GH Update Friday 6/6/08

General Hospital Update Friday 6/6/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate walks into her office in time to see Spinelli kissing Maxie.

Sonny finds a badly beaten Mike on the dock.

At Wyndemere, Johnny and Claudia argue over Nikolas.

Lulu is at Jason’s office obsessing over Johnny.

At Crimson, Spinelli says he was “overcome with passion.” Kate asks Spinelli and Maxie to leave her office. Spinelli starts to apologize to Maxie but she stops him with a kiss.

At Wyndemere, Claudia tells Johnny that she was hurt and Nik helped her. Johnny thanks Nik then tells him to keep his distance.

Jason tells Lulu she can’t get what she wants because the business is too dangerous. Lulu leaves Jason’s office.

Carly and Jax are at home. They talk about Michael. Jax brings up having a child again. Carly says she’s “not sure it’s possible.”

Leyla and Nadine are at GH. Leyla says she’s going to a wedding with Leo as her escort. Leyla says she’s only doing it for her mom; she has no interest in Leo. Sonny arrives at GH with Mike. Nadine helps Mike. Leyla pages a doctor. Sonny is very concerned.

At Crimson, Maxie thinks Spinelli kissed her so Kate wouldn’t know she (Maxie) was looking at the designs on the desk. Kate comes out and “bans” Spinelli from the office. Spinelli leaves. Maxie thinks Kate was too harsh with Spinelli.

Sam arrives at GH to talk with Liz. Sam says she “panicked” and watched as Jake was taken from the park. Sam asks Liz to allow her to be “in the same room as” Cam and Jake now.

At Wyndemere, Johnny says Nik is “using” Claudia. Claudia says Lulu “jumped to conclusions” that were incorrect. Johnny leaves. Claudia brings up Lulu to Nik.

At home, Carly tells Jax she’s “not ready” for a baby. Carly says her kids will “always be a target” because of Sonny.

At GH, Sam says she’s willing to have “supervised visits” with the kids. Liz says she knows she’s made mistakes. She says she can’t “forget” what Sam did but she wants to “forgive” him. Sam says Lucky “still loves” Liz.

At Wyndemere, Claudia tells Nik about her conversation with Lulu. Lulu arrives.

Spinelli goes to see Jason for some advice. He tells Jason what happened with Maxie.

At Crimson, Maxie reminds Kate that everyone makes mistakes. Kate agrees to “let it go this time.”

Leyla calls Kate to let her know about Mike. Leyla says Mike has been released but Sonny left the hospital. She asks if Kate can come and get Mike.

Sonny meets a man on the dock. He tells the man nobody, “lays a hand on my father no matter how much money he owes.” The man says Sonny is no longer is in charge.

Lulu and Nik argue over Claudia at Wyndemere. Nik says he’s not interested in Claudia.

Sam and Liz continue their talk at GH. They discuss Sam’s motives for being with Lucky. Sam says she would like to “have a future” with Lucky. She says Lucky would return to Liz if Liz wanted him to. Liz says Lucky seems “happy” with Sam. Liz says she’s “glad” she and Sam talked. Sam leaves.

Spinelli is still at Jason’s office. Spinelli is disappointed that Maxie only thinks of him as “a friend.” Spinelli pleads with Jason to help him.

At GH, Nadine gets a note from Nik requesting her company at Wyndemere. Leyla gets a note from Leo saying he can’t go with her to the wedding.

Kate arrives at GH to get Mike. Mike says Sonny went to confront the “loan sharks.”

Sonny is still on the dock with the loan shark. He tells the man to stay away from Mike. The man says Mike will be treated like anyone else.

Carly and Jax are still at home discussing their future. Carly asks if Jax wants a baby so it will “fix” their marriage. Jax says he doesn’t.

Lulu and Maxie are together at Crimson. Maxie barks orders to Lulu. Maxie heads for GH to take Kate’s PDA.

Claudia goes to the garden house to see Johnny. Johnny brings up Nikolas.

Kate is still at GH with Mike. Mike says Sonny used to get him protection from the loan sharks. Mike says Sonny no longer has the “power” to help him. Mike is worried about Sonny. He says Sonny is addicted to “power.”

Spinelli is still in Jason’s office. He asks Jason to convince Kate to allow him back at Crimson. Sonny arrives and tells Spinelli to get lost. Sonny belittles Spinelli so Spinelli leaves. Jason says Sonny’s words to Spinelli were “uncalled for.” Sonny says Jason should “fire” Spinelli. Jason says Sonny can’t order him around in his own office. “What do you mean, your office?” Sonny answers.

Nadine arrives at Wyndemere and Alfred shows her in. Nik comes down the stairs to greet Nadine.

Claudia and Johnny are still in the garden house discussing Nikolas. Claudia says Lulu “is a head case.” Lulu arrives but stays quiet at first. Lulu makes her presence known.

Spinelli is on the dock, upset. Leyla arrives and offers her help.

Sonny says Jason “owes him respect.” He tells Jason about Mike and asks that Jason “run” the guy “out of town.” “That’s not your call to make anymore,” Jason says.

Carly is at home and very emotional. Jax offers her comfort. Jax helps to make Carly feel better. He makes her laugh then kisses her.

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