GH Update Thursday 6/12/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/12/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Liz and Patrick are in the GH locker room talking about Robin. Robin is lurking, and then makes her presence known.

Jax takes Spinelli to the Haunted Star give him lessons in gambling.

Nikolas meets with a contractor at the clinic site. Nadine arrives.

Claudia and Johnny are at the penthouse. Logan and Anthony drop by.

Back at GH, Robin thanks Liz for her friendship and support.

Nikolas talks with Nadine about the renovations on the clinic. She’s impressed that he “bought the building.” The contractor returns and gives Nikolas good news on the building.

Lulu, Maxie, and Kate are at Crimson. Kate is stressed. Lulu gives her an idea for a piece in the magazine. Kate’s competitor from Couture, Gisele, arrives.

Jax and Spinelli are still on the Haunted Star. Spinelli doesn’t comprehend the point of losing at gambling.

Back at the penthouse, Anthony doesn’t understand why his kids are living on their own. Johnny says he and Claudia won’t be moving back to the Zacchara house.

Back on the Haunted Star, Spinelli seems to be catching on. Jax wants to teach him to play cards. First, Jax instructs Spinelli on how to order a drink. Spinelli asks a lot of questions.

At GH, Robin confides her insecurities in Liz. The women discuss Jason. Liz says Patrick deserves “more credit” than Robin is giving him.

At the penthouse, Anthony insists on keeping his kids under his roof. Claudia agrees with her father. Logan takes Anthony and they leave the penthouse. Johnny says he won’t move back to his father’s house. Claudia says they have no way of knowing what the future holds.

Sam and Lucky are at a bar in Mexico looking for Luke.

Robin is at home taping another blog segment. Patrick arrives. Patrick wants to clarify his role in the baby’s life.

On the Haunted Star, Jax schools Spinelli on the difference between “romance” and “love.” He tells Spinelli to “treat love like a game.”

Nik and Nadine are still at the clinic site. Leyla arrives. Nadine offers to give Leyla a tour of the clinic. Nik goes outside to make a phone call. Claudia runs into Nik outside of the clinic.

Gisele is still at Crimson with Kate. Kate sends Maxie off to find Jax so he can “distract” Gisele. Lulu shows Gisele around. Gisele disapproves of Lulu’s fashion sense. Logan and Anthony arrive.

Back in Mexico, a man propositions Sam. Lucky steps in and a fight breaks out. The troublemakers leave the bar. Lucky asks the bartender about Luke.

Nik is suspicious that Claudia is “following” him. He tells Claudia about the clinic.

Jax takes Spinelli back to the hotel and has him fitted for an expensive suit.

At Crimson, Kate wonders what Anthony wants. First Anthony says he’s just being friendly. Then Anthony says he’s there “to see Lulu.” Anthony gives Lulu a cryptic message for Johnny.

Back in Mexico, the bartender says he knows Luke. The man has a piece of paper with numbers on it for Lucky. Lucky tries to figure out what the numbers mean. Sam likes the side of Lucky she’s seeing.

At Robin’s, Patrick says things have “changed” and he wants to be a part of his child’s life. Patrick doesn’t have much confidence in himself. He says he knows nothing about being a “good” and “present” father. Robin is understanding. She asks Patrick for a pizza.

Maxie runs down to the hotel lobby and finds Jax.

Back upstairs, Gisele makes some nasty comments about the “mob” influence on Crimson. Jax and Maxie arrive. Jax offers to take Gisele to the Haunted Star. Jax and Kate leave the office with Gisele.

At the clinic, Leyla watches Nik and Claudia. Leyla assumes Nik and Claudia are more than friends. Nadine disagrees.

Nik and Claudia talk. She offers to contribute to the clinic.

Back in Mexico, Sam and Lucky discuss how much they’re enjoying themselves. A woman approaches Sam and calls her “Cindy.”

Jax, Gisele, and Kate are on their way out of the hotel. They see Spinelli in the lobby. He’s dressed in his new suit. Jax introduces him to Giselle. Spinelli is charming and polite.

Nik and Nadine are still at the clinic. Nadine is “distracted.” Nadine asks if Nik is “sleeping with Claudia.”

Lulu goes to Johnny’s penthouse and lets herself in. Claudia is there. Claudia says Lulu should distance herself from Johnny if she knows what’s good for her. Lulu refuses then she leaves the penthouse.

Johnny goes to Crimson looking for Lulu. Maxie says she has no idea where Lulu is. She asks Johnny to help with some boxes.

Patrick returns to Robin’s with a pizza. He finds Robin unconscious on the floor

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