GH Update Monday 6/9/08

General Hospital Update Monday 6/9/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Nadine goes to Wyndemere because Nikolas left her a message at the hospital. Claudia tells Johnny that he needs to stop seeing Lulu. Claudia says she’s a whack job just as Lulu walks in. At the hospital, Lucky asks Elizabeth out for dinner. Sonny can’t believe Jason won’t help Mike. Sonny thinks Jason won’t run the guys out of town who are after Mike because Jason is running things now and by not helping, it proves Jason is in control.

Nikolas says he didn’t invite Nadine over as a nurse. He wants to apologize for how he has been treating her. He says he wants to know if she will consult on the clinic he wants to open in Emily’s name.

At Kate’s office, Maxie explains to Kate that she broke Kate’s PDA. Maxie says she got a duplicate PDA and will redo her contacts and information. Kate asks where Lulu is. Maxie covers for Lulu. In the meantime, Claudia tells Johnny that Lulu is jealous and he should kick her to the curb. Claudia reiterates again that she is not sleeping with Nikolas. Lulu gets in her face and says Claudia will never be with Nikolas because he’s in love with Emily. Claudia says to Johnny that Lulu is acting childish and that he needs to break up with her.

Jason tells Sonny he can’t guarantee Mike won’t get beat up again. Jason is mad because Sonny wants Jason to do whatever Sonny asks. He tells Sonny if he wants to start giving orders again, he can take back the organization.

Nadine can’t believe Nikolas wants to work with her. Nikolas explains that she is original and would appreciate her input on the clinic. Nadine says she is overwhelmed and flattered. She agrees to help. He says he will pay her $5000 a week. Nadine is shocked he wants to pay her for her help.

Spinelli escorts Leila to a wedding. He says he is not familiar with these types of social events. Leila says Spinelli is charming. Leila’s mother is introduced to Spinelli. Her mother asks where Leila’s other date is.

Johnny gets mad. He tells Claudia to back off and to not disrespect Lulu. He tells Lulu to stay out of Nikolas’ business. Lulu tells Claudia she should go back to Italy. Claudia asks Johnny if that’s how he feels, too.

Sonny says he doesn’t want the business back, but he thinks he should at least have protection for the people he loves. Jason says if anyone hurts the people he loves, he’ll kill them. But, Jason enforces, that doesn’t include Mike because Mike got into this mess himself by running up a debt he could not pay. Jason won’t take care of Mike’s mess, so Sonny walks out, saying he will take care of it himself.

Nikolas tells Nadine of course, he will pay her for her time. Nadine doesn’t want the money. She doesn’t want to feel like an “employee”. She says she will work for free, only as a friend. She tells him she knows the perfect place for the clinic.

Spinelli tells Leila’s mother he is filling in because Dr. Julian had to work. He starts to talk about how great Dr. Julian is to impress her mom, not realizing Leila doesn’t want him to do that. Leila rushes her mother out the door. She tells Spinelli that her mom is probably ready to start planning her wedding, thinking her and Dr. Julian have a very serious relationship.

Claudia asks Johnny if she was right to stay in Port Charles. Johnny says she is staying here, right where she belongs. Lulu doesn’t like this. Johnny starts yelling at both, telling them they need to co-exist and show each other respect. He is furious. Johnny says if they are both going to be in his life, they have to get along. Claudia leaves. Lulu apologizes. Lulu says he needs to get his anger in check.

Jason tells Max to get the guys after Mike and tell them to leave the state. Lucky goes to Jason’s office. He says he hasn’t talked to him since Michael was shot.

Maxie tells Kate that Sonny was too hard on Spinelli. Kate agrees that Spinelli can have access to the office, but to stay away when Sonny is around. Someone is at the door. It is Sonny. Kate and Sonny kiss.

Nadine brings Nikolas to an abandoned place close to the hospital. Nadine says in a year or two, the neighborhood will be safe. With a little bit of paint and work, the place would be perfect for the clinic, Nadine says.

Spinelli feels bad that he didn’t know Leila wasn’t dating Dr. Julian. Leila says her mom is pushing her to get married. Spinelli tells Leila that she is brave and that she is the fairest lady at the party. Leila says to Spinelli that there is no one else she’d rather be with.

Kate tells Maxie to leave for a while so her and Sonny can be alone. Kate tells Sonny that Mike called her. Sonny tells Kate he doesn’t want to talk about feelings right now. In the meantime, Lucky says to Jason that they all want Jake to be safe. He says he looks forward to seeing what Jake can be. He tells Jason he made a huge sacrifice and will never dishonor that. Jason says thank you and shakes his hand. Lucky leaves.

Johnny tells Lulu he doesn’t like fighting with his sister. Lulu says that Claudia makes her mad. Johnny explains Claudia had a hard childhood. Lulu says she can understand that Johnny respects Claudia, so he should understand why she is so protective of Nikolas.

Lucky meets Liz, Jake and Cameron at the hospital to take them to dinner. Jason meets Mike at Kelly’s. He tells Mike the mess has been handled. Mike tells Jason he couldn’t go to Sonny to bail him out. Jason tells Mike that Sonny needs to make a clean break from the mob. Otherwise, he is giving everyone mixed messages that he is still giving orders.

Kate doesn’t understand why Sonny doesn’t want to talk. He says emotionally, he is all over the place. He is frustrated and grief stricken. She says that he needs to be honest with her. Over at the police station, Carly is getting the results from Michael’s shooting. Mac tells her that Ian Devlin worked alone. He tells her the case is closed, which Carly cannot believe.

Leila caught the bouquet, which to her, was not good. Spinelli and Leila dance. Nikolas says the place for the clinic wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Nadine reaches for something and falls right on Nikolas. She is worried he hit his head. A police officer walks in, saying he is going to arrest them both for breaking & entering and solicitation.

Johnny says that Nikolas will never care about Claudia. He is still grieving Emily. Lulu and Johnny agree to stop fighting about family. Over at Kate’s office, Claudia pays Maxie a visit. She asks if Maxie could use some extra money. She wants to pay Maxie to break up Johnny and Lulu.

Jason says to Mike that Sonny needs to stay away from the business. Mike says he won’t sabotage the organization again. He tells Jason, however, that Jason needs to make sure he doesn’t pull innocent people into the line of fire. Jason runs into Liz, Lucky, and the kids as he is leaving Kelly’s. He grabs Liz’s arm, but she walks inside.

Mac says there is nothing else he can tell Carly. Carly asks him if Sonny had shielded Michael instead, would he have been shot? Mac says he doesn’t know. He says after Georgie died, he was relentless trying to find her killer. He says that you can go crazy trying to find answers. He says you never find peace. Carly thanks him for his help.

Sonny says he wants to focus on the future. He says his instincts are back with the mob. He thinks Jason is making mistakes. He wants to know if Kate will stay with him if he goes back to the mob.

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