon makes a play for Lucky.

Spinelli and company are still on the Haunted Star. Ric pulls Kate aside and asks for the update on Spinelli. Johnny approaches Spinelli.

At GH, Robin watches as Dr. Lee does the ultrasound. Patrick comes into the room and Robin tells him everything looks good. Dr. Lee wants to run additional tests. Dr. Lee leaves. Robin is relieved to learn that the baby is ok. Patrick promises to stand by Robin.

Sonny is at home alone. Jason arrives with a box for Sonny from Michael. He says it’s a father’s day gift.

Lulu goes to see Carly. Lulu apologizes for her selfishness and says she misses spending time with Carly. Carly is understanding. Carly confides in Lulu about Morgan.

Nik, Nadine, and Claudia are at the clinic. Claudia calls Nadine jealous. Claudia tells Nadine that nothing is going on with her and Nik. Claudia is pleased Nadine kept it secret that she was recovering at Wyndemere. Claudia wonders if Nik will join her at the Haunted Star.

Spinelli and his party are still at the Haunted Star. Jerry is there talking with Leyla. Leyla and Jerry approach Spinelli. Jerry is amused by “the new” Spinelli. Diane arrives to meet Max. Jerry listens as Ric and Johnny discuss business. Jerry asks Johnny how Claudia is. Johnny says Claudia is on her way to the casino.

Sam and Lucky are at the bar in Mexico. Sharon plays some music and then asks Lucky to dance in exchange for information about Luke. Sharon makes an inappropriate move on Lucky so Sam punches her.

Jason gives Sonny life vests from Michael. Sonny thanks Jason for the gift. Jason says Michael considered Sonny to be “the best father in the world.”

Lulu is still visiting with Carly. Carly talks about her own father. They discuss Morgan and Michael. Carly is worried about Lulu’s choices.

Jax and Kate are still on the Haunted Star. Ric questions Max and Diane about Sonny. Tracy tells Ric that Luke is “innocent” of the charges. Tracy says she’s running the Haunted Star. Leyla talks with Johnny about Nik’s clinic. Claudia arrives and greets Johnny. Johnny questions Claudia about the clinic. Claudia and Jerry make eye contact.

The Mexican police arrest Sam. Lucky punches an officer out so he can go with Sam.

Spinelli is enjoying the attention he’s getting on the Haunted Star. Lulu arrives at the Haunted Star. Lulu is confused about Spinelli’s new look and accent. Johnny pulls her aside. Tracy approaches Claudia and tells her that she’s “in charge” with Luke away. Claudia leaves the casino and Jerry follows her. Jax suggests his group put an end to their evening. Spinelli wants to continue the party.

Jerry approaches Claudia on the dock. He wonders if Claudia is armed. Claudia threatens to kill Jerry. Jerry tells Claudia to refrain from mentioning Michael “ever again.”

Carly goes to see Sonny. She takes him Morgan’s gift. Sonny is upset that Carly didn’t bring Morgan over to say goodbye.

Dr. Lee prescribes “bed rest” for Robin. Patrick says he’ll take care of Robin.

Nik and Nadine are at the clinic. The mayor arrives and says he can’t “allow” the clinic to open.

Diane gets a message and tells Max she has to leave the casino briefly. Tracy tells Lulu she’s not happy to see Johnny. Maxie interrupts Spinelli’s “date” with Gisele. Spinelli loses his accent and becomes his clumsy self in front of Maxie.

Carly is still at Sonny’s house. She tells him that Morgan has been told of the new arrangement with Sonny. Sonny gives Carly the gifts from Michael.

Jerry is still on the dock with Claudia. Jerry claims he gave a document to his lawyer detailing Claudia’s part in Michael’s shooting. He promises that Claudia and Johnny will die if anything happens to him. “From now on, you do what I want, when I want,” Jerry tells Claudia. Jerry then makes a threatening move on Claudia just as Jason comes along. Jerry wonders if he should tell Jason “what’s going on.”

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