GH Update Thursday 6/5/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/5/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin and Patrick are at Jake’s reading her negative blog comments. Patrick insists he had nothing to do with the new negative comments.

Jax is at GH with Dr. Lee. They are discussing whether Carly can conceive again.

At the Metro Court, Carly steps between Lulu and Claudia.

At the coffee house, Jason tells Johnny that he will “finish” any trouble the Zaccharas start.

Robin and Patrick are still at Jake’s. Coleman is there. Robin is upset about the blog comments but she won’t let Patrick delete them.

Maxie is at Crimson. She tells Kate about Robin’s blog. Kate is worried that Spinelli photographed her and Sonny.

At his office, Jason tells Johnny to keep Anthony under control. Spinelli arrives.

At GH, Dr. Lee says Carly may be too emotionally stressed to get pregnant.

At the hotel, Carly and Claudia disagree over Lulu. Lulu says she’ll back off Claudia only if Claudia steers clear of Nik.

Liz goes to Wyndemere to see Nik. They discuss Emily.

At the hotel, Claudia says she and Nik can do what they want. Lulu disagrees and threatens to tell Johnny. Claudia storms off. Carly tells Lulu Claudia is “dangerous.” She tells Lulu to keep her distance.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Kate how a guy from her past hurt her.

Johnny leaves Jason’s office. Spinelli is riled up about Sonny but he’s afraid to tell Jason the details. Spinelli then tells Jason what he and Maxie saw.

At Jake’s, Patrick tells Robin to ignore the negative comments. Robin refuses to give up on her blog.

Carly goes home. Jax is there, waiting with a picnic to celebrate their anniversary.

Back at Wyndemere Nik confides in Liz about grief. He wonders what “an acceptable period of mourning” is. Nik wonders if being attracted to someone new constitutes “cheating” on Emily.

Johnny meets Lulu at the hotel. Lulu tells Johnny about Claudia.

Claudia goes to the coffee house to see Jason. Diane intercepts and questions Claudia.

Jason is still in his office with Spinelli. Jason tells Spinelli to “respect” Sonny’s “privacy.” Spinelli says Maxie seemed to enjoy the thought of being with a man like Sonny. Diane interrupts so Jason asks her to assist Spinelli. Diane and Spinelli leave the office. Claudia comes in to talk with Jason.

Robin is at home filming another video segment. She talks about the “nasty posts.” Patrick arrives.

Jax and Carly are still at home. Jax says he wants to know that Carly needs him.

At the hotel, Lulu tells Johnny about Claudia’s threats. Johnny agrees that Claudia should steer clear of Nik.

Claudia is still at Jason’s office. Claudia says she wants Anthony dead. Claudia leaves Jason’s office.

Spinelli confides in Diane about Maxie.

Patrick is still at Robin’s. He tells her not to be so concerned with perfection. Patrick tells Robin to ignore the Internet negativity.

At home, Carly and Jax toast their anniversary. Jax is determined to work through the “bad times.” He tells Carly all the things he loves about her.

At Crimson, Maxie reminds Kate of a lunch appointment. Kate leaves the office. Maxie looks at the new “secret” designs Kate has on her desk.

At the coffee house, Diane deciphers Spinelli’s story about Kate and Sonny. Diane says Maxie wants Spinelli to “take the initiative.” She tells Spinelli to “go and get” Maxie. Spinelli runs out of the coffee house and into Lulu. Lulu says she needs to see Jason. Lulu tells Jason she’s “worried about Johnny.”

Johnny goes to Wyndemere to see Nik. He warns Nik to “stay away from” Claudia.

Robin sits at home with Patrick and watches her latest video. In it she says she was too harsh with her comments on Patrick. Patrick says he loves Robin.

Spinelli arrives at Crimson, startling Maxie. He throws Maxie on Kate’s desk and kisses her.

At the coffee house, Jason tells Lulu that Johnny can’t be saved.

At Wyndemere, Johnny and Nik disagree about Claudia and Lulu. Claudia arrives.

Jax gives Carly a charm bracelet then says he wants to have another child.

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